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Best VPNs for Roobet

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Author: Denis Malinka
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Since cryptocurrencies have begun to reach a considerable number of web users over the past few years, many gambling operators have taken notice of this trend and started using them as a payment option. Moreover, some online casinos have gone even further in this regard and have abandoned traditional payment methods favouring Bitcoin and other popular digital currencies. Roobet Casino proved to be one of these pioneers and quickly evolved into one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency gambling platforms.

Best VPNs for Roobet

    Even though this online operator positions itself as the fastest-growing crypto casino, unfortunately, it is not available for players from many countries so far. And for example, if you live in the USA or Italy, you will not be able to create a game account and play on this site without a great VPN service. 

    When it comes to choosing a quality VPN for Roobet, you should emphasize your information security and select software that can hide your actual location reliably. Moreover, your preferred service should work for withdrawal and deposit transactions so that you can make any payments without the risk of losing your money. 

    In our review, you will not only learn about other significant factors you should consider when choosing a VPN tool for gambling but also find the most suitable option among several popular services. 

    What Functions Should the Best VPNs for Roobet Provide?

    While at first glance you might think that all VPN services work the same, this is a popular misconception. Some of them can provide users with basic functionality only, while others have much more functions and are better suited for casino gameplay. 

    Ideally, your service should have the following features for stable and uninterrupted casino gameplay in 2023: 

    • IP addresses and DNS protection from potential leaks. A high-quality VPN service should permanently hide your IP address from the gambling operator. Otherwise, the online casino will find out that you are from a restricted country and block your account.
    • Extensive server network. If you want access to numerous blocked sites, your software must provide you with servers for various locations. Apart from this, Roobet casino offers exclusive gaming content to residents from different countries pretty often, and an extensive server network will allow you to try it out.
    • Connection speed. A quality gaming experience is impossible without a fast internet connection, and your VPN needs to consider that. If you do not get uninterrupted, smooth gameplay, your gaming sessions will unlikely to please you.
    • Dedicated IP address. While you can get many VPN features for free, this is not one of them. It will allow you to use one IP address for your Roobet gameplay. Therefore, you will have a much better chance of hiding your real location and keeping your game profile without blocking.
    • No-Logs approach. Services created with your privacy in mind will never generate logs demonstrating your web activity. Considering this aspect, your preferred service should follow the no-logs approach when it comes to your gambling or any other activity. 

    5 VPN Services for the Best Roobet Experience


    Connections: Fast | Servers: 3,200+ | Server Locations: 100+ | Devices Supported: Unlimited | Systems: Windows, Mac, Linus, iOS & Android

    This VPN for Roobet positions itself as one of the best software solutions for masking your web connection, and for a good reason. It managed to create a large-scale network of more than 1,700 servers around the world. Surfshark covers over 60 countries and can provide users with advantageous features. 

    The basic plan of this popular VPN service will cost you just €2 per month if you agree to pay for a subscription for the next 24 months. This modest monthly payment will allow you to link any number of devices to your Surfshark account and provide you with all the advanced security features. In addition, it will always be able to guarantee you round-the-clock technical support and a high-speed connection. 

    This set of functions will be enough to get a high-quality gaming experience at the Roobet casino. However, if the service does not meet your expectations, you can easily get your investment back within 30 days of the original payment. 

    It is also worth noting that Surfshark offers customers more advanced features such as data leakage checking or reliable antivirus protection. Although this plan is more expensive than the previous one, you can also pay for it at a promotional price. 


    • Surfshark 1 Month – $12.95/mth
    • Surfshark 6 Months – $6.49/mth
    • Surfshark 2 Years – $2.49/mth

    Try SurfShark


    Connections: Very Fast | Servers: 5,500+ | Server Locations: 80+ | Devices Supported: 55+ | Systems: Windows, Mac, Linus, iOS & Android

    Considering that NordVPN has been operating on the market since 2012, it is not surprising that this company has such a strong reputation among web users and online gamblers in particular. This service can offer players who want to make their gaming sessions more confidential all the necessary functions and even more.

