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HyperWays Game Mechanic

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GameArt, apparently, takes all the possible steps to make its slot games more versatile. HyperWays style is one of the newest inventions by the famous casino games provider. Be sure to consult our concise guide and grab all the perks. We have accomplished some great pieces of advice for you as well as some game reviews. Yes, from now on, gambling is going to be easier for you! 


    A Complete Guide to HyperWays Slots

    HyperWays slot machines are getting more and more famous. It is the main reason why we have decided to put down the most important facts about this slot mechanic. 

    Check it out and implement the most significant stages into your gambling strategy. It would be a nice step to take to get closer to the biggest winnings ever!

    HyperWays Slots History

    After the success of GameArt with the release of Mega Bunny HyperWays, the developer carried on its HyperWays slots production with the Maradona HyperWays game. 

    For the occasion, GameArt chose to use the image of football superstar, Maradona, who died on November 25, 2020. The developer combined it with the new HyperWays mechanic just a few weeks before the launch of Euro 2021.

    The third game featuring HyperWays style is Nefertiti HyperWays. GameArt published it on December 14, 2021. 

    So, the gamblers—from fresh ones to real professionals—can enjoy the games and win bigger all the time! To do so, you surely need to pay attention to the essence of the mechanic.

    HyperWays Slots Explained

    HyperWays slot games are not complicated to understand. 

    In compliance with the official message from GameArt representatives, when playing, the gamblers are to have a minimum of three symbols matched. The direction of matching is from left to right.

    In other words, you will have to line up 3, 4, or 5 identical symbols to constitute a winning combination, and the multipliers written in each symbol corner will multiply your total compensation.

    This mechanic, which is similar to the Megaways in its possibilities of winning lines, goes even further as it allows players to go up against a maximum of 60,466,76 pay lines!

    HyperWays slots also offer free spins, which you can get by finding five scatters on a spin. 

    Power-Up Slot Sessions with HyperWays Games

    Mega Bunny HyperWays

    The main distinguishing features of the Mega Bunny HyperWays slot machine are its high volatility and up to 60,466,176 ways to win!

    The slot machine consists of 5 x 4 reels. The numerous ways to win are made possible thanks to the fact that each symbol can accommodate a multiplier of up to x9. It gives the potential for winning a maximum of 60,466,176 winning paths.

    In Mega Bunny HyperWays, some symbols—vegetables—will all pay the same and low rewards. They include: 

    • Garlic clove
    • Corn
    • Salad
    • Asparagus, and 
    • Carrot. 

    To win more, you will have to complete winning combinations with the egg symbols

    The diamond egg is the symbol that pays the best, followed by other kinds of the eggs like:

    • Gold
    • Silver
    • Bronze, and 
    • Wood.

    If you get a win, the symbols involved will disappear during the cascade, and the empty spaces will be completed by those above, which can create new successive wins.

    The Bunny/rabbit is a Wild symbol. It is capable of replacing all symbols except Scatters and Mega Bunny Wilds. 

    Wilds get removed when they have contributed to a winning combination. The Wild Bunny will be able to appear with different sizes on the reels when the total win multiplier is greater than x5.

    In Mega Bunny HyperWays, the Mega Bunny Wilds will also appear randomly during the game with a maximum multiplier of x36 when they cover an entire roll. 

    The Mega Bunny Wilds will be able to create Random Wilds symbols on the reels and will be able to replace the symbols removed during the stunts with new Wilds.

    The Free Spins mode is unlocked with 4 Scatters represented by the egg baskets. 

    You will then win 8 FS with a Mega Bunny Wild present in each bonus round. 

    To trigger the free spins more easily, it is also possible to directly purchase the option by tapping/clicking on the GameArt token located on the right of the screen.

    Located in the countryside in the middle of a henhouse, a mill and a green meadow, the Mega Bunny slot machine has something to disorient you with this original farm theme. 

    You will find the HyperWays option, which will make sure you never know what to expect on the next spin.

    Maradona HyperWays

    GameArt’s Maradona HyperWays—similarly to Mega Bunny HyperWays—takes up the new HyperWays concept. The game’s RTP is 96.30%.

    If you are a fan of sports themes, Maradona HyperWays is the perfect game for you since it offers a maximum of 60,466,176 ways to win.

