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Poker Cheat Sheet For You — An Easy Way to Learn the Game’s Basics

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Poker Cheat Sheet For You — An Easy Way to Learn the Game’s Basics

    In fact, cheating in poker is a well-known phenomenon that even seems to date back to the origins of the game.

    With the rise of online gambling, cheating techniques have adapted and, as a result, become more sophisticated. There are two essential types of cheating in online poker:

    • Collusion and/or the use of multiple accounts;
    • Assistant software and player tracking.

    However, these methods may be easily uncovered by the online casino rooms, and all of your winnings would get nulled.

    What we stand for here is the poker cheat sheets. First off, they are much more efficient. Secondly, they are not as illegal and forbidden by the casinos as the alternatives enlisted above.

    Are you ready to adjust some new steps to the poker strategy of yours? Would you love to grab higher payouts from the online casino poker and its varieties? 

    If your answer is positive, be advised to look through this page to get the most concise information on the poker hands cheat sheets as well as the cheat sheets per se!

    Printable Poker Hands Cheat Sheet – Why Should You Use It

    Why should you use the poker hands cheat sheet printables? That is one of the main questions you are currently asking when reading this page.

    The answer is easy: these are the poker hands cheat sheets to be used as the basics for the poker games, especially if you are a newbie to the game. It means — as the title suggests — you can either have the sheets printed out or just save it up to your mobile device. 

    In any case, having these sheets at your disposal when playing poker, you would easily get the essence of the game and see which combinations of cards would definitely advance you to the brand-new level of gambling.

    You may wonder that the sheets mentioned are not necessary for the professional poker gamblers, but it is not like that in reality. It is never over when it comes to the process of mastering your poker skills. 

    The math compound of the game is always vital. By using the poker hands cheat sheet printables, one can make the mathematical calculations in a more professional way. It assumes that the probability to win would be easier counted.

    Do you see? There are pretty many efficacious ways to utilize the poker hands cheat sheets. Nonetheless, there might be some occasions when you are not advised to. Cast a glance at the section below to see some exceptions when it is better to put the sheets aside.  

    When You Should Deviate From These Poker Cheat Sheets

    The main reason not to apply the cheat sheets for poker is GTO (aka Game Theory Optimal) concept. It means that all of the printables of the poker hands cheat sheet are built on the theoretical principle. So, in other words, they can never provide you with the 100 percent guarantee of getting a win.

    Another case when you can — or even have to — deviate from the charts of the cheating sheets is the situation when you clearly understand that the players at the table are all newbies.

    Keep in mind that using these charts is actually the best option to initiate your gambling and to earn some experience. Truly, there is no better way to master your poker skills than these charts.

    Essential Tips: Do’s and Don’ts in Texas Hold’em

    Even in case you are a Texas Hold’em specialist, you still can — and have to — do better. No matter where you play or how long you have been into this very variation of poker, the element of luck can always kick in when you are gambling online. 

    Go improve your mental skills and poker strategies of yours with these Texas Holdem do’s and don’ts that will help you develop your skills at all levels. 

    Among the Texas Holdem pieces of advice, determining weaknesses is one of the simplest. This applies to you as well as to all of the other online players. 

    Practice recognizing weak hands, whether yours or those of other bettors, to be sure that you are not making poor decisions.

    The other do’s can be shaped in the following manner:

    • Choose the correct version to play. This tip is not only exceptionally necessary when you are just starting out as a gamer but it is also something important for your success with cards. Be sure to read the table you want to join before you start playing. This will allow you to know in advance what you will have to be facing. Opt for the free online games or play with tokens with friends before accessing the version for real money to reduce your risk of loss. Find some usefulbonus code to play casino poker Texas Hold’em.
    • Avoid facing experienced card sharks when you are not yet confident in yourself and your game. There is nothing wrong with staying out of a hand or two when the people playing are clearly over-skilled than you are, especially when you know they will not give you a gift. When you want to learn from the pros, hold on to how-to videos and online and physical observation. Hold back from playing against the high stakes bettors until you are absolutely ready.
    • Make your bets well. Most Texas Hold’em pieces of advice and perks offer betting advice. But in real life the best bet is to outsmart your opponents using your best skills. Use the information you have about your opponent as well as your reading of his mannerisms and emotions to determine whether your bet is the best or not. In addition to this, do learn about the opponent’s betting methods to anticipate their moves.