    The NordVPN team made sure that this digital product covers as many servers and countries as possible. By 2019, it already has more than 5,500 servers and a selection of countries covering more than 60 nations, so you have numerous options to pick from.  

    NordVPN allows you to connect up to 6 different devices to your account. You will be able to use multifactor authentication and protect your web connection from sudden interruptions thanks to the Kill Switch function. In addition to this, the service will ignore all your web activity following its no-log policy.  

    A high-speed internet connection plays a significant role in online gambling sessions, and this VPN for Roobet understands that. It guarantees all players a top-notch gameplay experience with no bugs or slow buffering.  

    Besides, Nord VPN can also delight all potential customers of the Roobet casino in terms of pricing as it offers great discounts on its basic package regularly. At the time of writing, one month of using the service costs $3,30 for all users paying for a 2-year subscription. And as in the previous case, the service gives customers 30 days to explore all its functions and understand whether they want to return their money for the subscription back. 


    • NordVPN 1 Month – $11.95/mth
    • NordVPN 1 Year – $4.92/mth
    • NordVPN 2 Years – $3.71/mth

    Try NordVPN

    Private Internet Access

    Connections: Very Fast | Servers: 5,000+ | Server Locations: 80+ | Devices Supported: 5 | Systems: Windows, Mac, Chrome, Firefox, iOS & Android

    This service is another perfect software solution for those who do not know what VPN works with Roobet. Private Internet Access (PIA) is also an established digital product first introduced back in 2010. It has built its reputation based on 3 key principles: complete confidentiality, absolute security and variability of available web content. 

    The basic PIA functional package will allow you to connect up to 10 different gadgets to your profile, make anonymous payments and even monitor your email leaks. Besides that, you will get a dedicated IP address with a faster web connection that will allow you to use your personal server. 

    You will be able to get each of the mentioned features for a fairly modest price. PIA also emphasizes long-term promotions and offers its customers to pay $2,69 for a monthly subscription if they agree to use the service for the next 3 years. Plus, everyone accepting this contract’s terms will receive free antivirus functionality and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


    • Private Internet Access 1 Month – $10.73/mth
    • Private Internet Access 1 Year – $42.96/mth
    • Private Internet Access 2 Years – $80.65/mth

    Try Private Internet Access


    Connections: Fast | Servers: 150+ | Server Locations: 60+ | Devices Supported: 6 | Systems: Windows, Mac, Linus, iOS & Android

    Since PrivateVPN claims to be the fastest-growing VPN product on the market, it also deserves a place on our list of the best services for the Roobet casino. Even though this company has a rather modest network with more than 100 servers only, it already has an impressive geographic coverage. PrivateVPN has prepared 63 locations for all gambling enthusiasts, which should be more than enough for comfortable gameplay on any continent. 

    Of course, this service has quite a few strengths and can provide its users with numerous useful options. It relies on 2048-bit data encryption, which is often practiced even at the state and military levels. The Killswitch feature allows you to hide your VPN camouflage

    from Roobet casino if your web connection suddenly stops working. 

    A two-year subscription with a money-back guarantee after 30 days will cost you $2,15 per month. It means that you can link up to 6 devices to your profile and enjoy all the features mentioned above for a modest price. Just bear in mind that these conditions are relevant for 2023, and you should check this information on the PrivateVPN website if you decide to try it further down the line. 


    • PrivateVPN 1 Month – $8.49/mth
    • PrivateVPN 3 Months – $4.99/mth
    • PrivateVPN 2 Years – $1.98/mth

    Try PrivateVPN


    Connections: Very Fast | Servers: 3,000+ | Server Locations: 160+ | Devices Supported: 5 | Systems: Windows, Mac, Linus, iOS & Android

    This VPN for Roobet is one of the most recognized brands of the market of digital products encrypting internet connections. It began serving gamblers and other online users in 2009. Consequently, the service has built a community of over 3 million customers.  

    ExpressVPN draws people in with its gigantic server network that spans over 160 locations around the world, high-speed connections, cross-platform support and customer assistance that is always ready to help clients with any difficulties. 

