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The best mobile gambling games about airplanes and flights

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You will hardly find a theme that developers have not created slots for. The best mobile gambling games dedicated to airplanes and flying create an exciting world of gambling entertainment on your smartphone. In this exciting genre, crash games are particularly notable for providing a unique experience and a gambling approach to flying. Each mobile game like Aviator is a real discovery for gambling lovers. Curious to learn more? Let's explore it together.

How to play Aviator game?

A pioneer of crash games, Aviator by Spribe has captured the attention of thousands of players around the world. And it's not without reason:

  • An attractive interface.
  • Betting variability.
  • Accessibility on mobile devices.
  • Interactivity.

But unfortunately, as with any casino slot, there is a risk of losing your bet at the Aviator crash game, especially if the flight fails. The slot requires careful monitoring and decision-making at certain points, which can be difficult for newcomers.

At the start, players place a bet and watch the multiplier grow. They can end the round by clicking "Cash Out" to multiply their bet by the current multiplier. However, if they don't complete the round before the "crash", the bet is burned.

You can also use any of the Aviator game strategies:

  • Managing your bet size wisely helps balance excitement and risk of loss.
  • Monitoring the graph of multiplier changes allows players to make decisions at optimal moments.
  • Utilizing bonuses and promotions can increase the chances of winning.

Aviator by Spribe is available on various platforms and can be played at licensed online casinos such as Pin Up, Blaze, KTO. Many of them offer to play Aviator in demo mode for familiarization.

Jetx bet: rules and strategies

Like the previous game, JetX from SmartSoft Gaming, is also a crash slot in which you should stop in time to collect your winnings in the form of a bet multiplier. If you miss a moment, the flying machine will fall, and you will lose your bet. The game has a lot of advantages:

  • Automatic bets and wins.
  • Doubling of bets.
  • History and statistics.
  • Multiplayer mode.
  • Functional chat.

Some beginners may need more time to master the functionality, as many options may seem complicated. And, as with any game of chance, results in JetX are largely dependent on random factors.

You don’t need to use a JetX bonus code to start, but you can maximize your chances by using the following tips:

  • Managing the size of your bets wisely helps you control the risks and keep your game stable.
  • Networking with other players can reveal new strategies and approaches, enriching the experience.
  • Start with a JetX demo version, so you don't have to spend money to learn the rules.

JetX is available at a variety of online casinos like KTO, Betway or Betano casinos. The game interface is easy to use, and you can play it on your phone too. Modern apps allow you to play seamlessly thanks to the noticeable improvements described in the link – improve mobile gambling app creation.

How to play Space XY and win?

BGaming's Space XY isn't far behind, either. The slot involves an interesting approach – place bets and watch your spaceship move along X and Y coordinates. Remember, you must be on your guard and manage to leave the rocket before it disappears. The pros of this crash game are similar to those of Aviator and Jetix:

  • Autoplay.
  • Multiple bets.
  • Automatic withdrawals.
  • Spectacular space theme.

Some players may feel limited in their choice of strategies, as the main focus of the game is on automatic bets. Use the following Space XY strategies to avoid being dependent on the will of chance:

  • Identify periods of high activity in the game based on previous results and adapt your bets to this rhythm.
  • Watch the odds and bet based on the current trend but be prepared for sudden changes.
  • Apply a system of increasing your bets to maximize your winnings with consecutive successful rounds.
  • Place bets after short breaks to bypass predictability and add an element of surprise.

Be prepared to change your strategies and don't forget about the demo version of the game, the great chance to play Space XY slot for free.

Space XY is available at many licensed online casinos such as Blaze, Bet365 and KTO. Choose a platform that provides a reliable gaming environment and meets your needs.


After diving into the worlds of Aviator by Spryb, JetX by SmartSoft Gaming and Space XY by BGaming, it's clear: each of these games provides a unique space adventure. Aviator delights with its dynamic flight atmosphere and fast-paced decision-making, while JetX surprises with its multiplayer experience and chat capabilities. Space XY, with its visual splendor and simple game mechanics, draws you into a space of incredible possibilities.


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