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Roshtein Net Worth in 2022

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Author: Anton Yurchenko
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At present, in 2022, Roshtein Net worth is estimated at about between €125.5M and €130.5M. This amount is pretty great and you would hardly ever exemplify any other casino streamer who would have that big amount of net worth.

Read this article to discover some most predominant details about the streamer, so that you could apply his tactics and strategies when gambling online.

Roshtein Net Worth in 2022

    Who Is Roshtein?

    Roshtein is a Twitch streamer specializing in online casinos. Roshtein is known worldwide as the biggest player in online casinos, however, most of his streams are done with fake money, loaned by casinos, as reported by many surveys available on the internet.

    Roshtein has launched his own slot machine in partnership with provider GameArt. The famous Rosh Immortality Cube slot features Megaways technology and can boost your bet up to 30,000 times.

    We can recognize the leg of the roshtein streamer, a fan of high volatility bonuses with exceptional bonuses.

    However, he remains the biggest streamer in his field, with thousands of fans around the world and regularly finds himself in the best of.

    You can notably see him regularly in the company of DeuceAce. Recently, he won €2,500,000 on the Fruit Party slot (x5000) which was for some time the record for the biggest live win on Twitch.

    You are most welcome to follow the streamer on the numerous social networks. Consider the table below to follow the links to the streamer’s profiles.

    Social Network Profile by Roshtein Link
    Twitter @ROSHTEINS
    Youtube youtube.com/channel/UCL6zxjS0J4PT_aXJsEs2MNQ/
    Facebook facebook.com/roshtein
    Instagram @roshtein
    Roshtein’s personal website roshtein.com
    Twitch twitch.tv/roshtein
    Discord discord.gg/roshtein

    When Did Roshtein Start Casino Games Streaming?

    Roshtein’s story on Twitch began on February 15, 2016, the date of his very first live stream on his platform. At the time, Roshtein lived in Sweden, and more precisely in Stockholm.

    Very quickly, his number of viewers (internet users who watch his live stream) continues to increase. Indeed, Roshtein is one of the very first streamers to offer this type of content, namely online casino sessions.

    Does Roshtein Provide Affiliate Links?

    Yes, you may always find some affiliate links provided by Roshtein but it is always the choice of the viewers to follow the links or just watch the videos by the streamer.

    How Does Roshtein Make His Money?

    Today, Roshtein is easily the most popular and beloved casino streamer on Twitch. It offers its viewers (whose number varies between 10,000 and 20,000) 7-hour live streams every day of the week, all in a dynamic and pleasant atmosphere.

    By the way, if you want to follow Roshtein outside of the stream, you can even add him to your social networks. He is very active there, especially on Instagram.

    Unfortunately, like many popular people on the internet, Roshtein is the subject of controversy, especially regarding the money he uses to gamble in the casino. We will look at this in a little more detail.

    The winnings of this streamer are pretty high and diverse. Cast a glance at the table below to see the amounts won and the games he played to achieve the most marvelous results.

    Game Winning
    Fruit Party $2 500 000
    Mahjong88 $130 000
    Legacy of Dead $103 000
    Triple Dragons $50 000
    Tombstone $122 000
    Fruit Party $500 000

    Is Roshtein a Twitch Partner?

    It is difficult to know precisely the course of the Swedish Roshtein before 2014, the date of the creation of his Twitch channel.

    Indeed, like many users, Roshtein created his channel for the sole purpose of following various and varied streamers (registration on Twitch directly leads to the creation of a channel). This registration also allows you to interact with the various streamers present on the platform.

    It is in 2015 that we see a new activity on the Roshtein channel. Indeed, the player begins to post videos showing his various online casino sessions.

    However, it will be necessary to wait until 2016 to see its very first livestreams, that is to say its live appearances on the Twitch site. In streaming, he plays at his favorite online casino and tries to win money.

    Since then, Roshtein has been based in Malta where he streams his various games almost daily on the online casino to which he is affiliated.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to find out more about Roshtein's life.

    Indeed, this streamer is very enigmatic and shares nothing, or almost nothing, of his private life. On the other hand, we can trace the course of the streamer on Twitch quite easily.

    Roshtein shares with his community to watch his different games of

    • Slot machines;
    • Poker;
    • Blackjack, etc.

    In just one month, Roshtein’s viewers went from 0 to over 100 people.

    The more time passes, the more popular Roshtein becomes. In just one year, his stats increased dramatically. Its income is becoming more and more attractive.

    In 2017, the Twitch casino streamer decided to settle in Malta, like many European streamers.

    After taking a few vacations and enjoying his new place of life, Roshtein is back even stronger on his stream! It would seem that Malta inspires him and gives him wings.

    The same year of its installation, the streamer invests in a studio and in a production team, in order to offer ever more qualitative content.

    He is then able to express all his creativity and becomes much more than a Twitch streamer. Indeed, he turns into a real “showman”, an entertainment professional.

    How Does Roshtein Share His Affiliate Links to Increase His Net Worth?

    He puts the affiliate links right below the video stream in the description section. Each viewer has access to the links and is likely to use them, as the streamer shows how to win big with each particular game.

