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MegaPays Game Mechanic

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You would never get bored with the slots at any reliable casino on the web since there are pretty many mechanics to amaze you. One of them is MegaPays! Gamblers all over the world have admired it since it provided them with a brand-new gaming experience. However, the most vital thing here is not just fascinating gameplay but a variety of jackpots to grab! Let us consider this particular mechanic in detail and show you all the perks you could obtain when playing one or several slot machines based on this format.


    A Complete Guide to MegaPays Slots

    Welcome to the most concise guide on the MegaPays slots. Be sure to read it with utter attention not to miss any significant details. Consider the history and essence of the mechanic, cast a glance at the game’s descriptions and implement some steps into your gambling strategy.

    So, let us begin with the history behind the mechanics. Look at it to know which game provider produces these mechanics-based slots.

    MegaPays Slots History

    You may consider the beginning of these slots’ history as the first machine featuring MegaPays was published.

    In June 2021, two triumph games appeared: Bonanza MegaPays and Who Wants To Be Millionaire MegaPays. If you do not know, Big Time Gaming is the software creator that manufactured these games.

    MegaPays Slots Explained

    MegaPays slots—as evident from the name of the mechanics—are created to augment the cashouts for the gamblers. The key of the slot format is the jackpots that present the greatest value for the players.

    As a result, you will unlock the four (!) kinds of jackpots in these games:

    • Mini
    • Midi
    • Major, and 
    • Mega.

    They are different based on the jackpot size you would be eligible for under a certain set of game conditions.  

    Yes, in the MegaPays slot machine games, you will unlock special divisions of the jackpots to be eligible for. As a rule, the functionality of the games ends when no MegaPays symbol appears on the reels. 

    It is possible to win one of the progressive jackpots depending on the number of MegaPays symbols collected:

    Number of Symbols Collected Jackpot Amount
    15 $300,000
    From 12 to 14 $20,000
    From 8 to 11 $1,500
    From 4 to 7 $100

    What is really curious and beneficial for the players is that the lowest RTP you can count for is no less than 96%. Isn’t it a great solution?

    What else is remarkable about this slot type is that after you win and obtain your jackpot, your bonus features are left untouched. It means that you will be able to keep on using them in the further gameplay process.

    So, we are sure you want to see a practical example of the games, and we are here to provide you with some. Take a look at the two slot games’ short reviews and pick up an option to gamble right away. Or maybe you would love to test both!

    Power-Up Slot Sessions with MegaPays Games

    Bonanza MegaPays 

    The Big Time Gaming’s Bonanza MegaPays game’s visuals are well designed. 

    The slot machine’s grid features a 6-reel configuration with up to 117,649 pay lines. The number of rows varies between 2 and 7. The betting range is between $0.20 and $30

    The maximum win without a jackpot is set at 12,000x the stake

    The Bonanza MegaPays’ payout rate is around 96.40%. 

    The game comes with several lucrative features such as

    • Reaction
    • Free spins, and 
    • MegaPays.

    These features allow you to win free spins, get multipliers, and get one of the 4 progressive jackpots involved.

    Big Time Gaming’s Bonanza MegaPays is a gem-themed title. The game takes place at the entrance to a mine. The visuals of the game are simple, clear and precise. Thick layers of green grass, rocks, a wooden hut, and a small waterfall can be seen on the screen. The soundtrack is soft to help you conquer your treasure.

    The game grid is located on a stone wall. It has a 6-roll arrangement and up to 7 rows

    The low-value symbols include the cards: 

    • J
    • A
    • Q
    • K
    • 10, and 
    • 9. 

    The high paying symbols are gems of different colours:

    • Green
    • Red
    • Blue, and 
    • Purple.  

    When playing, you will also unlock some shape symbols.

    The purple-coloured diamond is the symbol that pays the most

    The Wild is a cart filled with sticks of dynamite. It replaces all symbols in the game except the Scatter to help form wins. 

    The golden letters G, O, L, and D form the Scatter of the game. 

    The background image changes from function to function. You need at least a combination of 2 symbols of the same kind to obtain a victory.

