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Gambling in Nova Scotia

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Whether you prefer to generate gambling winnings on trusted sites or at atmospheric land-based establishments, Nova Scotia can provide you with a decent experience. This province’s population is about 1 million people, and many of them rely on gambling and betting hobbies to run away from their daily worries. 

The New Scotia Alcohol and Gaming Division controls nearly every element of this entertainment niche except for horse racing. These events’ regulator is another respected organization, Canada Pari-Mutuel Agency. 

Take a few minutes for our review, and you will get a complete picture of what gambling opportunities this province can provide you. You will learn about the sports betting options available, racetracks, online operators, bingo clubs and more.

Gambling in Nova Scotia

    Nova Scotia’s Sports Betting World 

    Although the province has legal sports betting platforms, most residents consider these government-operated online and land-based options suboptimal. The fact of the matter is that these establishments allow you to place bets using the express system only. In other words, if you decide to place a bet on one sporting event, the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC) will consider you a lawbreaker. 

    If the state-regulated options’ restrictions do not scare you, you can visit the Pro-Line or Stadium Bets website and try to predict the football, baseball, hockey or basketball matches results. Apart from this, you can also take advantage of the most recognizable Canadian sportsbook called SportsInteraction. 

    At the same time, those who prefer to place bets without any restrictive rules can use offshore sites. The province considers this kind of betting to be perfectly legal, and you can benefit from it as the mentioned online platforms often provide users with higher odds. 

    How Does Nova Scotia Approach Lottery Draws? 

    Participation in lottery draws has long been a traditional hobby for Nova Scotia’s residents. Many people buy lottery tickets and follow the weekly draws actively, hoping to change their lives for the better.   

    The residents start the week with the Daily Grind, which focuses on regular, large payments for the rest of their lives. This lottery takes place every Monday and Thursday. After that, people get their second chance to become millionaires on Wednesday when Lotto 6/49 takes place. This lottery’s guaranteed winnings always exceed 1 million Canadian dollars. However, if the owner of a successful ticket manages to win the jackpot, he/she can receive more than $5 million. For example, one lucky guy from another Canadian province, Quebec, grabbed a $6 million jackpot in the summer of 2021. 

    As for the end of the working week, many residents devote it to Friday’s draw for another lottery, Lotto Max, which can reward anyone with even more impressive multi-million-dollar winnings. 

    Where Should You Bet on Horse Racing? 

    Given the province’s relatively small population, this is a true paradise for harness racing fans. Nova Scotia is proud of its racetracks which host live events and professional broadcasts. 

    • Inverness Raceway is a legendary Canadian track that has almost 100 years of racing history under its belt. This raceway’s road to success began way back in 1926, and the racetrack has managed to form an impressive community of bettors and sports admirers since then. Visit this scenic spot in the summer and in September or October, and you will surely experience the crazy atmosphere at one of the 35 annual races. 
    • Northside Downs is an even older racetrack than the previous one. It began to take over a century ago, in 1898 and has managed to survive a somewhat difficult period. The closure of the racetrack in 1989 saddened many horse-racing fans, but its story continued 18 years later. The Northside Downs organizes horse races every Sunday, starting in May and hosting by the end of October. 
    • Truro Raceway is another example of a first-class half-mile track with a long history. Its racing season lasts almost 8 months, and the racetrack manages to host thousands of guests during this period. Truro Raceway provides visitors and bettors with all the conditions for entertaining leisure, including high-quality broadcasts. 

    Even though the live-betting can reward you with unforgettable impressions, you can bet on your favourite jockeys and horses elsewhere. The province can offer you enough options in this regard, be it land-based venues, casinos or various specialized sites. 

    What Are Online Casinos Available in Nova Scotia? 

    The province does not consider residents playing on overseas gambling sites to be lawbreakers, so you can easily create an account at these reliable online casinos popular among Canadian gamblers. Many local gamblers recommend looking at platforms like Mansion Casino, Cherry Gold Casino and Energy Casino. These online operators have an excellent reputation in the gambling community for reasonable gaming results, timely players’ assistance and, of course, an impressive gaming library. 

    In addition to the most popular games like slots and video poker, the province’s residents visit live tables quite often and enjoy interacting with real dealers. Many experienced Canadian players praise slots like Golden Dragon, Treasures of Troy and Amazing Money Machine. These trending projects have made their way to Nova Scotia, and there is nothing stopping you from getting the most out of them. 

    Basic Information About Nova Scotia’s Land-Based Gambling Establishments  

    Horse racing tracks 

    Inverness Raceway

    Address: 112 Forest Street, Inverness, Nova Scotia

    Phone: +1 902-258-3315 

    Truro Raceway

    Address: 73 Ryland Avenue Unit 29, Colchester County, Truro

    Phone: +1 902-893-8075 

    Northside downs

    Address: 105 Regent Street, North Sydney

    Phone: +1 902-564-0561 


    Casino Nova Scotia - Sydney

    Address: 525 George St, Sydney

    Phone: +1 902-563-7777 

    Casino Nova Scotia - Halifax

    Address: 1983 Upper Water Street, Halifax

    Phone: +1 902-425-7777 

    Bingo venues 

    Membertou Entertainment Center

    Address: 11 Chief Ben Christmas Awti’j, Membertou

    Phone: +1 902-562-3999 

    Bridgewater Legion

    Address: 78 Churchill Street, Bridgewater

    Phone: +1 902-543-3203  

    Zatzman Sportsplex

    Address: 110 Wyse Road, Dartmouth

    Phone: +1 902-464-2600 

    Farrell Hall

    Address: 276 Windmill Road, Dartmouth

    Phone: +1 902-469-5769 

    Halifax Forum Super Bingo

    Address: 2901 Windsor Street, Halifax

    Phone: +1 902-451-1900 

    Sackville Leisure Center Bingo

    Address: 133 First Lake Drive, Lower Sackville

    Phone: +1 902-864-0030 

    How Does New Scotia Approach Online Gambling on the Legislative Level? 

    The province trusts gambling regulation to an organization called The Nova Scotia Alcohol and Gaming Division. This jurisdiction controls land-based casinos, lottery draws, sports betting and bingo venues. As for horse racing, Canada Pari-Mutuel Agency monitors these events and their bets. 

    If you prefer to play online casinos which have received a license from overseas jurisdictions, Canadian law does not forbid you to do so. Moreover, the government does not consider your winnings from any online gambling platforms or land-based establishments taxable.   

    All forms of gambling become available to the province’s residents once they reach the age of 19. Of course, the government can reform the gambling sector in the future, but it approaches the business niche this way in 2021.


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