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The Splitz Game Mechanic

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Author: Anton Yurchenko
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You might have surely heard of the Splitz slots to play at an online casino. But how well do you understand what this mechanic stands for? How is it capable of making the biggest cashouts at your disposal? What kind of strategy would you need to stick to when playing these slots? Read on, and you will get informed on every single detail about the slot mechanic in question. Believe, you will now unlock the most precious information that would advance you to the greatest payouts! 

The Splitz Game Mechanic

    A Complete Guide to Splitz Slots

    Before you get familiarized with the essence of the Splitz mechanic of the slot machine games, we would like to shed some light on the history of this game format as well as on its principles.

    Splitz Slots History

    Similarly to many other slot mechanics, Splitz was invented by the globally known game provider — Yggdrasil — yes, the one who made up the famous MultiMax slots.

    One may trace the history of the Splitz system back to January 2020, when the first game, Temple Stacks Splitz, was published. It featured the so-called “mystery symbol” that is the key to the unpredictable winnings combinations. The next game released was Neon Rush Splitz.

    Splitz is frequently compared to the Megaways mechanic. However, the latter does not unlock as many ways to win as Splitz does. 

    Let us have it showcased. The maximum number of ways to win in Megaways is 117,649. Splitz, in turn, ensures that each gambler is eligible to have no more than 248,832 at their disposal.

    So, being similar to Megaways, Splitz still has much more to provide a player with.

    So, it is a high time to cast a glance at the essential principles of the game.

    Splitz Slots Explained

    The main distinguishing feature of the Splitz gaming mechanic is that the slots featuring it possess the mystery symbol. Of course, it may be somehow compared to a Wild symbol familiar to all gamblers. But in reality, it is much different.

    The thing is that when a mystery symbol emerges on the reel, it gets torn apart into many random pieces. These pieces, unpredictably, constitute the regular — or standard — symbols that are used to create the winning combinations.

    As a result, there are up to 15 symbols that can make up a winning combination. Have you ever come across any similar situation? We bet you have not.

    Actually, that is the main reason why this particular slot machine mechanic possesses so many ways to win.

    Notwithstanding, this is not the only fact to keep in mind when opting for gambling. 

    When getting into the gameplay of the slot machine featuring Splitz by Yggdrasil, you will be eligible to beat the casino by grabbing the mega jackpots! The prizes in this case may rise up t0 x25,000 your stake. To obtain this fantastic opportunity, you will need to have a jackpot symbol split on the reel (yes, similarly to the mystery symbols).

    Finally for this section, the Splitz-based online slots tend to undergo constant upgrades. In most cases, these updates create more and more winning opportunities

    So, it would be logical, to glint at what the game is like, so that you would be able to decide if you are down for this particular slot machine format or not.

    Power-up Slot Sessions with Splitz Games

    Neon Rush Splitz Slot Machine

    The Yggdrasil’s Neon Rush Splitz slot includes 5 reels and 10 paylines. It takes you into a journey throughout the futuristic world containing myriads of neon lights and various fluorescent light sources. 

    Neon Rush Splitz is visually appealing and very lucrative: its Jackpot symbols can win you up to 25,000 times the amount of your initial bet!

    At Neon Rush Splitz, the bets vary from $0.10 to $40. The RTP rate of the game is 96.03%. There are just a few risks of going broke on this slot machine. It is because the symbols can multiply to offer you up to x500 your initial bet in a single spin!

    While the lowest paying icons in the game are comprised of

    • A Triangle;
    • An Hexagon; 
    • A Diamond.

    The highest paying icons are Carved Gems, which behave as Jackpot symbols.

    When playing Neon Rush Splitz, 5 Jackpot symbols earn you a Rush Jackpot as well as 5 times the amount of your initial bet.

    The six Jackpot symbols earn you a Neon Jackpot as well as 20 times the amount of your initial bet, etc. 