    Does He Lose Money?

    Roshtein is no less an iconic figure in the world of online gaming and streaming. You can easily recognize Roshtein by his long hair and hat as he always appears in this particular look on his streaming shows.

    Roshtein is a well-known personality on Twitch Casino and has over 870,000 subscribers. Roshtein is the king of online slot streaming. But still he also loses money when gambling — and it is absolutely normal. Also, it is another proof that he plays for real money.

    An Estimate on Roshtein Net Worth

    Roshtein's evolution on Twitch is nothing short of monumental. Before starting in the online casino field, the Swede was a player of MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft or shooting games such as CS:GO.

    During his live, Roshtein performs a real American show. Directly, Roshtein's fiery and cheerful personality boosted his number of followers to more than 5,000, just a year after starting the online casino.

    Little by little, he offers longer and longer live shows and this is a rare thing for the field of streaming. It is logical that he manages to reach the bar of 80,000 followers 3 years after starting live.

    The phenomenon is launched, Roshtein is 100% dedicated to the online casino field and he is one of the first streamers to offer rewards to his viewers, bonus purchases or even hunt bonuses with sums wagered which are very high for the time.

    It was in March 2020 that the online casino really exploded on the Internet. With the confinement of a very large part of the world’s population, thousands of people have taken refuge on the Twitch platform to pass the time.

    And even though this pandemic has hurt many people, casino streamers have been the big winners from these multiple lockdowns, including Roshtein.

    To give you an example, in March 2020, the Swede had 220,000 subscribers, which is already an exceptional figure.

    Even though the global pandemic is not yet over, the numbers show that the Roshtein phenomenon has taken over the internet, it is now followed by more than 795,000 people. A dizzying figure for a person who only plays at the online casino.

    Has Roshtein Lost Money since the Twitch Change?

    August 17, 2021, is a landmark day for Roshtein as he was banned from Twitch. We do not know the exact reason for this ban, but it seems that he may have violated the conditions of the platform. Indeed, Twitch had just modified its conditions the previous week regarding affiliate links for online casinos.

    Fortunately, Roshtein's banishment was very short. It was back online and streaming the next day!

    This isn't the first time a popular streamer has been banned from Twitch.

    Is Roshtein Fake?

    The controversies and rumors surrounding the casino streamer Roshtein are rife. And these all originate from the money used to play at the online casino. Roshtein is indeed accused of not playing with real money, but with fictitious money.

    However, it is necessary to specify that Roshtein has entered into a partnership with its online casino.

    To thank him for advertising, the operator offers Roshtein an exclusive offer: a 300% bonus with a wager of x45. What does this mean? Quite simply, Roshtein actually plays with the bonus money paid by the operator.

    On the other hand, he must respect a wager condition, the wager, which prevents him from withdrawing money before having wagered a certain amount of money.

    In other words, the streamer Roshtein is an honest player, who had the opportunity to succeed in the world of online casinos on Twitch.

    It is true, the sums of money with which he plays are sometimes astronomical. However, this does not mean that he cheats or deceives his community of viewers.

    Despite rumors or slanderers, Roshtein is today the king of online casinos. Whether you like him or not is not the question, he has, over the years, given his life to develop this field and he is certain that he has changed the rules.

    Does Roshtein Have Partnerships with Casinos?

    The partnership that Roshtein has with the casinos is just an affiliate-based approach.

    It means that the streamer does not obtain any money for the successful games — just the winnings. The affiliate links-based income he has is just due to the viewers who watch his videos and follow the affiliate links he provides.

    Are There Rules to Keep Streamers Honest?

    Twitch is best known for its live streaming of video games, but over time user behavior has taken the platform in new directions.

    Of course, variety is great for the community, especially when new ideas inspire creativity and push the boundaries to enable progress.

    One of the latest trends on Twitch seems to be an expansion of so-called “reaction” videos.

    In the latter cases, however, it is about streaming in full-screen TV episodes with little to no reaction, effectively turning some Twitch streams into a pirate streaming service with added “watch party” functionality.

    Given the attention these streams are getting, it is clear that they are popular with users.

    Whether this is the main motivation behind setting up these streams remains a question, but it is pretty clear that if streamers are looking for negative attention from copyright holders, it is a good way to go.

    So, there are some rules for the streamers to stick to, and Roshtein keeps following them.


    Would the online casino also be known on the Twitch platform without Roshtein? It would seem not. The Swede is a pioneer in his field and he fully deserves it. Offering extremely diverse content to its viewers, Roshtein is an emblematic character in the world of slot games.

    His perseverance ended up paying off and he knew how to surround himself very well since now, it is a real team that is around the Swede. He brought with him several childhood friends who are also known in the online casino world on the Internet.

    It would seem that this is only the beginning for Roshtein who does not intend to stop anytime soon. If he took so long to make himself known, it is not at his peak that he will want to retire.

    To attract new viewers, the Swede even started playing live games, something that was not present at all for several years of his life.

    Increasingly colossal sums, mythical winnings as well as an exceptional character, Roshtein is an institution in the world of online casino on Twitch and the only thing we advise you is to take advantage of this character as long as you are present on this platform.


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