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Best Progressive Slots with Guaranteed Payout

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Slots with progressive jackpots have proven to be a huge success in recent years, as more and more games of this type have been added to the leading casinos.

What are some of the best progressive slots you can try?


    A Night with Cleo

    This stunning game features an exciting Egyptian atmosphere and has the legendary Cleopatra at the heart of the action. There are five reels, which include classic Egyptian images like the iconic Eye of Horus and scarab beetles as the top symbols.

    Cleo is the wild symbol and she doubles the prize for any combination that she completes for you. The game also includes a free spin round, but it’s the progressive jackpot that gives the chance of the biggest wins, and it gets set back to its original level once won so there’s always a big prize waiting to be claimed. 

    777 Deluxe

    This slot has a retro feel that works well thanks to the symbols showing traditional symbols like fruits and BARs. This slot has five reels and ten pay lines, with a bonus game that gets played over three reels.

    In this slot, the progressive jackpot is triggered when you win the bonus games with a set of three symbols featuring the 7 images. Once you or another player wins the top prize, it gets reset to the starting point and starts building back up as more people start playing it. As with most progressive slots, a small percentage of each stake gets added to the jackpot from every spin. 

    10 Times Vegas

    This three-reel affair takes you deep into Las Vegas on a slots trip filled with neon images and simple gameplay. The glitzy symbols instantly take us back in time to our favorite slots of the past, as they include items such as grapes and cherries, as well as horseshoes and dollar signs.

    While the progressive jackpot is the biggest feature on 10 Times Vegas, there’s also a wild multiplier that can reach as high as 10x and can even be multiplied together with other wilds. The progressive jackpot symbol appears randomly and you then get a special spin where three winning symbols give you the biggest prize.   

    Shopping Spree

    It’s easy to see why Shopping Spree is one of the most popular progressive jackpot slots. The five reels are packed with the kind of luxury goods that we all love to buy. There’s a Big Money Scatter Bonus and a Mystery Grab Bag Bonus Round for you to enjoy as you play.

    The progressive jackpot falls when you get five diamond rings on a pay line, but you need to be playing with the maximum stake for this to give you a progressive win. It’s one of the biggest jackpots around as the popularity of the slot means that it tends to rise in value quite quickly.

    Cash Money Mermaids

    There’s a delightful underwater theme in this slot, with a variety of cute characters appearing on the reels. There are 25 pay lines scattered across the five reels, with bright playing card symbols making up the smaller wins. A gold knuckleduster is the wild and the slot logo acts as the scatter to bring up some free spins.

    The top of the screen shows the current random jackpot total, which can climb to very high levels until it’s finally won. As the name suggests, it’s won randomly and this can happen on any spin. Mermaids might not exist in real life but this slot certainly brings them to life.

    The Addition of Hot Drop Jackpots

    At the time of writing, the latest revolution to hit the online casino world involves the addition of Hot Drop Jackpots. This new type of jackpot takes the basic ideas from progressive slots but adds an extra touch of action to it.

    There are three different jackpots on these slots, which go by the names Super, Daily, and Hourly. They get triggered when you land three jackpot symbols on the screen, and there’s more chance of doing this when you play with a high stake.

    A couple of timers also come into play. These are called Max Time and Max Prize. They work by letting the slot know that it’s time to pay a jackpot because of the time that’s passed since the last payout, or because the total prize has grown too close to the maximum allowed. 

    Once the jackpot is triggered, you get taken away to a wheel of fortune typesetting. Here, the different parts of the wheel are split up into the three different jackpots mentioned earlier. This means that you’ll win one of them once you spin the wheel and see where it comes to rest.

    It isn’t yet clear whether these Hot Drop Jackpots will be added to existing slots or brand new titles. However, what seems clear is that the addition of this interesting mechanism is going to ensure that progressive jackpots remain extremely popular among players.


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