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Phil Ivey Net Worth in 2022

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Author: Anton Yurchenko
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Poker games have always been fashionable through the decades. The 21st century served as a turning point in the game history, since the cutting edge technologies now ensure live broadcasts. One of the most popular poker players all over the world is Phil Ivey. He was born in Riverside, California, in 1976. In the course of time, Phil’s family and he moved to New Jersey, US. 

Phil Ivey Net Worth in 2022

It may sound fantastic but his earnings throughout his poker career have already reached the rate of $19,500,000. Predominantly, the lion’s share of the money comes from the live poker tournaments that the gambler actively takes part in. However, the net worth is $100 M at present.

One of the records by this gambler is that he has won the World Series of Poker eight times! In addition to this, he also possesses the famous World Poker Tour title. One could hardly fancy anyone else having achieved so much!

Living in New Jersey, Phil Ivey used to work in the telemarketing industry unless he once stumbled upon poker online.

That was the beginning of the brand-new marvelous career in online poker.

Due to him being so talented in playing online poker, he possesses a couple of funny nicknames like “The Tiger Woods of Poker” and “No Home Jerome”.

Since 2002, Phil Ivey have participated and frequently won in the following tournaments and games:

Tournament Status Amount Won
2002 World Series of Poker Winner N/A
WSOP Main Event Winner N/A
2009 No-Limit Draw Lowball Event Winner N/A
½ Seven Card Hi Lo-1/2 Omaha Hi/Lo Competition Winner N/A
L.A. Poker Classic at the Commerce Casino tournament Winner $1,596,100
H.O.R.S.E. Event Winner N/A
Poker After Dark Winner $120,000
GSN's High Stakes Poker Winner $150,000

So, these data clearly showcase the poker talent that Phil Ivey demonstrates to his audience all over the US and globally.

Similarly to Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey is a media person, that is why his fans may witness him in different TV programs and gambling tournaments that broadcast online. For instance, the most popular shows he attended are as follows:

  • Poker After Dark
  • NBC television show
  • The Winner Take All “Earphones Please” Tournament, 
  • National Heads Up Poker Championship.

His social networks profiles are also pretty popular. For instance, his Instagram has more than 163k followers. He is also frequent with the interviews on YouTube.

The gambler is a fan of sports. He cheers for teams like the NBA’s Houston Rockets, L.A. Lakers, as well as the NFL’s Buffalo Bills. Nonetheless, it is nothing else but a hobby — no sports betting is supposed.

One of the sides that almost no one knows about Phil is that he is into charity. This is an occupation that he takes pretty seriously.

For example, he stands for the underprivileged children, so he frequently sends generous amounts of money to the Empowered to Excel. 

In addition to this, he is one of the founders of the organization named Budding Ivey Foundation. The mission of the organization is the same as Empowered to Excel. In his Budding Ivey Foundation, he and his mother stand to help the children to have access to education.

Finally for Phil’s charity intentions, he always supports homeless people by participating in special programs that help feed those who have no home. 

So, the career of one of the most successful and progressive poker players is not only participation in tournaments to get wealthier but also charity. It is evident that there are not so many gamblers being famous who participate in this kind of activity. 


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