    The service has a function to turn off the VPN connection in an emergency - Network Lock - which will protect you from disclosure until the app re-establishes a connection with your or another suitable service. Plus, you do not have to worry about your anonymity as ExpressVPN does not track your web activity or store data about the sites you visit in any way. 


    • ExpressVPN 1 Month – $12.95/mth
    • ExpressVPN 6 Months – $9.9/mth
    • ExpressVPN 1 Year – $8.32/mth

    Try ExpressVPN

    Can Roobet Casino Detect Your VPN Service? 

    When it comes to such an advanced modern gambling platform like Roobet, you can rest assured that it can detect your VPN manipulations. The thing is that online casinos often know which IP addresses belong to different VPN products and can find out that you are using one of them. 

    In addition, gambling operators also track the number of players using the same IP address. If your IP turns out to be one of such “popular” addresses, the casino’s administration may assume that your account hides behind some VPN service and will block it forever. 

    How to Get Your Roobet Winnings Safely Through VPN?

    Although you can register at the Roobet casino from restricted countries using VPN services, the gambling platform may assume that you disguise your location during withdrawal transactions. According to some players, the site may ask you for some verification documents if you act suspiciously and withdraw too large amounts at a time. Therefore, you should follow some simple rules to protect yourself from the potential blocking of your game profile. 

    1. Try to make withdrawal transactions as rarely as possible. This approach will allow you to enjoy quality gameplay and remain under the site’s administration radar in terms of confirming your ID and location.
    2. Make small withdrawals even if you managed to land some impressive multiplier and win a lot of money. The Roobet casino is less likely to be interested in your account if you do not draw attention to it with too large withdrawals.
    3. Withdraw your winnings with the help of your friend or other trusted person with relevant personal details and country of residence. The point is that the online operator does not always ask for your personal information during registration, and you can benefit from this if you have someone you can rely on. Remember that even if your close one is not into gambling at all and does not want to dive into this industry, you can offer him/her a certain share of your winnings, and he/she will surely agree to help you.
    4. Beware of online scammers who promise to withdraw all your money without any issues. You should share information about your gambling hobby with your loved ones exclusively. Otherwise, you will almost certainly fall victim to “kind Samaritans” from the Net who are ready to deprive any gambler of his/her fair winnings. 

    How to Pass ID Verification at Roobet?

    • First, you must select a suitable server that will allow you to visit the Roobet site on your VPN service;
    • After that, you should provide the casino with the basic information it will ask you for in the first registration step;
    • Select the country that you use as a cover for your current location;
    • Then you need to click the Continue button and hope that the gambling operator does not ask you for the rest of your personal data. 

    How Can Canadians Access the Roobet Casino’s Gaming Collection?

    Since this online casino also operates in the Canadian gambling market, this country’s residents do not need to worry about using any VPN solutions. If you live in a Canadian province, the gaming platform will allow you to go through the standard registration process without delays and difficulties. 

    How Roobet Approaches US Players Registration? 

    Compared to Canada, the United States has a much stricter policy regarding gambling, so Roobet is not available to local players in a typical way. Those wishing to experience all of this crypto platform’s benefits will need to do the following steps to open a game account and play safely here. 

    1. After installing your preferred VPN service, you should connect to a Canadian or German server.
    2. Go through the registration process without filling out the form with your personal information.
    3. Take advantage of the dedicated IP address option to protect yourself from sudden VPN detection. While this function can cost you more than basic VPN features, a dedicated IP is the most effective way to mask your account.
    4. Do not visit the Roobet site while your browser is tracking your geolocation. If you do not disable this feature in your browser, the gambling operator will detect your VPN disguise.
    5. Do not forget to use the Kill Switch feature for every game session. It will disconnect your internet connection to protect your profile even if the VPN service disconnects from the correct server for some reason. 


    The Roobet Casino has already proven to be an amazing high-quality gambling platform. But at the same time, this operator cannot reach some countries yet, and their residents need to rely on VPN services to play on this fast-growing cryptocurrency site. The software solutions and recommendations mentioned above will help you choose the most suitable option and join the gaming community that has been rocking the industry for the last 3 years.


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