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Self-Exclusion Schemes for Bingo Players: GamStop and its Alternative Options

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Responsible gambling is quickly gaining popularity, and passionate bingo players support it. Statistics indicate that over 40% of the adult UK population have at least once attended online or land-based casinos. Therefore, there’s the need to implement appropriate authorities to regulate the activity and ban it for those unable to stop.


    What Is GamStop Self-Exclusion?

    Self-exclusion implies a ban from entering an online casino, depositing, or even completely blocking access to the user’s account. Such a procedure can be carried out at the player's or their relatives' request. The main reason for this is the suspicion of gambling addiction.

    GamStop is one of the most well-known schemes, being a critical part of UKGC. The licence of this authority is automatically included in the program. GamStop is a perfect tool for gamblers experiencing difficulties with self-control when playing in virtual casinos.

    This program is not perfect, so it’s critical to evaluate everything before launching it. Follow the guide if you want to start your self-exclusion:

    • Find a reliable platform supporting GamStop.
    • Register at GamStop & Provide the required details and verify your identity.
    • Choose the duration of self-exclusion (from six months to five years).
    • All gambling platforms under the UKGC licence will ban you for the selected time.

    GamStop makes it impossible to change your decision and start gambling again. Of course, it’s a great way to avoid gambling addiction or cope with the already existing problem. But it also has a disadvantage: some state that the minimum term of six months is too long. Therefore, those who would like to avoid online casinos for several weeks would hardly join the program. Because of the long self-exclusion period, most UK players start playing at Gamstop-free bingo platforms. There are plenty of popular bingo sites on CasinoGap without GamStop self-exclusion offering players absolute freedom in gameplay without any time restrictions. However, all gamblers should stick to responsible gambling rules, and use other self-exclusion tools. Take a look at the most popular GamStop alternatives below.

    Bet Blocker

    This tool is one of the most popular solutions, allowing to block over 85,000 gambling websites. Betblocker will perfectly replace GamStop, as it’s free and accessible to every player. Installing the Bet Blocker app will not take more than a few minutes. It’s available for all devices, so self-exclusion will be simple. Just choose the term and ensure you launch the application. Cancelling the request is impossible, as the program aims to reduce gambling addiction among users. So, think well and evaluate all the factors before installing the app.


    GamBan is a perfect tool to prevent problems when playing online casinos, and millions of bingo players already use it. Gamban blocks not only gambling platforms but also e-sports betting and crypto websites. Launching it is simple: you should install the appropriate app on your device. As well as its competitors, GamBan supports smartphones. But remember, it’s not free, and you will have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee. It cannot be cancelled or changed once a user has paid. The program offers a 7-day free trial, so you can test it first.

    SENSE (Self-Enrollment National Self-Exclusion)

    This system was developed for land-based bingo rooms. Of course, becoming gambling-addicted in virtual casinos is easier, as players always hold their gaming stations with them. But that doesn’t mean the problem has been eliminated in land-based locations. Lots of people still spend thousands of dollars in offline casinos, and they need help.

    So, it’s time to act if you notice unpleasant signs of gambling addiction. Entering the program is simple:

    • Check the list of gaming houses enrolled in this program.
    • Visit one of them in person and learn the self-exclusion conditions.
    • Provide your details (name, address, recent picture) and sign the agreement.
    • Wait for approval and enjoy your life free of addictions.

    After the procedure is confirmed, you will be restricted from entering any bingo room participating in the program. SENSE has been working since 2015 and has already shown positive trends.

    Cold Turkey

    It’s great if you can stop gambling and return to the real world without significant losses. And if you don’t, Cold Turkey will come in handy. This self-exclusion tool is available to everyone. You can install it in a few clicks and block the necessary websites. It doesn’t only concern online bingo sites or sportsbooks: ban any platform that hinders you and enjoy life without addictions.

    Why Do Bingo Players Need Self-Exclusion

    Casinos are risky and may lead to significant losses. According to statistics, up to 5.8% of the whole population can suffer from gambling problems. So, the best tip for beginners who start gambling - is to use self-exclusion tools. Even Gamstop players can enjoy online bingo on Gamstop-free sites, but it is crucial to use self-exclusion schemes for responsible gambling. Therefore, self-exclusion is a helpful tool to minimise the harmful effects and negative consequences. More and more bingo websites, both virtual and land-based, engage in such programs. Responsible gambling is the key to success: remember, it’s entertainment, not the sense of life.

    Self-Exclusion Tools for Bingo Fans: The Bottom Line

    Refusing to use responsible gambling practices while playing on bingo sites is a mistake that bingo players should strive to avoid. Therefore, Gamstop affected the iGaming industry a lot. Self-control is an essential part of all gambling activities. But some people find themselves unable to stop. It’s important to ask for help in time and choose the most suitable program for restricting access to bingo sites. Select the best tool and contact its support service, which will provide high-quality assistance.


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