    The Maradona HyperWays slot’s structure is 5 x 4 squares. Thanks to the symbols written on the squares, the potential of plenty of winning lines is attainable at any time. If a symbol has the number 5, it means that the game considers that there are actually five symbols.

    The winning lines are calculated by multiplying the numbers on the winning symbols on a line. For example, if a line is formed by three symbols with the numbers 5, 3, and 9, then 135 winning lines will be counted. It is calculated by multiplying 5 x 3 x 9. 

    Rest assured, you do not have to count every time as the number of winning lines for a spin is always shown at the top right of the reels.

    The main character of this game is the famous footballer Maradona, and the symbols of great value are represented by 

    • Jerseys
    • Whistles
    • Football boots
    • Red and yellow cards, and 
    • A bracelet.

    The Maradona HyperWays possesses a betting range of 0.40 to 40.00 per spin.

    Landing 4 balls will award a free kick. This offers the possibility of re-throwing one of the remaining reels to award the missing ball.

    Get 5 balls anywhere on the screen to activate the bonus with 8 free spins. The marker function is present at each turn.

    During normal play, a scoreboard may appear at any time above the reels. This table shows a number (multiplier) for each of the reels. If a scatter occurs on a reel, it adds the number on each of the symbols that make up that reel, thus making it possible to magnify this spin!

    Nefertiti HyperWays

    Nefertiti HyperWays is known to be one of the most recent, high-quality, and HTML5-compatible slots featuring HyperWays. 

    The Nefertiti HyperWays game has a 5 x 4 structure

    Also, there are three levels of volatility

    • Medium
    • High, and 
    • Very high. 

    For players, the choice of the level of volatility is important because the potential gains they can earn depend on it.

    As a result, bettors can win up to 

    • 5,000 times
    • 50,000 times or 
    • 150,000 times their total stake!

    To do this, users must imperatively draw a multiplier symbol x9 and trigger the maximum number of HyperWays pay lines.

    As for the symbols at Nefertiti HyperWays, they are particularly sought after and true to the theme of ancient Egypt

    • The busts of Bastet (the goddess with the cat-like head)
    • Anubis (the god with the cat-like head), and 
    • Horus (the god with a falcon-like head). 

    These symbols coexist with the icons of a pharaoh and an ornate mummy. 

    Finally, the ultimate symbol of the slot machine is, of course, that of Nefertiti, the famous Queen of Egypt acting as the Wild.

    Each gambler is to be aware of the fact that Nefertiti HyperWays uses all the most common bonus features: 

    • Cascade symbols
    • Winning multipliers
    • Free Spins
    • Cluster of symbols.

    In this case, this is the symbol of Nefertiti, which can be seen from head to toe in its final version, accompanied by a leopard. 

    So, now it would be suitable to consider the steps you can apply to initiate your gambling process with one of the HyperWays slots we just have described for you!

    HyperWays Mechanics: How to Play in Four Steps

    Whenever you seek to discover some new gambling experiences, be sure to try HyperWays slots. To play them trouble-free, be sure to stick to our four easy steps how you can initiate gaming this particular slot type:

    1. Sign up with a casino of your choice
    2. Make a deposit using a comfortable payment method
    3. Choose a HyperWays slot game
    4. Seek to get a ‘unique’ symbol multiplier of up to 9x.

    After you follow these suggestions, you will easily increase your winning probability and unlock those countless ways to win that we have already showcased on this page.

    The Advantages & Disadvantages of HyperWays Slots

    We are sure that you have already singled out some of the advantages of gambling with the HyperWays slots, but still, we would love to make an emphasis on the most outstanding ones:

    • Numerous ways to win
    • Original x9 multiplier
    • Interesting graphics and layout of the games
    • Variety of the bonuses, free spins, and jackpots.

    Certainly, you may wonder whether there are any drawbacks of this game mechanic. There might have been more gambling options. Actually, it would be pretty complicated to distinguish anymore.

    The Evolution of HyperWays Games

    In accordance with the official website of GameArt, there are many vectors of development of the HyperWays slots mechanic. One of them is to expand the games for users from all the countries wherein gambling is legal. 

    In addition, because of the great success of the games featuring this gambling style, there would be some more titles published by GameArt. Just be patient and follow the news to be the first to try the new HyperWays slots.


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