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Blackjack Tips for Beginners

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Author: Denis Malinka
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Millions of players from all over the world consider blackjack the most exciting and popular card game. And although this game really won the hearts of many gamblers, it was not the case from the very beginning. Initially, casinos and gambling houses were forced to use bonus offers to draw players’ attention to blackjack. But once the players understood the game’s simple rules and enormous winning potential, it was destined to become one of the classic casino entertainments.


    Most enthusiasts believe that the blackjack’s history began back in 1440. Medieval Italians played a game that had similar rules with a maximum point limit of 31. In our new article, you will learn more about this iconic part of the gambling world and master a few blackjack tips that will help you with your uncompromising battle against the dealer. :) 

    Basic Things You May Not Know 

    • An ace has a value of 11 until a total hand reaches 21 points. If you have exceeded the maximum point limit, you can change the card’s value to 1. 
    • If a dealer gives you an ace and any other 10-point card, you get blackjack. In this case, the dealer either admits his/her defeat immediately or offers the player a win equal to his/her bet. However, the second option becomes available if the dealer gets any card with a value of 10 or an ace as open. Also, note that you can refuse the offer and end the game’s round - if your blackjack turns out to be winning, the gambling establishment will pay you a win that exceeds your bet by 1,5 times. 
    • One of the best basic blackjack tips is that you have to choose the online casinos offering gameplay with fewer decks. As a rule, gambling platforms rely on 1-8 decks, and the more decks you have to use, the less often you will see a blackjack combination. 
    • Note that the dealer can also score 21 points from the first two cards, and if this happens, you can stay in the game with your own blackjack from the first two cards only. In any other circumstance, the dealer wins the round and takes your bet. 

    Blackjack Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Results 

    The dealer’s approach to the game 

    Of course, casinos always standardize the way the dealer must act with a certain number of points. In most cases, land-based and online operators oblige their dealers to hit a hand that has an ace and some number card. Apart from this, some casinos also allow dealers to stand on such a soft hand. As for the hard 17, the dealers never hit this or higher combinations. Instead, they draw additional cards when their hand is 16 or below. 

    Insurance is not worth it 

    Contrary to the popular misconception among novice gamblers, experienced gamblers rarely consider insurance to be a profitable move. If the dealer’s first card is an ace, he/she will offer you to insure your hand from a potential blackjack on his/her side. Your consent means that you will not lose anything even if the dealer receives 21. While this offer may seem reasonable to you at first glance, there are few situations under which insurance is the right solution. Advanced players find this move overrated pretty often and believe that this seemingly safe gameplay can drain your wallet in the long-term run. 

    Do not go crazy if the dealer got a weak hand 

    This statement is one of the most significant blackjack beginner tips that has saved a lot of money for players around the globe. The thing is that beginners tend to make impulsive decisions when they get 8 or 9 on the first card while the dealer began with a weak 5. They often double down on their bet prematurely and, of course, regret this act right after a few seconds. Experienced gamblers know it is a flawed approach, and the dealer manages to turn his/her original 5 or 6 into a strong hand in many situations. 

    Always consider your chances 

    Many beginners do not want to go deep into the game and turn it into a math lesson, which costs them a lot of money. Even basic blackjack tips like calculating the probability of hitting a suitable card play a significant role in the winning gameplay. 

    Just imagine that your first pair of cards gave you 10 points. So, if you hit an ace in such a situation, you will have the maximum score. A queen, king or other 10-point cards result in an excellent hand of 20 points. Apart from that, 9, 8 and 7 will also give you a solid combination with a great chance of winning. While there are 13 card options in total, 8 of them will allow you to make a tremendous hand. It means that you will have a 55%-60% winning chance, which is a pretty decent probability to become richer. 

    Even such a simple mathematical trick will allow you to base your decisions on something more meaningful than just intuition and help you generate more wins. 

    Start with small bets 

    Some beginners tend to play high bets even in their first gaming sessions, which is a significant mistake. Moreover, they often raise their bets by joining a new table or playing with a new dealer, even without prior “scouting.” Instead, you must approach this aspect more responsibly. If you joined a new table, devote the first few rounds to gathering information. 

    How long ago has the dealer been shuffling the deck? Which current player has the “hottest” hand? How good are the dealer’s decisions? The more nuances you learn without substantial costs, the more profitable your card session can be.  

    Choose casinos with a surrender option 

    There are numerous blackjack rules’ variations, and many of them cause the players to give up. This option becomes available to gamblers after the initial dealing of the first two cards and costs the players half of their bet. If a particular combination seems too weak for you to continue, choosing the surrender option will save you half of the money.  

    At the same time, please note that experienced players do not recommend newbies to abuse this feature. The thing is that beginner blackjack gamblers often give up on their hand without even realizing that their cards have high winning potential.   

    Forget about streaks 

    Also, one of the most useful blackjack tips for beginners is getting the winning streaks right. Some players tend to “ride the wave” after a few successful game rounds against the dealer and forget about the RNG factor. The same is true for losing streaks that endue gamblers with lose hope of future victories. 

    Keep in mind that your wins and losses have nothing to do with your future results. You can rely on the correct strategy 10 rounds in a row and lose all of them due to poor hits. But on the other hand, RNG gods can be on your side and reward you with frequent blackjack combinations even despite your mediocre decisions. 

    Control your emotions 

    Only those who can control their emotions and play according to the strategy can leave the blackjack table as winners. This simple game drives millions of players crazy with its unexpected hits every day, especially when it comes to land-based or live casinos where you see the dealer and can interact with him. If you do not want to join this overly enthusiastic group of people, you must transfer a reasonable amount of money to your balance. Otherwise, your excessive double downs and insurances may consume your bankroll in no time.

    Even though blackjack has become popular in the gambling community due to its simple rules, it is a multifaceted game that has numerous nuances. Our blackjack strategies and tips will help you approach the game more confidently. However, remember that they do not represent some idealistic way of winning. The randomness factor is fundamental to any card game, and blackjack is no exception.


    10 (Votes: 1)


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      Who would have thought that blackjack has so many nuances?

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      Ok. Now I know at least something about blackjack. The game turned out to be not as easy as I thought initially.

    • Ksenya
      There is one piece of advice – don’t go crazy if the dealer has a weak hand. In reality, it’s getting challenging to put yourself together and don’t follow your emotional state. Do you have some clues on how to overcome this?

    • Elmers
      Yes, definitely helpful article with the most general tips that will help a beginner to start playing blackjack and making money (hopefully).

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      You are absolutely right about the point of Control of Your Emotions. Sometimes, it is getting harder and harder to make a rational decision because of emotions. And in most cases, it leads to losses.

    • Colin
      Thanks! I learned a lot from you article. It gave me confidence, so I’m ready to conquer the world of poker!

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    Frequently asked questions

    You get blackjack if your first 2 cards give you 21 points in total. It means that the dealer must deal you an ace and any other 10-point card.

    Typically, dealers rely on 1-8 card decks. This figure varies depending on the casino operators.

    If the dealer reveals an ace as his/her first card, he/she will offer you special insurance to protect you from his/her potential blackjack.

    Ace is the most versatile card in blackjack as it changes its value depending on your total points. Ace will be equal to 11 points until you do not exceed the 21-point limit, and then the dealer will count the card for 1 point.

    In such cases, the dealers call the game round “push” and move on to the next one with the same bets.