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Top 10 Biggest Slot Machine Wins of All Time

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Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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Who does not want to get an insane win in a slot machine? We guess that everyone dreams about it. Playing in slots is an uncomplicated task and what you need to do is to place your bet, spin the reels and wait for a winning line-up that may bring you something mega valuable.  However, the chances to outplay slot machines to the greatest extent are pretty low, and only a few people could reach unbelievable results.

Top 10 des plus grandes victoires de tous les temps sur les machines à sous

    TOP 10 Greatest Slot Machine Wins of All Time

    Our GamblerKey team prepared a list of the TOP 10 greatest slot machine wins in the history of the gambling world. Take a seat and be ready to see how generous slot machines can be!

    • 10 Zodiac Casino (Online Casino) - $11.8 Million (14,556,710.25 CAD)

    Can you ever believe that it is possible to win a jackpot while just gambling on your smartphone? One person who is known as D.P. could do this. The gambler was playing at the Zodiac casino on the mobile phone and suddenly hit a multi-million prize.

    The Mega Moolah casino game developed by Microgaming is prominent because of the insane progressive jackpots, and this lucky player tempted the luck placing stakes exactly at this slot. The outcome surprised the unknown player because the total sum of the prize was $11,610,536.59. This lucky day took place on 28 August 2016.

    • 9 ARIA Resort & Casino (Las Vegas) - $12.7 Million (16,010,304.59 CAD)

    Our list of the biggest slot machine wins continues an anonymous woman who did not even have an intention to play any casino game. The woman visited Las Vegas’ ARIA Resort & Casino with an innocent purpose – to celebrate the birthday of her niece, but the greatest gift was waiting for her later there.

    After having a birthday party, she decided to spend six dollars on a random slot machine (in her case, Megabucks casino slot machine). A few moments later, the casino game screen was flashing and glistening with the lights, and the woman got a message that she hit the jackpot of $12,769,933.87. That means that she multiplied her placed initial stake approximately by 2,128,322 times.  

    • 8 M Resort (Las Vegas, Henderson) - $17.3 Million (21,652,420.50 CAD)

    Usually, players receive some little gifts from the side of the land-based gambling establishments, like free food, discounts on specific services or money vouchers. One time, an unknown woman got credit for 20 dollars from M Resort and earned something precious in return.

    Her gaming preference went to the Megabucks casino slot, which helped her generate an insane winning pool. With the help of the free credits, she increased this amount of money by many and many times. The total win was $17,329,817. And if you are going to visit a casino, do not forget that you may experience the same result while using the free casino advantage.

    • 7 Betway Casino (Online Casino) - £13.2 Million (22,942,851.05 CAD)

    The following story touches on a British soldier Jon Heywood who tempted his luck in the online casino Betway at the Mega Moolah slot in 2015. And what is more unbelievable – the online slot rewarded Mr. Heywood while he dropped a mega low bet there.

    Jon visited Betway’s website, chose Microgaming’s game and dropped 25 pence at it. This amount of money was pretty enough to launch the bonus game with three progressive jackpots. After 25 minutes of participating in this bonus game, Jon’s life met a life-changing moment – the most fabulous Major prize. The winning pool was insane, namely £13,213,838.68.

    At that moment, Alan Alger, Head of Betway PR, called Jon the luckiest person in Betway’s history because nobody reached such a high point.

    • 6 Cannery Casino & Hotel (Las Vegas) - $4,6 and $21.1 Million (26,514,238.55 CAD)

    You may think that the same casino game can pay whoopingly only once in your life. But this is not the case for Elmer Sherwin, an old veteran of World War II. He destroyed this myth and proved that miracle is still possible.

    When Elmer was a 76-year-old man, he visited a brand-new casino Mirage in Las Vegas. Good luck came to him almost instantly because he won $4,6 million at Megabucks, 10 hours after the gambling house had opened its doors in 1989.

    This crazy prize helped him see the world, and after 16 years of travelling, the old man attended Cannery Casino & Hotel and placed the bet at the same lucky slot. The lightning does not strike the same place twice, but the jackpot can be hit. And it happened to Elmer when he experienced extremely good luck for the second time and smashed the casino slot one more time. This time, the winning pool was way larger and consisted of $21,147,947.00. Two years later, the luckiest man ever passed away.

    • 5 Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino (Las Vegas) – $22.62 Million (28,359,372.60 CAD)

    Many wise people know that breakfast is one of the most crucial meals of the day, and it is difficult to argue about this statement because of the happened situation. In 2002, a California woman Johanna Heundl was heading to Bally’s Hotel and Casino to have breakfast. Came to the place, she decided to test her luck in casino games and put 177 dollars in the Megabucks slot.

    This relatively small investment brought its fruits to her. After hitting the jackpot, Johanna thought that the initial prize was 2 million dollars. But soon, she realized that she missed some digits because her winning actually was 22,6 million dollars. We think that it was the best breakfast ever!

