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The Nitro Reels Game Mechanic

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ELK Studios casino software provider is known to be famous for such titles as Wild Toro, Fate of Fortune, etc. However, not all gamblers are aware of the fact that this very studio possesses an authorship to the slot machine games mechanic named Nitro Reels. So, be sure to read our most recent guide on the Nitro Reels slots and have access to the most hidden details about the games featuring this format. Believe, as soon as you unlock all the facts, you will be able to successfully implement them into your gambling strategy!

The Nitro Reels Game Mechanic

    A Complete Guide to Nitro Reels Slots

    Nitro Reels Slots History

    Nitro Reels games are not quite common at the online casinos but still they have their unique history, and we would be happy to share it with you.

    The first game that featured the Nitro Reels format was the famous Nitropolis by ELK Studios. It was published November 3, 2020. In fact, that is the beginning of the slot mechanic and the excitement that the gamblers got access to when playing the slot.

    The game that followed was Nitropolis 2 by the same ELK Studios. It has been available for gamblers online as of May 4, 2021.

    At present, the gamblers are known to be fond of both versions, as they both produce the greatest gambling experiences and, as a result, the most lucrative winnings.  

    Currently, you can also take part in the tournaments by playing Nitropolis, and it means that the chances to enjoy the game and bigger winnings are also doubled!

    So, what are Nitro Reels slots like? What kind of features do they contain? Let us briefly explain everything, and you will be amazed by how you can take advantage of playing these games right away!

    Nitro Reels Slots Explained

    When you pick up to gamble either Nitropolis or Nitropolis 2, you may always count on the outstanding gameplay. It is mainly due to the Nitro Reels mechanic.

    The key features that differ this mechanic from any other game comprise:

    • The slot machine games have the explosive features.
    • As a rule, the games are characterized by basic 4096 ways to win.
    • There are maximum 85,155,840 winning ways.
    • You will be eligible to experience the 10,000x your stake winnings.
    • The volatility of the slots of this format is from medium to high.
    • The winning probability expands by nitro reels.

    Surely, these are not all of the features to admire when playing Nitro Reels slots.

    Besides, each player would be happy to see the free spins and re-spin features available in all of the games of this mechanic.   

    Power-up Slot Sessions with Nitro Reels Games


    This game is known to be a pioneer in Nitro Reels slot machine mechanic. ELK studio created it in such a way that it contains 4096 ways to win — initially. 

    In the gameplay process, a gambler is able to trigger some of the explosive features and unlock up to 85,155,840 winning ways. 

    Similarly to all Nitro Reels offers, the bet range varies from 0.20 to 100.00.

    The game’s theme is futuristic, in general, and post-apocalyptic to be more precise.

    When playing, you will be exposed to 4 clans ruling the world of the game:

    • Dirty Dawgs;
    • Pug Thugs;
    • Rogue Rats; 
    • Gritty Kitty.

     There is a bonus scatter in the game, and it is presented by an engine. By collecting a certain number of the symbols, you would be able to unlock some bonuses:

    • 3 scatters = 10 FS; 
    • 4 scatters = 15 FS;  
    • 5 scatters = 20 FS;  
    • 6 scatters = 25 FS.

    With the RTP of 96.01%, the game is able to fascinate even the most seasoned player and enrich them to the greatest extent. 

    Nitropolis 2

    Nitropolis 2 is a game based on an animal theme that offers players 6 reels for 95% RTP. The game unlocks 12 kinds of bonuses.

    If you are interested in slots inspired by sci-fi movies, Nitropolis 2 is the perfect game for you. This is a title that successfully replaces the previous version and offers access to a total of 12 bonus features.

    You will dig out some regular symbols like 

    • Space animals;
    • Four Wanted logos; 
    • Some lesser-valued traditional ones.

    The Nitropolis 2 slot is created by ELK Studios with up to 4096 paylines. You can bet between 0.20 and 100.00.

    The Ways and Respin functions affect all the main reels. The Respin function will also affect the Nitro Booster.

    The Respin feature is activated when there is a Respin symbol on the Nitro Booster and there are no more prizes on the main reels. 

    All bonus symbols — Nitro Reels and the Pay Both Ways — are fixed. 

    All the main rollers are spinning again, including the Nitro and Nitro Booster rollers. 

    If there are more than one Respin function symbol in the Nitro Booster, 1 Respin is activated, and they are used one at a time. The rest of the symbols for the Respin function are fixed between the respins.

    The Pay Both Ways feature is activated when you step out on the Nitro Booster. All Match/Nitro Match trait is paid left to right and right to left. 

    The two-way symbol remains stuck until there are no more answers or prizes left.

    Nitro Reels Mechanic: How to Play in Four Steps

    As you may already know, the process of gambling is impossible without an exact plan of how to start it and how to accomplish it. Here, we are providing you with 4 simple steps to touch upon if Nitro Reels slots interest you.

    See the list of the steps below and follow them precisely to reduce your fails number:

    1. Pick up a reliable casino where there are games featuring the Nitro Reels game format.
    2. Either sign up or sign in and make a deposit to play for real.
    3. Do not hesitate to make a bet (that would not violate your set budget).
    4. Spin the game and enjoy the innovative Nitro Reels features.

    As you may observe, there is nothing complicated when it comes to the very gameplay. So why not play one of the options described on this page?

    Nevertheless, bear in mind that you are always supposed to follow a particular strategy to augment your winning chances. By the way, it is much easier with the Nitro Reels slots compared to any other mechanic.

    Nitro Reels Strategy?

    Since both Nitropolis and Nitropolis 2 have a feature of Optimizer, you may include it into your updated strategy. It means that you may set a percentage of your casino account balance for each and every spin you make.

    On the one hand, it would reduce the chances to lose. On the other hand, it would let you keep within the budget you have. So, almost all risks are diminished.

    Nonetheless, what are the other advantages of playing this peculiar kind of games?

    The Advantages & Disadvantages of Nitro Reels Slots

    One of the biggest advantages of the Nitro Reels-based slot machine games is presented by the number of the ways a gambler can win — 85,155,840. That is actually the essential reason why players go in for the slots of this mechanic.

    Besides, the minimum bet you may make when playing is at least 0.20, which is pretty affordable for everyone. So, you do not risk wasting your funds.

    Also, if you consider pay tables of all the games, you will discover that the number of symbols dropped on the reels increase the payouts. 

    As for the drawbacks of these games, the gamblers on the forums note that there would have been some more game alternatives featuring this format.

    But this problem is not quite acute, since the games would surely undergo some evolution in the future because there is a high demand among the casino sharks.

    The Evolution of Nitro Reels Games

    ELK Studios plans to intromit some new games featuring Nitro Reels. Also, because of the high interest in Nitropolis games, the developer may happen to release the third part of the series. Surely, it would be an excellent surprise for the fans of the game.


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    As soon as you make your bet, you will be eligible to unlock from 4096 up to 85,155,840 winning ways in any game featuring Nitro Reels format.

    Metropolis’ theme is futuristic, so if you are a fan of this theme, you will surely enjoy the game format.

    The maximum bet allowed by the game cannot exceed the rate of 100.00.