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New World Review: A Promising MMORPG Game by Amazon Game Studios

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Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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The time of colonization and dangerous adventures is awaiting you in New World. Amazon Game Studios released its thrilling MMORPG game on 28 September 2021. In this game, you will explore an open world of the mysterious island, face danger and fight for opportunities to create your own destiny.

New World Review

    Genre(s): MMORPG | Sandbox | Survival

    Platform: PC

    Engine: Amazon Lumberyard

    Developer: Amazon Game Studios

    Publisher: Amazon

    Date of Release: 28 September 2021

    Payment: One-time payment

    Download the Game: Steam Store

    Official Website: newworld.com

    What is New World (PC Game)?

    New World is a long-awaited PC game designed by Amazon Game Studios in 2021. The game developer offers players to forge their destiny together with many other players in a new but adversarial environment. You have freedom of action – do whatever you want! Whether you want to develop the economy, fish, or simply smash different monsters to find lucrative loot boxes. All the actions are up to you.

    The world of the New World is filled with primordial terror: from classical animals to mythical dark creatures. To get into the fight with them alone or together with your allies - is your choice. Additionally, you can test your fighting and tactical skills competing with other players (a PvP mode) or join the forces and try to beat powerful creatures (a PvE mode).

    In this New World game, the game developer combined both a medieval environment and a mythical world full of different unusual creatures into a simple plot. So, this new approach to New World will keep you engaged for many hours.

    The New World’s System Requirements

    Here, you can check out the New World’s system requirements. This information will help you understand whether your PC or laptop will be able to launch the game and play it smoothly and without interruptions. We prepared a table with the recommended system requirements of the New World game as well as the minimum ones.

    The New World’s Recommended System Requirements

    OS Windows 10 (x64) or the latest version
    Processor (CPU) Intel Core i7-2600K / AMD Ryzen 5 1400
    Memory (RAM) 16 GB
    Graphics (Video adapter) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 390X
    DirectX (version) 12
    Network Broadband Internet connection
    Disk SSD
    Storage (Type) 50 GB of available space
    Additional Notes Internet connection is required for the gameplay and in-game purchases

    The New World’s System Requirements (Minimum)

    OS Windows 10 (x64) or the latest version
    Processor (CPU) Intel Core i5-2400 / AMD CPU with 4 cores
    Memory (RAM) 8 GB
    Graphics (Video adapter) NVIDIA GTX 670 2 GB / AMD Radeon R9 280 or better
    DirectX (version) 12
    Network Broadband Internet connection
    Disk 7200 HDD
    Storage (Type) 50 GB of available space
    Additional Notes Internet connection is required for the gameplay and in-game purchases

    The New World Review: Plot of the Game

    Columbus discovered America, and conquistadors from all corners of Europe started organizing many expeditions to this new world full of abundant riches and resources. The New World – new things – new adventures – new discoveries – new perspectives. But your primary task is to survive on this perilous island and be victorious!

    In general, the game was settled in seventeenth-century North America, during a period of colonization. Against the background of medieval fantasy and other traditional settings, this approach seems unusual and tempting.

    You are on board the ship, and suddenly, the devilish storm comes around, and you are dealing with a shipwreck. One moment later, you awake on an unknown and unexplored island (Aeternum), where you have a small conversation with an almost deadly captain Aldous Thorpe. After that small talk, your expedition and the colonization of this new island begin.

    New World – Everything You Need to Know

    New World is an MMORPG game with sandbox elements and an open world, primarily shaped by the players. The gameplay is from the third-person perspective. The player is given full freedom of action. You can cultivate the land and get materials from animals and plants, produce tools and weapons, build buildings and even entire settlements. The game has an advanced crafting system, allowing you to sharpen this or that branch of skill of your character.

    The essential idea of the game is competition with other in-game characters. You can cooperate and create your own clans with other people or play alone and master your survival skills. An extensive PvP system allows you to capture different zones, allowing one group to strengthen at the expense of others.

    Actions such as attacking, dodging, or running require strength, which consumes quickly. The character is also affected by various body parameters, thirst and hunger. Deteriorating characteristics will not result in death but will deplete the player’s strength and stamina.

    In addition to the dynamic change of day and night, the New World game provides its players with different weather conditions. Furthermore, you can also witness how one season changes the other.

