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How Casino Games Are Tested for Fairness

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Author: Denis Malinka
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With the rise of the online casino industry, it makes sense that new casinos and casino games are being added all the time – and this is great news. But for every 10 decent casinos out there, there is at least one not-so-good one. These are the ones that are operating outside of the rules and regulations… and the ones that simply can’t be trusted at all. Not only is there a very good chance that the unregulated site will walk with your money and winnings but there’s also the chance that the games they provide aren’t fair – and have been rigged for you to use and lose.

How Casino Games Are Tested for Fairness

    However, when you choose good and licensed online gambling sites, this is a fear that you need not concern yourself with. Not only will they make sure all of your money is well looked after and will be returned to you as and when necessary but they also make sure that each and every single game on the site is completely fair, trustworthy and random. But how do they know this and how are these games tested?

    The Importance of Independent Game Testing

    When we head to a land-based casino, we can see the real cards being dealt right before our very eyes – and we can see that the result is truly random. However, when we play at an online casino where the computers generate the result, we have to trust that the outcome is honest, which as you could imagine for a losing punter, is not easy. As such, it isn’t good enough to simply take the casino’s word for it. That is why the best-regulated online casinos will have each of their games tested by independent third parties to confirm this is the case. They have nothing to gain by the game being rigged and it is their job to put a player’s mind at ease.

    So, how do they test them and what does it involve?

    What Are Fair Online Casino Games?

    Just because a casino game has been deemed fair, it doesn’t mean that you have as much chance of winning as the casino. You never will have because in every single game you play, no matter how fair or random the game is, there is always the house edge to consider… This means that the casino will always have a better chance of winning in the long run. That is how they make money and run the business. However, the game will declare its RTP (Return to Player), which indicates the house edge. So, for example, if the game has an RTP of 96%, then the house edge is 4%.

    Instead, a fair casino game will give each player the exact same chance of winning under any circumstances. So, the slot game, for example, will give you an equal chance of hitting the maximum win on every spin. The roulette wheel will have the same chance of hitting the green 0 from one spin to the next - even if it hit the ‘0; on the spin before. Every single spin or round is completely independent of the last.

    How a Game Is Tested

    These results are determined by the Random Number Generator (RNG), which is a program designed to perform mathematical algorithms made up of all different numbers and come up with a completely random result. The casino and game provider cannot tamper with the RNG or its results.

    To ensure this is the case, an external auditing company will test these RNGs – and all major game providers will ensure that each game they provide has been independently tested for fairness.

    The auditor will test it by simulating millions (or even billions) of turns. They will then be able to assess whether the RTP that has been quoted is fair and accurate. The auditor's job is to ensure that each result is random and cannot be manipulated by external sources.

    All casinos that are licensed by the UKGC are required to have their games tested for fairness, so you can always feel assured that any licensed casino has fair games with accurate RTPs.


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