    Practice Texas Hold’em poker whenever you have the chance. Professionals got to where they are by playing as often as they can, often with friends or relatives who wanted to play seriously or even cheat, in order to practice! 

    Also, be sure to exercise your mental muscle with daily games both online and with real people to become the best Hold’em poker expert you can be.

    Texas Hold’em Poker Hands Cheat Sheet

    The knowledge of the Hold’em poker rules is evidently a must when it comes to playing this game. Being familiarized with the hand rankings is one of the main thing to keep in mind.

    We have accomplished the poker hands cheat sheet for your convenience, so that you can have it at your disposal all the time when necessary.

    We would also like to pay your attention to a more detailed explanation of all the hands in the game, so that you would become more and more professional at the game.




    Straight Flush

    5 cards in a row with the same suit, not A-high

    T♠ 9♠ 8♠ 7♠ 6♠

    Four of a kind

    4 cards of the same rank

    8♠ 8♥ 8♦ 8♣ 4♣

    One pair

    2 cards with the same rank and 3 random cards

    A♦ A♥ J♣ 7♦ 3♥

    High card

    All your cards are with different ranks and no combination is possible

    K♥ Q♠ 8♣ 3♠ 2♦

    Royal Flush

    Ace, King, Queen, Jack and a 10 of the same suit

    A♣ K♣ Q♣ J♣ T♣

    Three of a kind

    Same rank 3 cards and 2 not matched cards

    9♥ 9♠ 9♣ 6♥ 3♠

    Two pairs

    Combination with 2 different pairs

    4♣ 4♠ 7♣ 7♠ K♣

    Full house

    3 cards of the same rank and a pair

    J♥ J♦ J♣ 5♥ 5♣


    5 cards of the same suit that are not in a row

    K♥ Q♥ 8♥ 5♥ 3♥


    5 cards in a row

    5♥ 6♦ 7♣ 8♣ 9♦

    The Texas Hold’em Hands Progression

    If you are eager to play Texas Hold’em with no troubles at all, it is vital to understand both the basics and the progression of the game. So, we are dropping the cheat sheet for you to see how the game functions and how to play a hand.

    To start off, you have to designate a dealer, in order to distinguish them from the other players — the button would be placed on the table next to that player. The dealer is in charge of dealing the cards. 

    The two players to the left of the dealer are called the small blind and the big blind. These are required to wager an amount defined at the outset between all the players, before even dealing the cards.

    The players who are small blind and big blind change at the same time as the dealer, that is, every inning.

    The stakes for the small blind and the big blind increase as the game progresses. For example, players can agree to increase the stakes every half hour.

    Example: Depending on the value you give for each chip, you can start with 5 and 10 for the small and big blind, then after half an hour, increase to 10 and 20.

    Positional Awareness

    An extremely significant thing when playing the game is to clearly see what hands to play and when to fold in your position.

    Cast a glance at the game’s key position:


    Position Description


    Early position


    Middle position






    Small blind


    Big blind


    Under the Gun

    UTG + 1

    Under the Gun Plus One

    If you are at a full table (total of ten players) and you are one of the first players to speak, you are in the so-called early position (marked as “EP” in the table). 

    The players towards the middle of the action are in the “middle position”. The players being more EP are the “big blind” and the “small blind” (BB and SB respectively) who will start the hand.

    Being in the early position is usually not the best place to play for obvious reasons. Middle position has some advantages, but also some disadvantages. 