    Who Wants To Be A Millionaire MegaPays (aka Millionaire MegaPays)

    The famous Big Time Gaming’s Who Wants To Be Millionaire MegaPays slot game is—evidently—inspired by a famous TV show that comes in different formats around the world. 

    The game grid includes 6 reels containing 2 to 7 symbols as well as a horizontal bonus reel which includes 4 symbols

    With each spin, a set of various symbols appear on the reels allowing players to benefit from 324 up to 117,749 ways to win

    Statistically, the payout rate stands at 96.38%, of which 9.44% of this percentage relates to new jackpots. 

    In this game, the principle consists of inviting the candidate to answer several multiple-choice questions in order to level up and increase his earnings. 

    You have to end the session and pocket the millions in cash

    This slot machine activity contains the same features with identical gameplay to previous games. This also applies to the visual by finding dark and simplistic areas. 

    In the background, one can discover a kind of a studio where the game takes place. 

    As for the symbols, the list consists of 10 classic royal cards with low value and four precious stones. 

    Among them, the diamond represents the most profitable of the selection, bringing in 50 times the stake for a set. 

    The other three stones are only awarded 2–7.5 times the bet

    As the spins progress, Wilds symbols appear on the lower bonus reel and substitute for all the payout symbols in order to form winning combinations.

    The Who Wants To Be Millionaire MegaPays title is compatible on all devices and suitable for all categories of players. 

    The action takes place on a panel featuring standard Megaways. 

    As for volatility, it remains very high, especially during free spins. 

    The MegaPays feature only activates from the base game with a betting range between $0.40 to $30 per spin.

    MegaPays Mechanics: How to Play in Four Steps

    Initiating gameplay is very easy with MegaPays—actually, it is similar to the other slots. Just have a look:

    1. You opt for an online casino and sign up or sign in with it
    2. You are supposed to make a deposit
    3. You pick up a MegaPays slot game and make a bet
    4. You spin the reels.

    Nonetheless, there is an interesting detail to keep an eye on—bonus offers.

    In compliance with the game format, you are eligible for getting a bonus at random, and no one would control it.

    But there are some hints to use when playing the MegaPays slots. 

    Beneath the game window, in each game, there is the word “MegaPays,” and one or some of the letters of this word may get pink in the process of spinning. As soon as all of the letters are pink, the bonus or a jackpot would be triggered. 

    It means that you are supposed to constantly keep watching that word not to miss your opportunity for the best benefits out of playing these slots.

    MegaPays Strategy?

    As evident from the previous section of this page, the strategy of playing MegaPays slots is a bit different from the other mechanics-based slots. Predominantly, it is because of the bonus and jackpot features.

    So, the main thing you are to do is to be extremely serious and attentive when playing.

    Also, do remember that if you won a jackpot, you still possess the bonus free spins, so you can use them in the further process of playing. 

    The Advantages & Disadvantages of MegaPays Slots

    When it happens to compare the pros and cons, it is always an adventure since there are too many benefits when playing these slot mechanics games.

    So, the following advantages may be of use for you, namely:

    • Incredibly big opportunity to win a jackpot
    • Different kinds of jackpots are available
    • In case you win a jackpot, bonuses do not disappear
    • The jackpot sizes are pretty big.

    As for the disadvantages, you will not find plenty of games featuring MegaPays mechanism. Surely, there will be more as the company producing these slots evolves.

    The Evolution of MegaPays Games

    Since at present there are only two slot machine games that feature the MegaPays mechanic—they are showcased on this page—the main and vital evolution vector is to manufacture more and more titles.

    As of June 2021, Big Time Gaming and Relax have cooperated to produce the two games—Bonanza MegaPays and Who Wants To Be Millionaire MegaPays. The companies proclaimed that they would have released some more MegaPays alternatives by the end of 2022.

    The only thing we have to do now is to expect some other masterpieces that would unlock the bigger winnings among the gamblers.


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    Frequently asked questions

    All of the games featuring this mechanic contain the word “MegaPays” in their title and are produced by Big Time Gaming.

    They emerged in June 2021.

    The maximum jackpot size of the MegaPays slots is $300,000.