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Top 6 Wealthiest Gamblers in 2022 and Their Inspirational Stories

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Author: Denis Malinka
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Do you believe that playing chess will help us change our lives successfully? In real life, there are people who are rich thanks to the world and have become the most billionaires in the world. The stories of the world's wealthiest gamblers in 2022 will give you more motivation to get rich thanks to your passion for betting.


    Lui Che Woo

    The second-richest man in Hong Kong is the chairman of Galaxy Entertainment Group, which holds significant contacts in Macao, offering betting services like Casino and Poker at Ignition USA. He is also the real estate developer of K. Wah International Holdings.

    Currently, his eldest son – Francis – is in charge of overseeing the operations of Galaxy Entertainment Group, while his daughter Paddy and son Alexandre focus on managing K. Wah International Holdings.

    Johann Graf

    Johann Graf is the owner of the Novomatic Group, which manages more than 60 casinos in 40 countries. Not only that, but the group also sells casino products like video games, poker games and slot machines worldwide. From a poor background, Graf learned the trade of butchers and was supposed to continue working as a butcher for the rest of his life. However, with a brilliant mind, at age 27, he wanted to do a bigger business and began importing US pinball machines and selling them to pubs in Austria. In 1980, after founding Novomatic, Graf expanded his operations to Switzerland and Eastern European countries.

    Denise Coates

    Perhaps many people do not know that Denise Coates is the co-executive director of Bet365. This is one of the leading reputable betting companies in the world up to the present time. When Denise Coates was young, she had a vision that online betting would rapidly flourish in the future. Therefore, she boldly bought the domain name Bet365.com in 2000 and put it into official operation in 2001. Denise Coates was controversial when she paid herself more than $280 million in 2018.

    Pansy Ho

    Pansy Ho is the chairman of Shun Tak Holdings, a real estate group in Hong Kong and Macau. Shun Tak Holdings operates ferries between Hong Kong and Macau as well as hotels in these two special zones. Shun Tak Holdings was founded by Macau businessman Stanley Ho, Pansy Ho's father. She also holds a large stake in Macau-based bookmakers such as MGM China and SJM.


    Doyle Brunson

    Doyle's poker career was fraught with difficulties because, in his day, Poker was not yet recognized. He is not as happy as the online players now, who can just sit behind the computer and make money. At that time, poker was often organized by criminal lines, especially those played with large numbers. Doyle recounted that he was repeatedly threatened with a gun, robbed and then beaten for winning many times for playing poker.

    Fortunately for Doyle, poker gradually became popular, and legal poker tournaments began to be held, most notably the WSOP starting in 1970. Doyle won the WSOP Main Event 2 years in a row in 1976 and 1977. Both times he won with hand 2 10, and this hand was later called Doyle Brunson's hand. In 1978, Doyle wrote Super System, a book on Poker strategy that is considered a classic today.


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