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Megaways Mechanic – The Complete Guide

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Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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The gambling world has constantly been improving, and new innovative technologies have added some juice to classical entertaining options, making them modern and even more attractive. Today, we are going to explain to you a game-changing mechanic that has allowed players to look at the gambling industry from another perspective. And this article is all about Megaways mechanic and its slots that have revolutionized the gambling market.

Megaways Mechanic – The Complete Guide

    What Is Megaways Mechanic?

    Megaways mechanic is an innovative technology that plays a role as a reels’ modifier developed by a respectful Australian slot development company Big Time Gaming. The essential aim of the mechanic is to change the number of symbols that land on a playground grid during a single rotation. To make it simple, every single spin has a different number of images, giving players a shot to generate over one hundred thousand paying line-ups or even more.

    What Are Megaways Slots?

    It is getting evident that Megaways slots are online slots that are based on the Megaways engine. In order to recognize these games, some casino suppliers put the title of the mechanic at the end of the game’s name, like Power of Thor Megaways or Sweet Bonanza Megaways. 

    If there is no such indicator, you can figure out for your own whether an online slot is featured with this mechanic or not by looking at the number of pay lines. Usually, Megaways games have over 100,000 combinations to make a win, but some games can be more potential in terms of winnings and obtain over half a million pay lines.

    Megaways Slots History

    For the game developers of Big Time Gaming, classical slots were getting boring, and they would like to change something. In early 2015, the industrial giant presented to the world a new vision for online slots, namely a spicy Megaways mechanic, and started the era of the rise of the pay line.

    This innovative tool has allowed game developers to provide their customers with a completely unique manner of gambling in slot machines. Just forget about boring and habitual 5, 25, or 40 pay lines – it is in the past! With this engine, you are able to experience a play with up to 117,649 lines (usually, but there are a few slots that provide players with up to 531,441 lines) to meet success. Fascinating, is not it?

    Of course, the number of pay lines is changeable due to shape-shifting reels (from 2 to 7 rows on each reel), but you still have good chances to get the maximum number. Consequently, you will increase your winning probabilities by increasing the number of victorious lines.

    Nowadays, Big Time Gaming has a partnership tie with many software developers, and this tie allows them to apply the mechanic to their game developments.

    Megaways Slots Explained: How Does Megaways Work?

    At first glance, the name of the technology may sound complicated to you, and there is one clear thing you may understand properly – the number of ways to win should be significant (a slight hint from the title). But there is nothing sophisticated in an understanding of the Megaways mechanic and how it works.

    Every single rotation in a Megaways slot is unique because of a changeable number of symbols on the playground grid. The only stable thing is the number of reels. Usually, there are 6 of them. The number of rows is variable and may be from 2 to 7 on each reel. Hence, you can easily calculate for yourself how many pay lines will participate in generating the total winning pool in case of winning.

    For instance, you have 4 rows and 6 reels, and the math behind it looks like this:

    4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 = 4,096

    The same calculation process can be applied to different number combinations. The principle works in the way that you need to multiply the number of fixed reels by the number of applied rows. And that is it.

    What Is the Very First Megaways Slot?

    The history of the revolutionary mechanic started with the release of the less-known slot by the name of Dragon Born Megaways. But there was no boom after this moment.

    The actual boom was after the release of Bonanza Megaways in 2016, which initiated the wide-ranging spread of the technology.

    The Best Megaways Slots to Play

    If you consider playing Megaways slots and do not know where to start, you can always check our list of the best casino games that apply this innovative and breathtaking mechanic. You can also find out the casino games that combines both Megaways mechanic and Infinity Reels.

    Games Provider
    Bonanza Megaways Big Time Gaming
    Power of Thor Megaways Pragmatic Play
    Monopoly Megaways Big Time Gaming
    Power of Thor Megaways Pragmatic Play
    Gonzo’s Quest Megaways NetEnt
    Buffalo King Megaways Pragmatic Play

    Megaways Mechanic: How to Play and Win?

