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Live Dealer Blackjack Explained for Beginners

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Live dealer games are not new to the online casino industry. They have been around for some time and attract many visitors every day. Blackjack is one of the most popular games in online casinos. Therefore, it is not surprising that live dealer blackjack is extremely popular as well.


    The live dealer version of blackjack offers an extraordinary level of immersion. Players can watch the cards being shuffled in real time and enjoy authentic casino ambiance. Transitioning from classic online blackjack to the live dealer version can be tricky. We invite you to read this post and find out more about the live dealer blackjack.

    How Does Live Dealer Blackjack Work

    Everything is the same as in regular blackjack. You will be dealt cards and your goal is to collect more points than the dealer and not go over 21. When compared to a regular game in an online casino, the only thing that changes is that the cards will be dealt to you by a real person.

    The game itself will take place in the studio and broadcast to you from there. You will have several control buttons on the screen: bet, hit, stand, double, and surrender. In general, the rules are identical to the traditional online blackjack.

    An additional option will be communication with the dealer, which takes place via chat. You can send a message in the chat, and the dealer will reply to you through the camera. Dealers have a special screen on which they see messages from players, as well as information about who is sitting at the table and what bets they are making.

    Why Play Live Dealer Blackjack

    Live blackjack brings you as close as possible to the atmosphere of a real casino. The player can communicate with a live dealer using live chat - they see and hear all of the actions at the table via the video broadcast. Moreover, with high-quality video streaming, users can show the dealer as they shuffle cards, deal hands, and control the pace of the game, perfectly replicating the land-based experience.

    Various versions of live blackjack are developed by licensed providers. They purchase professional equipment from official manufacturers, train dealers, create studios with appropriate interiors, and install cameras. With their help, users can monitor everything that happens at the table.

    The rules are the same as in real casinos. Croupiers use programs that help them calculate results and determine winners. This ensures the fairness of the game and eliminates the human error.

    However, live dealer blackjack does not feature a demo mode. Bets are accepted only in real currency. If the user is not familiar with the rules and features of blackjack, it is recommended to first test the traditional online format. Online blackjack games use RNG to determine the outcome.

    How to Choose Live Dealer Blackjack Casino

    Live dealers are not available in all online casinos. However, they are available on most sites with a license. Below, we will go over the most important factors that you should consider when choosing a live dealer casino.

    Reliability and Trustworthiness

    Any casino you choose to play should be reliable and trustworthy. There are several ways to determine whether a live blackjack casino can be trusted. First of all, it is important to check that the casino is legal. Usually, all of the license information can be found on their website.

    It is also useful to read some player reviews. Pay attention to the overall player ratings and whether most of the reviews are positive.

    Customer Support

    Every good live dealer casino must have well-developed customer support. Make sure that their services can be reached around the clock. It is always a plus when an online casino offers the live chat option.

    High-Quality Streaming

    Streaming technology is at the core of live dealer blackjack. Therefore, it is crucial to check the broadcast quality. You should be able to see a dealer and cards well enough. Otherwise, the main aspect of immersion is going to be lost.


    Most online casinos offer some sort of bonuses to their players, especially when it comes to newcomers. Look for an online casino that offers a first-deposit bonus, or any other promotion aimed at new players.

    Mobile Compatibility

    Modern lifestyle requires us to be on the constant move. Not everyone may have an opportunity to sit at home and play blackjack on their computer. Most users play on their way to work or in other situations when they need to kill time.

    For this reason, it is important to check whether the live-dealer casino is compatible with mobile devices. It doesn’t need to have it’s app. The only requirement is being able to launch the live-dealer game.

    Final Thoughts

    All in all, live dealer blackjack is an extremely popular casino game. We hope that you have gained some useful insight from this guide. Make sure to follow the live dealer industry, as the current developments in technology promise to bring new opportunities into the casino world.


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