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Best VPNs for gambling

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Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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Online gambling is a booming type of entertainment. Due to the pandemic and its quarantine measures, many people across the globe have lost an opportunity to attend land-based gambling houses. Thus, online gambling has become more in demand and face a tremendous rise. But this online industry has met certain restrictions, and players from certain countries do not have a chance to play their favourite casino games because of legislation. The solution is right here – Virtual Private Network, or putting this term into a well-known word – VPN.

In this short article, we prepared helpful information about the usage of VPN services, their pros and cons, legislation moments, and, of course, a list of the best VPN applications that you can use to gamble independently from your location.


    Access Online Casino Websites from Anywhere

    When you have tried to visit an online casino, you have got an unpleasant message: “The casino is not available in your region/country.” For sure, some countries understand their citizens’ need for entertainment and have legalized online gambling as well as poker. But there are still countries that have not done it yet. Therefore, VPN seems like a perfect solution to enjoy gambling and play your favourite casino slots in the best online casinos.

    VPN allows you to access every online gambling establishment with a wide multitude of gaming options. It does not matter whether you are in a place where this kind of entertainment is forbidden or not. You can launch casino games without any difficulties.

    So, the essential mission of such services is to hide your actual location and change your IP address. And nobody can track from where you are playing casino games. Consequently, you can go to any Canadian online casino and enjoy a fascinating journey in the world of gambling independently from your current location.

    Is It Legal to Use VPN for Online Gambling?

    After you have started to mask your location, this moment forces you to think about the legitimacy of the VPN services because you are cheating while hiding your actual place of living. Without any doubt, you can grant access to an online casino that is banned in your native country, but there are a few moments you should be aware of.

    First of all, you can use VPN software, and it is entirely legal. Secondly, it is also permitted to visit online casino websites using VPN software. But things become illegal when you try to play at any online casino for real money with the help of VPN software. In this case, you are breaking the rules and the law of the country. In most cases, special agencies will not prosecute you. On the contrary, the casino platform will terminate your casino profile, and you will lose your monetary funds.

    Using VPN Software for Gambling in Canada

    Some countries have made restrictions to VPN applications and their use, but the fantastic news is that you can use VPN software without a doubt in Canada. It is entirely legal, and you will not break the law. Moreover, many VPN services are free or partly free. So, it will be easy for you to get access to an online gambling house you want to play.

    VPN software is an excellent solution that can help you play in every online casino independently from your location and restrictions. But, bear in mind that you may face certain difficulties while playing casino games for real money.

    VPN Services


    Connections: Very Fast | Servers: 3,000+ | Server Locations: 160+ | Devices Supported: 5 | Systems: Windows, Mac, Linus, iOS & Android

    One of the greatest choices to encrypt your web traffic and hide your current IP address is ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN has its servers in more than 90 countries, including Canada, Brazil, the United States, etc. Additionally, this virtual private network service applies the latest technologies that make your connection stable, faster and reliable. Thus, you can be assured that you will hold an all-access pass to gambling content and play in your favourite online casinos without any obstacles.


    • ExpressVPN 1 Month – $12.95/mth
    • ExpressVPN 6 Months – $9.9/mth
    • ExpressVPN 1 Year – $8.32/mth

    Try ExpressVPN


    Connections: Fast | Servers: 3,200+ | Server Locations: 100+ | Devices Supported: Unlimited | Systems: Windows, Mac, Linus, iOS & Android

    If you take care of safeness while surfing the Internet, you need to focus your attention on Surfshark. This software is a new one on the market but has already got trust fund from many users around the globe. Because of the advanced guarding features and military-grade encryption technology, nobody will detect your fake IP address. For this reason, you can enjoy playing different casino games in a completely safe environment.


    • Surfshark 1 Month – $12.95/mth
    • Surfshark 6 Months – $6.49/mth
    • Surfshark 2 Years – $2.49/mth

    Try SurfShark


    Connections: Very Fast | Servers: 5,500+ | Server Locations: 80+ | Devices Supported: 55+ | Systems: Windows, Mac, Linus, iOS & Android

    One of the best names in the industry of virtual private networks is NordVPN. Starting its path in 2012, the Panama-based company has begun to expand itself and provide high-quality services for everyone. It has over 5,000 servers around the globe and can boast an unbelievable connection speed, which is the highest among the competitors. Moreover, the latest WireGuard technology guarantees safe Internet surfing. With the help of NordVPN, you can easily gain access to every single online gambling establishment in the world, play the games and get insane winnings.


    • NordVPN 1 Month – $11.95/mth
    • NordVPN 1 Year – $4.92/mth
    • NordVPN 2 Years – $3.71/mth

    Try NordVPN


    Connections: Very Fast | 40,000+ IP Addresses | 1,900+ Servers | 75+ Llocations | Systems: Windows, Mac, Fire TV, Routers, iOS & Android

    IPVanish is another old soldier on the industry of virtual private networks. The VPN service was established and released in 2012. Applying the technology of end-to-end encryption, IPVanish allows its users to pick one of 75+ locations. The company highlights several aspects, including online safeness and powerful internet privacy. Having over 1,500 servers worldwide, it allows you to change your actual location and join gambling in one of the desired online casinos.