    It does not require special knowledge and skills to play online casino games featured with Megaways mechanic. The process looks familiar to the regular online slots’ gameplay – place your stake and press the Play/Spin button. But first of all, you need to find a Megaways slot that will fit your taste and preferences and do the mentioned above steps.

    Different Winning Megaways Strategies

    When it comes to gambling and online slots, you may think about certain strategies or tactics that will help you increase your chances of becoming a winner. Certainly, there are a lot of articles on the Internet about how to cheat or outsmart online casino slots, but gambling is all about luck! You can try some tricks or use some given tips from experienced players, but all of them will make you wiser in terms of placing bets and managing your bankroll only. Here, we prepared for you some advice and tips for playing Megaways slots.

    Welcome bonus. The gambling market is full of competitors, and many online gambling establishments want to take new customers to their side. Therefore, they offer many lucrative bonus deals as a little welcome. Selecting a casino with a desired welcome bonus package, you will get additional bonus money to your casino account and will be able to spin the reels more time because of the extra funds. These extra chances will allow you to raise the probability of smashing the Megaways slot.

    Low-volatility Megaways slots. If you wish to feel the taste of winning from the very first play, it is highly advisable to select a Megaways casino slot with low volatility. This volatility level allows you to hit the winning line-ups quite often. The dark side is the winning potential of these games – your winnings will be low as well.

    Slots with Bonuses and Modifiers. Some game manufacturers try to stand out from the crowd and develop their new games by applying intriguing and exciting bonuses and base game modifiers. Do not miss this chance and play these games. For sure, it will be beneficial for you because these bonuses and modifiers can be your assistants in smashing online Megaways slots and getting crazy wins.

    These small tips will help you avoid unexpected losses and play smarter in any Megaways casino slot.

    The Advantages and Disadvantages of Megaways Slots

    The most obvious perk of the Megaways slots is numerous winning probabilities. Compared to old-school, classical slots with fixed lines for payout, you will have a shot to get from 64 to 531,441 paying lines.

    The next privilege of playing Megaways games is frequent wins. You are aware of how many winning combinations the pay lines can generate, so it is evident that the chances a superb.

    Like everything, the mechanic has its drawbacks despite its crazy popularity, and one of them is a relatively small grand prize. Usually, the highest payout of the Megaways slots cannot exceed the edge of 5,000x. Ok, the multiplier is huge, but the winning probability of it is near the impossible level. Secondly, you may be disappointed because of the confusing gameplay. The number of pay lines is variable, and you cannot predict how many lines will be the next time. And finally, you will not be able to play Megaways casino games in land-based casinos.

    In general, the drawbacks are not so crucial not to play, but it is always nice to be aware of them. Nevertheless, the slot machines with Megaways mechanic have enough advantages, which make them worth paying attention and gambling.


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    • Xavier Turner
      I had no clue about this gameplay mechanic. Definitely gonna visit your blog from time to time.

    • Samuel Ranero
      I’m sure no one will argue that this Megaways mechanics is one of the greatest and revolutionary inventions that the gambling industry has up to date. Among all the slots that apply this mechanic, I personally like Buffalo Rising Megaways. With its help, I got a lot of money!

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    You can find Megaways casino games on many online gambling platforms that collaborate with the game providers, which develop these slots. In order to recognize the Megaways game, you can check the game’s titles. In most cases, the game manufacturers put the word Megaways at the end of the headline, line Bonanza Megaways or Buffalo King Megaways. You have got the rule.

    The inventor of the revolutionary mechanic is an Australian-based company Big Time Gaming, which gave birth to Megaways engine in 2015 and spread it across the globe in 2016.

    In 2015, Big Time Gaming released the Dragon Born Megaways real casino slot. It is the very first online slot that applied the Megaways technology.

    Some gamblers call the Megaways mechanic a game-changer, and all of this is not without purpose. Before its release, online slots provided players with up to 50 pay lines. And when the technology was launched and applied to online casino games, they guarantee over one hundred thousand lines for payout. That is why it became revolutionary.