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Types of Jackpot Slots to Bet on with Bitcoin

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Author: Denis Malinka
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If you’ve played video slots long enough, you should know they are of two types: regular and progressive slots. The latter can be referred to as a jackpot slot while the former is also known as a non-progressive slot.


    However, this article doesn’t seek to differentiate between regular and jackpot slots for Bitcoin. Instead, it will go into analyzing the latter while explaining the different types of games available in that category.

    At this point, it’s probably unnecessary to say there are different types of jackpot slots. In addition to learning about them, we’ll also show you why jackpot slots are the same as progressive slots, among other revelations.

    What is a Bitcoin jackpot slot?

    The word "jackpot" has several meanings in most dictionaries. However, the slot-related definition is what matters to us at this point. According to Merriam-Webster, it's a combination of a slot machine that wins the top prize available.

    While that is mostly correct, crypto jackpot slots add a little twist to the definition. A crypto jackpot slot is a progressive slot that allows players to stake using Bitcoin and other cryptos. Nothing changes about the fundamental idea of a jackpot apart from the currency used in wagering.

    With that said, the following section will analyze the five common types of jackpot slots in crypto casinos. You should note that this list also works for online casinos that don’t accept cryptocurrencies, as the currency remains the only difference between them in this context.

    Types of jackpot slots for Bitcoin

    Going by the information from the preceding section, you should already know there are different types of jackpot slots. Each works uniquely in a way that may appeal to you better than another, but what are the different types of jackpots for crypto slots?

    Here are the most popular types of crypto jackpot slots you’ll likely come across.

    Multi-level jackpot slots

    The multi-level jackpot system is one of the most popular types of jackpot slots for crypto games. Its name is self-explanatory: there are levels to the final jackpot prize, with successive ones having lower prices. It's available in many betting games with a unique implementation for crypto slots.

    Slots with a multi-level jackpot system usually have several jackpot levels available to the player. Higher jackpots hit very infrequently, while the lower ones hit often. Since it gives more people a chance at winning a jackpot, even if it’s lower, it’s more popular among slot players.

    Standalone jackpot slots

    Standalone jackpot slots are games not linked to other machines within the casino's network. In short, the entire prize pool will always come from that slot, which is usually tiny. Most of the jackpots you'll see at online casinos are standalone jackpot slots since they're much easier to manage.

    One disadvantage of this jackpot type is the size of the jackpot, which is usually small, no thanks to the number of contributors involved. Recall that you’re competing to win a jackpot from the stakes in a single game; it’s only natural for the prize money to be much lower than that of a wide-area slot, for example.

    Wide-area jackpot slots

    A wide-area jackpot slot refers to a prize resulting from several interconnected machines within a wide network, hence the name. Wide-area jackpot slots typically have enormous prize monies, as they usually feature thousands of players wagering across the different machines involved.

    Wide-area jackpot slots are typical at crypto casinos that manage an extensive network. The casino may centralize the prize for some games, creating a massive wide-area jackpot for punters. Wide-area pools are rare and hard to win, but you'll walk home with a lot of money if you do.

    Fixed jackpot slots

    A fixed jackpot is the opposite of a progressive jackpot, and both types are popular on Bitcoin betting sites. While progressive jackpots increase the prize pool after each win, fixed jackpots don't; the maximum prize for the game remains the same each time.

    Crypto casinos prefer fixed jackpot slots, as it's less complicated to handle. Also, since the jackpot is typically massive, players will always feel that it pays better and more consistently, even if they could win more with progressive slots.

    Boiling point progressive jackpots

    Most jackpots hit randomly, making it impossible to tell when the game will trigger a win. However, that isn't the case for boiling point progressive jackpots, as they work with a predetermined pot value. In short, it means the machine sets a specific threshold for the prize; whoever stakes when the pot reaches its boiling point will win the jackpot.

    The boiling point jackpot type doesn't trigger wins using reel combinations like a regular slot. Each time you spin the reels, you contribute to the pot, which eventually sets off a winning sequence when it reaches its "boiling point." Unfortunately, the boiling point is usually invisible to punters; you only keep staking, hoping you turn out to be the one to make the lucky stake.

    Differences between progressive and fixed jackpot slots for Bitcoin

    It’s impossible to list the types of jackpot slots without saying something about progressive and fixed jackpots. While both are popular among online casinos, they're opposites. They also both refer to a way for slot games to handle jackpots.

    The fixed jackpot system is the simpler of the duo: it simply describes online casinos with a constant maximum prize pool. Fixed jackpots do not make it possible to get higher prizes with cascading wins, and they lack a progressive compensation structure.

    On the other hand, progressive jackpots usually have a payment system that changes progressively. In progressive games, you can keep playing after winning, staking your prize on the possibility of winning something bigger. Persevering without losing or giving up gets you the jackpot, which is typically enormous.


    There are several types of progressive slots for Bitcoin, depending on what yardstick you use for the categorization. The most popular types are fixed and progressive slots, which we've explained in detail. In addition, there are wide-area slots, multi-level jackpot slots and boiling-point progressive slots, among others.


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