    This is because all of the players before you have already acted, and you can get a good idea of ​​what kind of cards they are holding. In the early position, you have no idea what the players who go after you will do, so you are essentially blind with no clue as to what the players after you may have.

    MD is both good and bad for the following reasons. You get a feel for what early position players have and you know you can influence what late position people think about your hand.

    UTG stands for “under the gun”. This position is called in this manner because the unfortunate one who is in position “under the gun” is the first to speak preflop. It is very uncomfortable, because they possess no information on the play of their opponents while he/she is the 1st to give by acting before others.

    UTG + 1: Whoever is in the UTG + 1 position is hardly better off than his predecessor, because they will be among the first to speak up and therefore to reveal his intentions to others.

    Now, you have a better idea of ​​how to play poker using position as part of your strategy. When you are in the right position — believe it or not — it only can determine the outcome of the hand!

    Preflop Poker Hands Cheat Sheet

    The selection of starting hands in Texas Hold'em is a basic concept that must be fully mastered before tackling more complex aspects of the game.

    Since not all hands are created equal, some of them are much better than others. In Hold’em poker, it is essential to be able to correctly assess your chances of success to decide whether it is more judicious to fold, call or raise. 

    Fortunately, Hold’em presents a lot of common situations, which greatly simplifies the number of probabilities to be learned.

    When both players to the left of the button have cleared their blinds and each has received their 2 hole cards, a betting round can begin. 

    The rule of game commands that everyone speaks in turn, in a clockwise direction, from the player in the UTG position, i.e. from the player who is to the left of whoever is in the big blind. 

    The players have the possibility to fold by throwing their hands in 

    • The discard pile (the player symbolically throws these private cards in the middle of the carpet, face turned up to signify that they give up the blow);
    • Call;
    • Bet (raise), or even raise (reraise) after having taken note of his closed and private hand. 

    You can notice that during the preflop action, except for the player in the big blind position (if no one has outbid before), it is not possible to check. As a result, players who are not in the big blind position must, at a minimum, pay the amount of the big blind (if no one has outbid).

    In the preflop, if someone has a bet before you, you have the option of throwing your hand, making the bet or raising.

    All Possible Betting Options

    During each betting round, players have the opportunity to perform game actions that comprise the following: 

    • Check;
    • Call;
    • Fold;
    • Raise. 

    The type of action that each chooses depends on the private hand, but also on the playing position, the actions of previous players and, of course, the strategy adopted by each.

    • Fold: means folding or throwing your hand. This means that the player who folds comes out and gives up has pocketed the amount of the pot. A player who may fold preflop, if they feel their hand is too weak to play or their position is too uncomfortable (such as when they are in early position). It often happens that a player folds when faced with a bet or a raise.
    • Check: means that you want to stay in the neck without betting chips. By checking, the player gives the floor to the next player without going into the pot. While the check is often seen as evidence of weakness, it can also be a formidable double-edged sword, giving other opponents the opportunity to bluff and then re-raise the bluff when the floor returns to the checker. This is called the check-raise.
    • Call: means calling an opponent’s bet or raise. Like the check, the call does not represent a lot of strength.
    • Raise (and reraise): has two different functions. It is used either to make an opponent fold, or even several ones, or to increase the pot. When a player has made a raise, you have the option of folding, calling and re-raising. In Texas Hold’em, the minimum bet before the flop is twice the big blind or the previous bet. After the flop, the minimum bet is double the initial bet. As for the maximum bet or raise, it corresponds to the total amount of your stack.

    Poker Odds Cheat Sheet

    Understanding the poker probabilities is one of the talents to evolve if you plan to stick to Texas Holdem as a professional gambler. Also, to grab the higher winnings, it is paramount to keep in mind that each of the hands on the flop possess a special probability rate.

    Cast a glance at the list below to see the hand on the flop and the corresponding probability:

    • A flush (for two suited hands) — 0.73%
    • One pair or better (for non-pair cards) — 32.3%
    • Set (for a pocket pair) — 11.8%
    • Straight (for two connected cards) — 1.3%
    • Two pairs (for non-pair hole cards) — 2%
    • Full house (for a pocket pair) — 0.73%.