    The ultimate prize: an Ultra Jackpot and 25,000 times your starting bet!

    Splitz Mechanics: How to Play in Four Steps

    Similarly to any other slot mechanic developed by Yggdrasil, each gambler would be eligible to start in gambling Splitz games just in four simplest steps. 

    Of course, you should not forget about the choice of a casino to play at, depositing, and betting. Nonetheless, there are still some steps to go in for, namely:

    1. Run the game and observe standard symbols, scatters and a mystery one (the latter is to pay attention to).
    2. Be sure to stick to the mystery symbol as it resembles a traditional Wild symbol (that is known to turn the ordinary symbols into a winning combination).
    3. Dissimilarly from a typical Wild, the Splitz games Mystery symbol falls into random pieces (the game you choose to play determines the pieces’ positions).
    4. After a Mystery symbol transforms into an ordinary symbol, you may witness a winning game combination.

    So, these four steps just double prove the fact that the typical wild symbols at the games are much more interesting and exciting to a gambler. It is because they provide more intrigue and lead to the bigger cashouts!

    Splitz Strategy?

    All of the Splitz slot machines are impossible to be reduced to a particular gaming strategy. It is predominantly because of the fact that the mechanics is not based on a regular chance but on the absolute unpredictability.

    So, if you truly want to elaborate at least any strategy to play the Splitz format slots with the utter success, be sure to convey the traditional slots principles like, for example,

    • Set a budget but try to go as big stakes as possible/suitable/comfortable for you.
    • Never give up and carry on playing, since the mystery symbol may appear at any time.
    • Choose the game you would really enjoy gambling. 
    • Test the Splitz alternatives in demo mode.

    If you follow these easy perks, you would surely augment your winning capacities. Due to the various pros of the games based on this format, it is really ultra easy to win big. Just be patient! 

    The Advantages & Disadvantages of Splitz Slots

    To understand the game mechanic to the fullest extent, one should always compare all the pros and cons.

    As you may have already understood it, the advantage of the games in this case is focused on the unlimited possibilities to win. It is mainly due to the fact that it is impossible to forecast the symbols that the mystery one would split into and what kind of winning combinations it would result in. 

    The essential disadvantage of the Splitz slots can be shaped as the absence of clear payout rates of the games. It is not to trick a player but to adjust some unpredictability to the game results.

    In other words, if you know the payout rates of the game, you always stay in this limit and would not be able to win some more. Splitz slots, oppositely, may unlock much more winning opportunities for a player and result in mind-boggling cashout rates!

    Some gamblers may also come across another con of the slots of this format — themes. The majority of the games featuring this very mechanic are about ancient times. 

    Thus, if you are not fond of these themed slots, you will not enjoy the gameplay to the fullest extent. Nevertheless, this aspect is applicable to any other casino games. 

    The Evolution of Splitz Games

    In compliance with the Yggdrasil slots designer, there is a point of view that the Splitz games are in a constant development stage. This statement is not groundless, actually. And we are ready to shed some light on the evolution that has already been discussed by the gamblers.

    Initially, when the Splitz system emerged, the mystery symbols tended to be grouped together on the same reel. The more recent game versions contained the mystery symbols dispersed all over the reels.

    To exemplify, you may consider the game the Temple Stacks Splitz slots. The game showcases that after the split of the mystery symbol, it falls into pieces. This dispersion, as a result, creates a bigger number of the winning combinations. Yes, it is even more beneficial for the player.

    Compared to the game’s initial mode, the chances to win literally doubled. Possibly, that is one of the most evident reasons why casino sharks are all ears in love with the Splitz games of the new generation.


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    There are up to 15 symbols that can advance you to the winnings as a result of the Mystery symbol being split into random pieces.

    The maximum jackpot prize you can be eligible to grab is x25,000 of your initial stake.

    You win a jackpot after a Jackpot symbol drops somewhere on the reels and splits into standard symbols.