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Cast a glance at the guide we have accomplished for you to figure out everything about GigaBlox. It will assist you in improving your game strategy and, as a result, will augment your probability of winning.


    Gigablox Slots: A Complete Guide

    Playing casino slots is never boring since the variety of the games is supported by this fascinating game mechanic. They are known to contribute to the new experiences in gamblers and provoke exciting adventures.

    Gigablox Slots History

    The Gigablox game mechanic appeared in 2020, but now it is one of the most popular options chosen by gamblers who are fond of slot machine games. 

    The first game that featured GigaBlox was the slot named Lucky Neko Gigablox and designed and published by a famous casino developer, Yggdrasil. The company released it in June 2020.

    Thus, the Yggdrasil Gaming company invented and implemented this mechanic into slot games.

    Along with the game itself, the software provider also dropped the video to explain what GigaBlox is like.

    Gigablox Slots Explained

    The Gigablox slot machine mechanic was initially developed by Yggdrasil Gaming, one of the most famous casino games developers.

    In compliance with the game mechanics, the symbols can combine to make up the slot symbols sized like:

    • 2×2
    • 3×3
    • 4×4
    • 5×5.

    It is crucial to keep in mind that Gigablox is likely to take place on any reel of a slot machine.

    If you try the GigaBlox game for the first time, it may seem that it presents the so-called mega symbols being popular in classic slots.

    In reality, the symbols emerge not on the set reels. It may sound weird but the reels themselves tend to highlight the symbols for winning combination. These highlighted symbols on the joint reels constitute the block of symbols.

    It is known that the prerequisites for this mechanic emerged in the Twin Spin slot, which has a Spinata Grande feature looking similar to GigaBlox. Nevertheless, Yggdrasil Gaming evolved the feature and turned it into a game mechanic.

    Gigablox: Power-up Slot Sessions

    As mentioned, the first game GigaBlox was applied to is Lucky Neko: Gigablox. Let us see what the game is like so that it would be easier to get the strategy to use when playing the Gigablox slots.

    Also, we would advise you to look at the Hades Gigablox slot being described some later on this page.

    Lucky Neko: Gigablox

    The Lucky Neko: Gigablox game celebrates the famous Japanese lucky dolls. 

    The configuration incorporates a set of 6 reels comprising 40 to 85 pay lines. 

    In terms of symbols, those of the Gigabloxes occupy 4×4 or 6×6 positions and appear randomly. 

    As for the theme, the slot machine is heavily inspired by Daruma dolls from Japan. The gameplay incorporates various symbols illustrated by: 

    • A Golden Cat Wild
    • A Lucky Cat Scatter
    • Four kinds of colourful dolls that represent the most profitable symbols in the game. 

    Classic poker cards complete the list and have a low value. 

    Regarding the range of bets, the stakes vary between $0.08 to $100 per spin. 

    With a payout rate of 96.40%, players will have the chance to win up to 6,953 times their initial bet/deposit. 

    Unlike the publisher’s other titles, this one offers some highly significant payouts.

    Hades Gigablox 

    Developer Yggdrasil has improved the Hades Gigablox game, especially at the functionality level, to allow players to win big. 

    The Gigablox system is undoubtedly the main innovation in this production, which appeals to more than one. With this system, the grid with symbols of 4 squares can multiply and allow you to play with up to 36 squares. 

    And with each rotation, the configuration of this grid changes. Aside from this thrilling game system initiated by the casino supplier Yggdrasil, the Hades Gigablox title also incorporates a bonus feature called Hades Wild Hunt that triggers randomly. 

    During the Wild Hunt, Hades will struggle against the massacre monsters that will turn into wilds to help you win. 

    Cerberus plays the role of scatter symbol, and when you get 5 or 6 on the screen simultaneously, you will benefit from 5 or 6 free spins, respectively. 

    You should know that the maximum that you can pocket in one spin on the game Hades Gigablox by Yggdrasil is 11,129 times your stake.

    Gigablox Mechanics: How to Play in Four Steps

    What is truly fascinating about Gigablox is that the game does not require any ultra-complicated attempts. In other words, a gambler would get exposed to the simple—but along with this, funny—gameplay. 

    So, you will easily play the Gigablox slots by sticking to these four steps:

    1. Pick a Gigablox slot (one or both from the ones mentioned above)
    2. Opt for your coin/total bet size
    3. Tap “Spin”
    4. Wait for activation of the Synched Reels & Gigablox feature.

    That is it. Just enjoy your gambling, and you will have the best experiences united with the biggest winnings.

    Gigablox Strategy?

    When it comes to building some new aspects into your strategy of playing slots, be sure to follow some pieces of advice.

    For instance, be sure to pick up a spin size to feel comfortable with. Along with this, do not forget to set up a session limit. 

    Since the Gigablox games are frequently volatile, a casino player unlocks a chance to trigger the best Gigablox and/or slot features. It is possible to do so by applying a bet size ranging between 100–200+ spins per session.

    Gigablox Slots: The Advantages and Disadvantages

    As soon as GigaBlox emerged, the gamblers evaluated some of the most evident advantages the mechanic possess, namely:

    1. An augmented potential for gamblers to construct an additional and compelling winning combination
    2. Fair RTP rates of the games
    3. The slots payout levels can reach jackpot style rewards.

    When it comes to the shortcomings that GigaBlox is characterized with, they are not countless. The slot may seem a bit complicated compared to the classic one. However, the gambler will easily see that the game process is not difficult.

    The Evolution of Gigablox Games

    The Gigablox™ mechanic is planned to be implemented in plenty of games by Yggdrasil. Along with this, Yggdrasil got a contract to cooperate with Reflex Gaming. It means that we will witness numerous new games featuring Gigablox.


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    Frequently asked questions

    The Gigablox mechanics get activated to spin with a synched reel in any GigaBlox slot machine game.

    In fact, there are three most popular options: Lucky Neko Gigablox and Hades Gigablox (released in 2020) and Atlantean Gigarise released in 2021 by Yggdrasil. 

    As a rule, each of the games with Gigablox unlocks the bets sized $0.08.