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How Do Casinos Make Money on Poker

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Author: Anton Yurchenko
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Casinos make their money by paying players payouts lower than the odds, which would make the game even. They organize games of chance where the average winnings are lower than the overall betting income. For instance, you may always consider the best bonuses when playing poker at BetBoys casino.


    If you are wondering how casinos make money and how they run tournaments by keeping cash game tables running smoothly, here’s how they do it:

    • Rake cash games
    • Tournament fees.

    It is no secret that casinos make money. Every game, be it roulette, blackjack, baccarat, or slots, has a built-in casino edge commonly referred to as the house edge.

    The advantage is usually a few percentage points (which vary from game to game) which guarantees that the casino will win money over a long period of time. For example, for every $1,000 wagered on roulette, the house wins approximately $30.

    Rakes are often collected as tournament fees, pot rake, subscription fees, fixed fees, etc. Few online casinos offer rakeback rewards and no-rake games to their players. Before you start playing casino poker in earnest, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different types of rake.


    Even if you have never heard of rake before, it is no secret that casinos use the amount of rake as their main source of income, especially when the house does not have to bet against players.

    After all, the house makes money on everything else, so why leave out poker? In poker, players bet against each other, unlike games like roulette or blackjack, where players bet against the house.

    Every time you play poker, you have to pay casinos for your participation. Poker rake is a commission taken from each hand in a poker game. This is a common practice and creates the house edge that allows casinos to win money.

    Simply put, a rake is a percentage that each house makes from a cash game pot or via tournament entry fees. We can also describe this as a system similar to the taxation process.

    Additionally, each casino has different ways of calculating rake. Casinos, in general, have no interest in knowing who has won or lost in poker, and the presence of the dealer is all about handling the cards and following the poker game.

    Poker rakes are not the same in all casinos. It differs depending on the casino fees, what you play, where you play. So generally the rake amount ranges from 2% to 10% of the cash game pot. In many casinos, the house will take 3% to 6% of the winner’s pot (for so many reasons, you need to know how to win money in casinos).

    There is a maximum cap on the amount of rake withdrawn from any individual pot based on specific casino rules.

    Several methods are used to collect the rake amount. Usually it is collected as a small percentage of the total cash pot. For example, if the poker player finishes with $100, the casino takes $5 back from the pot and gives $95 back to the winner.

    Your local card room will have a variety of cash games with a table that has a built-in rake box. After each hand has been dealt, the dealer drops a percentage of the pot into the rake box before it is awarded to the winner. Casino staff collect chips when the rake is full.

    The house takes an industry standard 5% of the pot with a cap of $5. So no matter how much pot you win (because you need to know how to win money in the casino with the best strategy you ever won), the house can only siphon $5 for casino services from your winnings.

    However, if the casino has no rake cap and the total pot is $600, the winner pays $30, which is three times as much. Casinos make much more money from games because the longer a cash game is, the greater the amount of money it generates without any exposure.

    Tournament Fees a.k.a “Juice”

    Poker tournaments are another source of income for the house. Casinos accomplish this by allocating a certain percentage, say 7% of the players total buy-ins into the prize pool.

    Poker tournaments are great opportunities for cash games and casinos with large poker rooms (if you are in a small poker room with no sign-up area, ask a dealer how to join a game).

    The larger poker tournament operators offer services, such as food, drink and accommodation, which combined add up to a significant amount with a lot of people coming in to play poker at the casino.

    Big tournaments with strong guarantees are a surefire way for casinos to get big traffic. Not all people who visit the casino are exclusively poker players.

    These people often find their way to slots and table games after the tournament, allowing casinos to make money from these players within days.

    Additional Rake

    If the house runs a bad-beat jackpot or high-hand promotion, it can deduct additional money from the winning hand.

    This is usually an extra dollar for each promotion. So if a player wins more than $50, playing poker at the casino where there is a bad-beat jackpot and a high-hand promotion, they can expect around $7 to be deducted from each pot.

    Pot Rake

    Poker rake is considered a widespread practice of charging a commission to each player in the game of poker. This creates a house edge, and this is where casinos make their money; if you want to play poker, you have to pay to participate in the casino.

    In Pot Rake, the casino takes a small percentage of the pot in cash and is taken directly as a rake. When there is a live poker game, the dealer keeps the cash pot chips as the game progresses.

    When completed, the dealer keeps the chips separate in a box for safekeeping.

    One of the common ways that casinos make money from players in a poker room is through a pot rake (take a little chat with the manager, when you first visit a poker room), a rake commission calculated on each player’s cash pot where casinos charge a certain percentage on the amount.

    There are also percentageless options used by casinos to take the rake.

    Typically, a pot rake was used to cover the cost of playing poker, such as the dealer’s income for the night. Also, the dealer’s earnings are offered by the players in the form of tips.

    Differences Between Brick-and-Mortar and Online Rake

    There are several ways for institutions to calculate and collect commissions. Most often, the rake is a percentage of the pot, determined on a sliding scale.