    • 4 Napoleon Sports & Casino (Online Casino) - €19.4 Million (28,724,738.53 CAD)

    Do you think that the previous winner at the Mega Moolah slot is an absolute winner? Jon was a record-holder until this year. In 2021, a Belgian gambler who preferred to stay anonymous overstepped Jon’s achievement and earned an even larger sum. It happened at the Napoleon Sports & Casino platform, where the player put a bet of 15 euros.

    Just one single rotation of the reels and the incredibly successful combination of the symbols appeared. This line-up guaranteed the player an instant win of €19,430,723.60 in one of the Mega Moolah variations – Absolootly Mad. After that, this lucky person shared the emotions:

    “The feeling at that moment is just indescribable. At first, you can hardly believe it, and I think it will take a long time to sink in completely. It was on my last spin that it happened.”

    This jackpot prize allowed the winner to get the status of the luckiest single-spin winner of all time (in online slots).

    • 3 Palace Station Hotel and Casino (Las Vegas) – $27.6 Million (34,578,976.18 CAD)

    Third place goes to a retired flight attendant who came to Palace Station and wanted to enjoy her afternoon. At the very beginning, she credited 100 dollars into the well-known casino slot by the name of Megabucks and lost everything. But this story has another ending with an unpredictable result.

    When people lose, they want to win back – and the woman decided to continue. The next top-up was 300 dollars. She was spinning the reels, and the outcome was pretty bad. The last try, the last rotation, and she unexpectedly turned all her losses into one massive win. She triggered an enormous jackpot of $27,580,879.60 in 1998.

    The moral of this story is simple – do not give up because you can reach even more! And one more interesting fact about the flight attendant – she previously won a sum of $680,000 at the same gambling house.

    • 2 Desert Inn (Las Vegas) – $34.9 Million (43,831,120.36 CAD)

    And now, it is the perfect time to come close to more generous and valuable winnings. One January day of 2000, Cynthia Jay Brennan, a cocktail waitress, went to Desert Inn Hotel and Casino to have a birthday party dedicated to her boyfriend’s mom. After enjoying some time together, Cynthia informed the boyfriend that she was going to play casino slots and set up her budget for 100 dollars.

    Of course, her choice of the slot was so obvious – Megabucks. As a little warm-up, she put in 21 dollars and placed the bets restricted to $3. All the plays were unsuccessful, and the money had gone super quickly. Then, she decided to stick out with this game and continued gambling, but with a 2-dollar stake and two tries only.

    The first out of two tries brought nothing, and the time for the final play came to the game. The final try was life-changing to the woman because the line-up of Megabucks symbols occurred on the playground grid and signalled the appearance of the jackpot. This happy dinner and the right decision to continue the game gave her an excellent opportunity to win a little under 35 million dollars, namely $34,959,458.56.

    • 1 Excalibur Casino (Las Vegas) - $39.7 Million (49,788,242.77 CAD)

    An even more lucrative win was earned by a 25-year-old software engineer who casually visited Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas in 2003. The person did not want to be recognized. Thus, there is not so much information available for us.

    The only available information is that the engineer invested 100 dollars that was turned into an insane jackpot of around 40 million dollars ($39,710,826.36). This prize was so huge that the casino divided payouts for 25 annual payments. Up to date, this won jackpot remains the greatest in gambling history.

    BONUS – Resort World Casino (New York) – $42.9 Million (53,697,072.00 CAD)

    Sometimes, you can win an unbelievable jackpot, experience mixed feelings, but get nothing. This situation happened to one unnamed woman who visited Restore World Casino in New York in 2016.

    She put some money into the Sphinx casino video slot and started spinning the game’s reels. Suddenly, the winning line-up showed up and gave her a ticket for 42,9 million dollars. She was on the top of the world, but this feeling lasted a short time because the game rules stated that the maximum winning of the Sphinx slot could not overcome its limit (6,500 dollars). This moment made her upset and disappointed. As a result, she did not get her money and stayed with nothing from this casino.  

    From this article, you can see that it is not a mission impossible to reach millions of dollars while investing a small amount of money into slot machines or online slots. Some people put in a quarter of the pound and got over ten million dollars in return, while some people invested a little bit more and reached even better results. The thing is that slot machines in land-based casinos, and video slots in online casinos are based on a principle of random, and nobody knows their possible outcomes. Just believe in yourself and pray that good luck will be on your side!


    10 (Votes: 2)


    • macon
      And why should I play in slot machines that will not pay me anything? I mean an example of the winning at the Resort Bonus Casino. The casino administration or game developer put some restrictions on the slot, but the slot just broke the previously set rules and gave a false promise of victory. I hope that the lady made a massive win but in another place.

    • John Konnorr
      I’m so sorry about the woman who won over 42 million dollars and got nothing! Such casinos should make clear terms and conditions of the provided games.

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