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What is the Legal Gambling Age in Canada?

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Have you ever wondered why different countries and regions offer players various age restrictions for gambling? While some countries allow people to place sports bets and risk their money in casinos from the age of 21, other government bodies allow users to access gambling establishments from the age of 18. 

 Players residing in Canada also face certain nuances in terms of age restrictions. In our new article, you will find out the essential information about this aspect of the gambling experience, which will allow you to start your path to your first winnings without any doubts.

How Old Do Canadians Have to Be to Gamble Legally?

Most Canadians can play at brick-and-mortar casinos or register on gambling and betting sites once they reach 19 years of age. However, it does not mean that any Canadian of this age can use gambling sites, bet on sports events or play lotteries - it all depends on which province and city you live in.

 Take a look at the table below to see what Canadian provinces and territories consider gambling legal for all citizens over 19 years old: 


Main cities


Toronto, Ottawa


Corner Brook

Prince Edward Island


New Brunswick

Saint John, Fredericton

Nova Scotia

Sydney, Halifax 

British Columbia

Vancouver, Surrey

Northwest Territories



Regina, Prince Albert





 It means that 19-year-old or older residents of the mentioned above cities will be able to enjoy variable slots gameplay, interact with real dealers in live-format casino games, place bets, use scratch cards, etc.

 As for the more democratic Canadian regions, where government bodies allow gambling even to 18 years old citizens, their list is much shorter: 


Main cities


Red Deer, Calgary




Montreal, Laval

 If you are fortunate enough to live in one of these provinces, you can start your gambling journey a year earlier than the rest of the country. 

 What Games Should Beginner Canadian Gamblers Try?

 Compared to gambling sites, land-based establishments are much less flexible in terms of gambling for beginners. The fact of the matter is that the only learning option for such novice players is minimum-bets gameplay. While this approach will indeed allow you to master the basic skills of some slot machines or other traditional games, such a method is unlikely to provide you with the unforgettable experience that is the most significant benefit of any casino game.

 In contrast, Canadian online operators can provide inexperienced customers with more training opportunities. As a rule, high-quality and popular gambling sites have a demo mode explicitly designed for those who are not ready to play for real money yet. 

 This free mode will allow you to go beyond the minimum bets. You will be able to test different games’ genres and master numerous mechanics before placing your first cash bet. In most cases, gambling sites allow customers to play for virtual credits in slots, lottery games, scratch card games, video poker and some classic casino hits like roulette.

 Of course, online gameplay is a far more promising option for any beginner. The only catch is that this gambling segment regulation can vary depending on your location. With this in mind, be sure to check the legal nuances of your province or territory before looking for a suitable gambling site or sportsbook.

 How Does Canada’s Legal Drinking Age Correlate with the Gambling Legislation?

 The Canadian government allows residents to start drinking and gambling at the same age. Moreover, this consistency applies to all provinces and territories. Given this, the provinces mentioned above, allowing even 18-year-olds to consume alcohol, face criticism pretty regularly at the state level.

 This similarity between legal drinking and the gambling age means that if 18 or 19-year-old Canadians are banned from consuming alcohol, the government could apply analogous

restrictions to the whole gambling business. And although such a change is still just an assumption, you clearly should not exclude its implementation in the long term.


 Each Canadian province applies its own legislative measures to regulate the gambling business. Most residents can visit land-based establishments and create game profiles on gambling sites by reaching the age of 19. However, provinces like Quebec, Alberta or Manitoba give their residents more freedom and allow them to experience gambling after their 18th birthday.


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  • charles barnes
    Thank God I’m not living in Canada and have no restrictions. And my advice for Canadian citizens – you can go to a crypto casino and play independently from your location :)

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In most provinces, residents can do this from the age of 19. However, Quebec, Alberta and Manitoba allow gambling even to 18-year-olds.

Yes. Once you reach the right age, you can visit land-based casinos and register on gambling sites.

In the case of land-based casinos, you can try playing slots or card games at the minimum bet. As for the sites, many of them have a demo mode that will ease your learning process.