    • IPVANISH 1 Month – $10.99/mth
    • IPVANISH 6 Months – $10.99/mth
    • IPVANISH 1 Year – $3.75/mth


    Cyber Ghost

    Connections: Fast | Servers: 6,680+ | Server Locations: 90+ | Devices Supported: 7 | Systems: Windows, Mac, Linus, iOS & Android

    Cyber Ghost was founded by a Romanian company that launched its VPN Ghost service in 2011. The company has high standards to guarantee the data privacy. Moreover, the company’s location allows its users to avoid legal restrictions and government espionage because Romania ignored national data retention law based on the EU Data Retention Directive. Although it’s not the fastest VPN application on the market, however, it’s attractive for affordable subscription costs. It is ideal for anyone who needs a simple VPN service to use the Internet confidentially and gamble in their favourite casino games.


    • CyberGhost 1 Month – $12.99/mth
    • CyberGhost 1 Year – $3.99/mth
    • CyberGhost 2 Years – $3.49/mth

    Try CyberGhost


    Connections: Very Fast | Servers: 3,000+ | Server Locations: 46+ | Devices Supported: 5 | Systems: Windows, Mac, Chrome, Firefox, iOS & Android

    TunnelBear is a VPN service founded in 2011 in Toronto. It is both a secure and trustworthy virtual private network. The company is the only provider that goes through a complete security reassessment by an independent company every year and publishes the results. This VPN software is easy to use and great for beginners. In addition, TunnelBear has a transparent and contemporary privacy policy written in good faith. The price is fabulous, and the free version allows everyone to try out the service’s full capabilities (with some restrictions).


    • CyberGhost 1 Month – $9.99/mth
    • CyberGhost 1 Year – $39.00/mth
    • CyberGhost 2 Years – $120.00/mth

    Try TunnelBear


    Connections: Fast | Servers: 150+ | Server Locations: 60+ | Devices Supported: 6 | Systems: Windows, Mac, Linus, iOS & Android

    PrivateVPN is a Swedish-based service that provides its clients with the mobile and desktop applications. These apps can be simultaneously used on six devices. This VPN software does not store logs of users’ activity and has 100+ servers in 50+ states worldwide. This number is nice, and it is constantly growing. With their help, you can view any websites that are unavailable in one country or another. For example, you can launch casino games in online casinos forbidden or banned in your region.


    • PrivateVPN 1 Month – $8.49/mth
    • PrivateVPN 3 Months – $4.99/mth
    • PrivateVPN 2 Years – $1.98/mth

    Try PrivateVPN


    Connections: Very Fast | Servers: 3,000+ | Server Locations: 68+ | Devices Supported: 5 | Systems: Windows, Mac, Chrome, Firefox, iOS & Android

    TorGuard may seem expensive compared to other VPN services on the market, but the level of security and unique features it provides are worth the cost. Starting with security standards, TorGuard uses the advanced encryption standard to secure the entire server network. Moreover, TorGuard has a Stealth VPN function optimized for bypassing Deep Packet Inspection, which is useful in China and other countries that block VPN. In terms of confidentiality, TorGuard is located in the United States, one of the countries of the world of nine eyes, which means that TorGuard falls under U.S. jurisdiction and data protection laws. So, it is an excellent solution to avoid restrictions and enjoy gambling in the best online casinos.


    • TorGuard 1 Month – $9.99/mth

    Try TorGuard


    Connections: Very Fast | Servers: 4,000+ | Server Locations: 79+ | Devices Supported: 5 | Systems: Windows, Mac, Chrome, Firefox, iOS & Android

    ZenMate VPN is a quality VPN service, which obtains a user-friendly and intuitively understandable interface. And most importantly, it offers a reliable tool for keeping your data safe. The service will quickly grant you access to an online casino where you can play different exciting casino slots or other entertainment opportunities. The strength side of the service is that it does not keep your logs and other information of this type on its servers. This aspect makes it impossible for third parties to gain control over the data.


    • ZenMate 1 Month – $10.99/mth
    • ZenMate 1 Year – $4.49/mth
    • ZenMate 3 Year – $1.64/mth

    Try ZenMate


    Connections: Very Fast | Servers: 1,200+ | Server Locations: 55+ | Devices Supported: 5 | Systems: Windows, Mac, iOS & Android

    ProtonVPN is a VPN service that increases the security of using the Internet. The system encrypts user traffic and redirects it to servers in different countries, which helps protect against intruder attacks and access blocked sites. The app is accessible for all primary operating systems, like Windows or macOS. ProtonVPN offers several tariff plans that differ in the number of connected devices and network speed. The software is a great solution for people who want to protect their data from third parties. Moreover, the service helps people visit sites that are banned in their country. Thus, you can go to any online gambling establishment and enjoy gaming without obstacles.


    • ProtonVPN 1 Year – $4/mth

    Try ProtonVPN


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      Thanks! It is very helpful article! Personally, I prefer NordVPN, but found a better option here. Maybe, you can also write one more article about The Best Free VPN services, or something like this.

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      I moved to America a few months ago and faced the issue of restricted gambling. I’m a gambling-addicted person and cannot imagine my life without such great entertainment. Going through your article, I know what VPN service to choose and enjoy my life while spinning the reels)

    • Nikolas Franklin Franklin
      I have been using Surfshark for a long time. Can't complain.

    • Nikolas Franklin Franklin
      I have been using Surfshark for a long time. Can't complain.

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