    Combat System

    The game focuses on the player’s combat mode specifically. To fight demonic creatures and other rivals, you can use different weapons. A user who is defeated can lose all of his or her belongings. Other players can easily loot the belongings of a gamer who has fallen in battle. So, you need to level up your character and be strong as possible.

    New World: What to Do When You Hit Max Level?

    As with every MMORPG game, the game has its limits. You can level up your character up to the 60th level. And what comes next? What should you do afterwards? The game developer thought carefully about this moment, and there are four essential things that will not let you get bored.


    You know that you hit the maximum possible level of development, so it is a perfect time to switch your game to more challenging tasks. With a group of people (three to five players), you can enter to dungeons of the darkest corners of Aeternum, where the most corrupted and dark creatures await you. Your primary goal is to defeat them all. And to make your dungeons’ adventures even more attractive, the game developer empowered them with unique and exciting storylines.

    Outpost Rush (PvP)

    Outpost rush is a large-scale PvP event, only available for players who hit the 60th level. In this mode, you will be transferred into a battlefield of 20 vs 20, where you need to kill other players. After your team gets 1,000 points, the mini-game comes to its end, and your team (as well as you) will be generously rewarded with unique equipment, rare items, armour, cosmetics, and so on.


    One more attractive gaming mode in the New World game is Invasions. This mode is primarily based on a PvE element, where you and other players should take a fight against menace monsters, take control over a particular territory and build up an influence within this conquered territory.

    This game mode is exciting because you are able to use additional defending and attacking supplements (siege weapons), like ballista, explosive cannons, inferno mines, powder kegs, repeater turrets, and many other tricky things.

    War Events

    The name of this war mode hints for itself that you will be jumped into a massive battleground, where 50 players on one side fight against 50 players from the other side. One side is for attackers, while the opposite one is for defenders. These war events last 30 minutes, and your goal is to take over the settlement or hold the fort, respectively. By the end of the event, the winning side gets many generous prizes and loots.

    New World Gameplay (Videos)

    The best way to get the most accurate picture of the game is to watch a video. In these videos, you will see PvP duels as well as fights with dangerous monsters in dungeons. Take a seat and enjoy watching these videos.

    Why Is the New World Game So Popular?

    After the release of the New World PC game, Amazon’s new development has seen quite literally overwhelming popularity. Even though the game’s release was rescheduled several times, the game provoked a tangible furor. For instance, the game got the title of the most played MMORPG game of 2021, with the players’ count peak of 200K+.

    Consequently, you may have a question – what makes the New World game so popular? The answer is a piece of cake – an innovative approach and untypical gaming solution in terms of gameplay. Something extraordinary always attracts players, and the game developer could find these exceptional elements that fit perfectly for the players’ needs.

    And if you do not believe in the developer’s success, you can read the news about overloaded servers and the inability to enter the game without waiting in a queue. Some people had to wait from fifteen minutes to several hours. So, you can imagine the flawless and unexpected success of the company.  

    New World is a fantastically designed MMORPG game, which takes place in an open world of darkest fantasy. The game combines fascinating design, simple but intriguing plot, moderately dynamic, and many opportunities; there is even fishing and furnishing – the main signs of the elite product. Additionally, massive PvP battles and sieges will not let you get bored, and farming rifts alongside PvE-arenas will keep high-level players’ engagement for a while. Explore the new island, organize expeditions, invade different territories and create your own destiny in New World.


    10 (Votes: 1)


    • mirze
      Been looking for something new in this genre for a really long time. Maybe this one will not disappoint me.

    • Thomas Davis
      It looks like a masterpiece. But I doubt that my PC can run this RPG at high FPS.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Unfortunately, you need to pay the whole sum to get access to the New World game. But if you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can count on it. All subscribers of Amazon Prime can redeem a special Pirate Pack, which includes a new Pirate-themed skin.

    Amazon Game Studios released its new game by the name of New World on PC on 28 September 2021. As of now, the game developer did not reveal any information about the game’s release on popular consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation. But the game has proven its success among many PC players, so there is a chance that it will be released on gaming consoles as well.

    The New World game is now available for playing. The initial price of the game (Standard Edition) is $39.99. In case you want to get a Deluxe Edition, you need to pay $49.99. The only difference between Standard and Deluxe editions lies in additional content that you will get and nothing more.

    New World is an MMORPG game, so this fact means that there is no solo campaign. Of course, you can play solo, but to a certain degree, because the higher your characters’ level, the more challenging the tasks will be.