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Tom “durrrr” Dwan – The Story of Success

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Every success has its story behind it, and we are going to share with you a narrative about one extraordinary poker player who could get the name and the status of “sensation” in the world of poker. It is all about Tom Dwan who is commonly known as “Durrrr.”

Tom Dwan Biography

    Early Life and the First Steps

    Thomas Dwan Jr. was born in an eastern township of Edison, located in New Jersey, on 30 July 1986. There is little information about his early life, family, and education on the Internet. The only available thing is that he belongs to a middle-class family that left him an important life lesson – the secret of success lies in hard work. In the issue, he participated in different activities like sports or debate clubs.

    Besides these interests, Tom had one more passion – card games. He came around his friend’s place from time to time, and they enjoyed Magic: The Gathering, a card game. But the life-changing moment happened when the boy turned 17 years old.

    He had a birthday, and someone gave him a money gift of $50. One of his friends persuaded him to tempt his luck in one online poker room by the name of Paradise Poker. And it was the moment when “Durrrr” was born.

    Why did he choose this nickname?

    Every single player needs to create a nickname or put a real name while registering at an online poker room. When Tom decided to make his first deposit at the Paradise Poker, he took another interesting decision – his nickname.

    At that moment, the newbie thought that this chosen screen name would get his contradictors mad and put them on tilt after a win. Consequently, the opponents’ condition would help him get over them and be a winner of the competition. It seems like a winning strategy.

    The first-year success and good luck behind his back

    You need to know that all these happenings took place between 2003 and 2004, so the poker games were in the early stage of popularity. Thus, many poker players had no clue what they were doing.

    The natural talent and proper understanding of this game played a crucial role for the boy and allowed him to make some starting success. And, of course, good luck helped Tom avoid massive losses.

    This online poker room Paradise Poker impressed him a lot, and his poker journey began exactly from this place. Step after step, winning after winning, and by the moment when Tom turned 18, he had already earned $15,000. But it was just the beginning.

    Poker Career: Ups and Downs

    Gambling under restrictions

    At the age of 18, Tom was a little restricted from participating in live or online tournaments within his home area (the legal age of playing poker is 21 in New Jersey). Therefore, he studied at the University of Boston, attending classes in Engineering and getting good notes. Meanwhile, he enjoyed playing poker against his classmates and improving his gambling skills in the online poker room.

    Thomas was regularly playing at websites like Full Tilt Poker and Poker Star during the next few years. The most frequently played gambling option was Pot Limit Omaha Poker (sort of Texas Hold’em, but the game type deals with four cards instead of two).

    A full-time professional player

    When the age restriction came to an end, the young man told his family that he would drop out the university and start his career as a full-time poker player.

    His first significant participation was in the World Poker Finals championship event ($9,700 + 300-entry ticket) in 2007. The young players showed a great result and took the 4th spot with a winning pool of $324,000.

    One year later, Tom made another achievement in the Winter Poker Open, where he could reach second place with a total prize of $226,000.

    The year 2008 was full of success because the “Durrrr” reached his first multi-million bankroll. So, by the end of the year, his profit was $5,413,470.00, according to the data from the HighStakesDB site.

    After this mind-blowing achievement, all his business went down, and he lost approximately $6.85m. In 2010, he got back on track and made a profit of over 6 million dollars. But the following years were the darkest for him due to constant losses. Good luck came back to him in 2013 when he could win at least several thousand dollars. After this time, there is no actual information available on the HighStakesDB website.

    Some of the achievements

    But it does not mean that Thomas Dwan finished his professional career. On the contrary, he took part in many challenges and tournaments.

    Event Year Winning Pool
    Aussie Millions Poker Championship – $250,000 Challenge 2014 A$500,000
    MBP Spring Challenge – Super High Roller 2017 HK$1,957,500
    Triton Poker Super High Roller Series – Short Deck Ante-Only 2018 HK$1,980,000
    Triton Poker Super High Roller Series – Short Deck Ante Only (Private Event) 2019 £656,500
    PokerGO High Stakes Duel – No-Limit Hold’em – Heads-Up High Stakes Duel III 2021 $200,000

    As a professional gambler, Thomas participated in the WSOP several times and achieved several serious accomplishments. And we collected the TOP 5 most valuable results during these world events. All the data is collected from the GlobalPokerIndex website.

    TOP 5 Greatest Results at the World Series of Poker (WSOP)

    Name of the Event Year Place Winning Pool
    No-Limit Hold’em Heads Up Championship ($25,000-entry ticket) 2011 9 $67,436
    No Limit Deuce to Seven Draw ($5,000-entry ticket) 2008 8 $45,110
    World Championship Mixed Event ($10,000-entry ticket) 2008 7 $67,680
    H.O.R.S.E. ($10,000-entry ticket) 2011 5 $134,480
    No-Limit Hold’em ($1,500-entry ticket) 2010 2 $381,885

    Personal Life and Net WorthThis person is one of the most recognizable personalities in the poker field. Starting his gambling activity at the age of 17 and only having a 50-dollar bankroll, he has made many significant wins outsmarting his rivals and millions of dollars. What is, more importantly, Tom has managed his private life and enjoys it even today.

    Thomas Dwan is the type of person who chooses to keep his private life secret. So, there is no much information about him and his personal life. It is known that Tom was born and growing up in Edison, New Jersey, the USA. In this town, he successfully finished high school and was enrolled at Boston University. But the passion for gambling (playing poker) did not allow him to be graduated from this private research university.

    Because of his secrete nature, some people assumed that he was gay. But it is become known that Tom is tied in a relationship with Bianca Rosso, who subsequently became his wife and the mother of his child.

    In opposition to his slightly unsteady career path with many ups and downs in terms of winnings and losses, Tom has managed his financial situation. According to third-party sources, the net worth of talented poker players varies in a range between 10 million dollars and 15 million dollars.

    Interesting Facts About Tom “Durrrr” Dwan

    There is always interesting to know something more about a specific person, especially when this person is full of mystery and has had unbelievable success. The amusing facts about Tom:

    • His father was a person who gifted him a 50-dollar present on his 17th birthday. It was the starting point of Tom’s passion for poker.
    • Tom dropped out the university because of the incredible desire to become a professional poker player.
    • In 2008, Tom Dwan won his first multi-million-dollar bankroll in poker.
    • Some people assumed that Tom Dwan was gay, but all the rumours and assumptions were broken after announcing his relationship with Bianca Rossi.
    • Thomas got married to Bianca Rossi in 2018.
    • Tom “Durrrr” Dwan was shooting at High Stakes Poker’s popular television program (5 and 6 seasons). He also took part in the TV show by the name of Poker After Dark (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 seasons).

    Lose Big and Win Bigger

    Thomas “Durrrr” Dwan is a unique and mysterious personality who could reach incredible success, not because of his luck but also natural talent. He is a player who clearly understands that losses are part of gambling, and you cannot win flawlessly. During his poker career, he made significant losses. Still, his eagerness to win, natural talent to outplay his opponents, and ability to analyze the situation properly did not allow him to give up – he always gives back!


    7.88 (Votes: 4)


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