    Texas Holdem Cheat Sheet – Strategy In 3bet Pots

    The 3bet pot spots strategy is where the biggest losses for players usually lie. 

    If one would ask a player where their biggest losses are, a lot of times the answer is, “In the 3bet pots”. 

    Even a medium level game is not sufficient in these situations as it will quickly cause heavy losses due to the size of the pot which grows extremely fast. 

    When facing a 3bet, players find themselves in particular difficulty when they have an average hand or a draw. 

    In a way, they feel obligated to defend it so as not to be exploitable, but at the same time, they will play a perilous post-flop situation with an opponent who will either have a good hand or try to represent it to push it. 

    Playing a 3bet pot on defense can become easy as long as you work through specific situations off the tables. In addition to this, you are to have the mental discipline to follow through on your plans. 

    You need to make sure you do not overplay some hands and accurately assess the implied odds and equity needed to play your draws. With experience, the attacker will eventually feel assaulted in the face of your strong defense.

    Poker Cheat Sheet For Live Games

    There are a lot of strategies and ways to play poker. However, we have selected a few basic principles, which are essential to know in order to have some “credibility” at the table. 

    This is knowledge that is good to know for yourself, but also to unmask or try to understand the game of your opponents.

    Keep in mind the 4 elements before your live dealer poker games:

    • Be patient;
    • Have a winning mind;
    • Observe players and their tells;
    • Adopt different attitudes.

    In this way, you will win more games, and your winnings will augment in the long term. To master your knowledge of live poker strategy, we recommend that you immerse yourself in reading technical poker books that will help you hone your knowledge of the game and move up to the next level quickly.

    Poker Cheat Sheet For Pot Limit Omaha

    Omaha is known to be a variation of poker that is similar to Texas Hold’em. If you are familiar with the practice of Texas Hold’em, learning the basic rules of Omaha will only take a few minutes.

    As you already may understand, using our cheat sheets would be of use for you in this case, as well!

    The goal of the game is the same as in Texas Hold’em: to build the best possible hand. The players then use their own cards (which only they can see) combined with the community cards (dealt face up in the center of the table and shared with all the other players).

    The main difference between the two poker variations is that in a game of Omaha — four hole cards are dealt to each player, instead of two — in Texas Hold’em. Omaha players need to use exactly two of their hole cards combined with three community cards to form the best possible hand.

    Thus, some points are to be included into the Pot Limit Omaha cheat sheet, namely:

    • Equities run much closer; 
    • Hand variety is extremely vital;
    • You would be supposed to 3-bet more frequently than you suppose; 
    • You should not be c-betting a very high frequency out of position; 
    • You should be a hero calling much less than in Hold’em. 

    Short Deck Hold’em Poker Cheatsheet

    The short deck Hold’em is not so much different from the Texas Hold’em, but still — as evident — some points vary. For instance, unlike Texas Hold’em, you will discover the 36 cards deck only in Short Deck Hold’em. What is more, you would not observe any deuces through fives.

    So, for the most augmented winnings and admirable gambling process, be sure to stick to the following pieces of advice, namely:

    • Do comprehend not only the rules per se but their difference from the classic poker game.
    • Invent a way to add up the preflop ranges. 
    • Be sure to get into the value betting, and do not slow-play.

    So, it is not that complicated compared to any other poker game variation.

    Poker Cheat Sheet For You

    Whatever poker variation you would love to play online, the cheat sheets are always your salvation, for these are able to assist you easily in building up your skills and mastering them, as well. 

    Be sure to save our poker cheat sheets printables for each of the games on this page, and you will observe how your winnings are gradually getting more profitable!

    Remember that using these charts would allow you not only to create your basic knowledge on the game but also advance your skills. In addition, you would surely use the charts for the mathematical side of poker — as it is necessary to calculate the probability to win.


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