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Best Paying Online Slot Machines According to Data

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Online slot machines have a diverse range of games that vary in their returns to players. Based on data from KTO's popular slots, specific slots have consistently shown higher payouts, aligning closely with their turnover shares. 


    The performance of these slots is informed by their verified returns to players (RTP) and the extensive game rounds for table slots. It ensures the actual payouts resemble the stipulated RTP, providing insight into the best-performing online slots.

    Highest Paying Slot Machines

    KTO provides revealing statistics on their highest-paying slots, offering insights into turnover and payout ratios. Some of the highest-ranking games include PG Soft's Fortune Tiger, Pragmatic Play's Sweet Bonanza and Gates of Olympus. 

    These are the highest-paying slot machines:

    1. Fortune Tiger by PG Soft

    Turnover (share): 9.3%

    Average BRL bet size: 1.78

    Total payments (share): 9.5%

    2. Sweet Bonanza by Pragmatic Play

    Turnover (share): 7.9%

    Average BRL bet size: 4.12

    Total payments (share): 8.0%

    3. Gates of Olympus by Pragmatic Play

    Turnover (share): 5.7%

    Average BRL bet size: 3.26

    Total payments (share): 5.8%

    4. Sevens Fire by Gamomat

    Turnover (share): 5.2%

    Average BRL bet size: 2.12

    Total payments (share): 5.0%

    5. 7 Piggies by Pragmatic Play

    Turnover (share): 3.3%

    Average BRL bet size: 4.4

    Total payments (share): 3.5%

    Notably, these slots do not just rank high in terms of turnover, but they also often pay out even more than statistically anticipated. Games like Fortune Tiger by PG Soft, for instance, have a payout share (9.5%) slightly higher than their turnover share (9.3%). This trend is evident in many other games, further highlighting their popularity among the Brazilian iGaming community.

    Bet and Spin Sizes in Online Slots Revealed

    A deeper dive into the gaming metrics reveals that the average bet size for all online slots at KTO stands at R$2.64. The top 20 slots in terms of payments have an average bet size of R$ 4.20. However, examining the most popular online slots showcases a more frequent bet size of around R$ 0.50. 

    These are the bet and spin sizes according to the data:

    1. 9 coins

    Average daily rounds per player: 182

    Most frequent bet size: R$ 0.6

    2. 12 coins

    Average daily rounds per player: 139

    Most frequent bet size: R$ 0.6

    3. Gates of Olympus

    Average daily rounds per player: 242

    Most frequent bet size: R$ 0.2

    4. Fortune Tiger

    Average daily rounds per player: 385

    Most frequent bet size: R$ 0.5

    5. Fortune Rabbit

    Average daily rounds per player: 365

    Most frequent bet size: R$ 0.4

    Games such as Gates of Olympus and Fortune Tiger often see daily rounds per player of 242 and 385, respectively, with their most frequent bet sizes being R$ 0.2 and R$ 0.5. It's clear that the player's strategy often depends on the slot's features, volatility, RTP and bonus rounds.

    Slots and Their Player Patterns

    Online slots attract various types of players, each with distinct gaming behaviours. A game's appeal might be due to its RTP or its reputation for payouts. 

    The report suggests that players often automate spins rather than clicking manually on each round, with the average spins for top slot games played in longer sessions, averaging around 244 spins. 

    The choice of game is often influenced by factors such as volatility, paylines and bonus rounds.

    Insights on Top-Performing Online Slots

    Online slots have proven to be a favourite among gamers, with data from the report underscoring the appeal of certain slot games. The performance of these slots is often influenced by their RTP and the extensive rounds played. 

    The gaming behaviour varies, with many basing their strategy on the slot's features and potential payouts. The continuous allure of online slots is evidenced by the impressive RTPs and the vast global player base.


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