    The percentage is usually between two and a half percent and ten percent of the money in the pot, although these figures vary from casino to casino and game to game, with some charging commissions higher than others.

    A maximum amount can usually be collected to offset the impact on high stakes games, especially no limit games. In some cases, the rake is a fixed amount that applies to all poker hands, regardless of pot size.

    Rake Free Poker Sites and Casinos

    Rake free is a common feature in online poker, and we may find that some websites have removed the concept of rake, hence the name rake free. Rather than collecting a rake, casinos generate revenue through deposit fees or by charging subscriptions/memberships.

    Also, several websites and companies offer a rake-free service to their regular players and offer a reduced rake percentage. Additionally, financially secure websites/online casinos offer free gambling for their players.

    Free rake implies that the player has to give up the opportunity to collect revenue, where it is used to maintain and promote the site web and many more.

    Rakeback Player Rewards

    If players are familiar with online shopping, there are certain features called cashback; there is a cashback-like feature called Rakeback in the online poker game.

    Rakeback is a method of rewarding players that began in 2004, in which certain online poker sites or their affiliate partners return a portion of the rake as an incentive for them to continue playing at that site.

    This encourages players to keep coming and using the website. Some sites allow affiliates to offer rakebacks as a direct percentage of rake and tournament entries refunded to players.

    However, there are online poker rooms that do not allow affiliates to give rakebacks and offer in-house loyalty programs that give cash and other rewards instead. These rewards are based on the number of players who play.

    In gambling, Rakeback is calculated using two different methods: distributed and contributed. The dealt method awards the same amount of rakeback to each player dealt in a hand, and the contributed method rewards players based on their actual contribution to the pot.

    In poker tournaments, rakeback is deducted from the cardroom entry fee.

    In brick and mortar rooms, the person on the ground can offer rake reduction or a no-rake game to players willing to start a shorthanded table.


    Playing poker in the casino has its advantages. Few online poker games do not charge rake, but they are subscription based, where the player has to pay an annual or monthly fee.

    Moreover, these games make their revenue through other sources like advertising. These subscription fees are visible in online poker rooms where players are charged subscription fees every month. Therefore, rake is not collected in tournaments or pots.

    Other Income

    By now you will have understood that the poker room is one of the most profitable rooms in any casino.

    The problem is that when we look at all the statistics, records and data surrounding how a casino makes money, it is inevitable that we look directly at the revenue created as a direct result of gambling.

    There is a lot more than it looks when heading to a casino, gaming is not the only place casinos make money.


    When you go to one of the big casinos for a legit vacation, where is the first place you consider staying?

    You can get a cheap deal at a motel, maybe go to an independent hotel, or you can stay at the very place you come to visit.

    This last option definitely appeals to the majority and it makes sense for casinos to charge accordingly.

    Whether it is a weekend getaway with friends or a wedding party celebrated with a bit of poker, all rooms work to increase resort results. It is just with friendly parties.

    As soon as you consider the huge amount of money that comes when thousands of poker players go up to a week at a time for big tournaments, you have a hotel full of poker players to bring in more money.

    Alternative Games

    If you and a few friends go to the casino to play poker, what are the chances that you will only play a few rounds and go home?

    You could come and play poker, but with so many other games to try your luck at, there’s bound to be something that excites you and makes you stick around.

    They will introduce blackjack, slot machines and roulette which you will soon find yourself playing.

    We have all been there (if you are a poker player).

    You are heading into town for a big tournament, arriving a bit earlier than expected, and have a day or two to kill before heading back out.

    You are having fun playing a little different game than you expected and the casino keeps the house edge and ends up taking advantage of you.

    Entertainment and Shows

    Everyone needs a break from the cards once in a while. Casino resorts know this. No matter what time of year customers plan to visit the world’s best-known casinos, there is always plenty of action and entertainment to choose from and watch.

    From the biggest bands and the funniest comedians to the most talented magicians and circus artists, everything you could hope for can be found — provided you have chosen a good casino.

    Although the deeds will determine the lion’s share of the revenue, it is not surprising that the casino also takes a particular commission. You may be coming for the poker, but you can bet your lowest dollar that you will end up in a show!


    Generally when you win a big jackpot you feel obliged to give back part of your winnings. It is not obligatory to leave in excess a percentage that remains the most courteous. 1% is generally enough to satisfy these employees, which can sometimes represent attractive sums!

    Remember that if the sum is large you will be forced to give back a part to the state (at least 10%) depending on your country of residence, even if the gambling winnings are tax exempt.


    Now you know how casinos make money from poker and manage to have huge tournament prizes while running games. With the rake in place and all the extra streams of income from players trying their luck at the games, poker can be a very reasonable way for casinos to improve their bottom line.

    However, it would be helpful if you also educated yourself on how rakes can affect your game. Even if you are a perfect player, games with incredibly high rake levels and high caps, if any at all, can be hard to beat.

    If you have multiple options, games with lower rakes are your best bet.


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