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The Current Gambling Situation in Brazil & How to Stay Updated

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While online gambling is legalized in several corners of the world, in Brazil the situation is not so simple. While there are strict regulations against games of chance, some gambling activities are allowed. Online gambling is one of those. 

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Know Your History to Understand the Present

The earliest records of games of chance can be traced back to the 1940s. Up until then, gambling was legal in the country. But with 1941’s Criminal Contravention Act, almost all sorts of games of chance were outlawed. 

The few that did survive were horse race betting and lotteries. But those were also banned completely in 1946 by President Eurico Gaspar Dutra. 

Looking at the laws mentioned above, you’ll notice that there isn’t any specific mention of online gambling being illegal. Having said that, you still won’t find a single licensed casino site in the country. 

If this sounds bleak, there’s a silver lining to it. Modern laws brought about loopholes, and that’s where online vs land-based casinos come into play. As there’s no mention that players cannot play on offshore operators, it’s legal to play at those sites even if you’re residing in Brazil. 

Gambling Activities That Are Legal

Don’t feel like bending the rules? No problemo! Let’s take a look at some activities that are regulated by the state. 


While the lottery is still a game of chance, which should be illegal, the Brazilian government has appointed the Caixa Economica Federal to manage the lotteries. As for what kinds of lotteries you can expect to find there, here’s a full list of those: 

  1. The Federal Lottery. 
  2. Number Draws.
  3. Specific Prognostic Lottery. 
  4. Sports Lottery. 
  5. Instant lottery LOTEX. 

Another type of lottery still played regularly is the Jogo de Bicho. It was declared illegal, but that hasn’t stopped its fan base from getting around it.

Fixed-Odds Betting

According to a 2018 Act, sports betting is legal but in a specialized form. In Brazil, fixed-odds betting has the prize declared after the bets are taken, so players know exactly how much they’ll win. This is a great way to control the market as well.


While poker is considered a gambling game when you play at land-based casinos or online sites, in Brazil, it’s considered a game of skill. That’s why it’s legal to play in poker clubs throughout the country. 

Where Do You Stand?

If you want to make use of the loophole and join the Brazillian gambling scene, make sure you play at safe and licensed casinos and bookies like the ones listed on Casinos 24. After all, with the constant evolution of the gambling scenario in Brazil, why lose out on your piece of the pie?


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