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What are the mechanics of slot machines and how do they differ?

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Slot machine is a fairly ancient gambling game, which with the evolution of the Internet has received a second wind. Dozens of developer studios annually offer an audience of players new online slots, and despite the fact that the mechanics are not radically different from previous versions, this entertainment doesn't go unnoticed by gamblers.

The leading slots developers are such companies as Novomatic, NetEnt, Playtech, Endorphina, EGT and others. Moreover, some of them have been doing it already for decades.

Slot Machine Concept

At first, slot machines were purely mechanical models. They represented several reels with spinning images. The player pulls the handle, thus setting the reels in motion. If the pictures coincided and formed a horizontal line, it meant that the gambler won. The size of the prize depended on the images themselves, which matched.

Today began to be in demand online casinos, where there is a huge amount of online slot machines based on computer techniques. At the heart of the program is a random number generator. During the game, when the player presses a button, the computer records random numbers that determine the position of each of the reels.

International companies that develop software for online casinos are tested by third-party organizations. For example, eCorga specialists (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) check not only the work of RNG, but also test the RTP of slots.

Slots' Financial Component

Nowadays, online casino slot games are programmed in such a way that one part of the funds invested by the player goes to the payment of winnings, while another portion is received by the casino in the form of profit. It is favorable for the establishment that visitors win. Casino in any case receives its income, a kind of commission for the use of the machine. After all, gamblers who received a certain amount of money in the form of winnings will want to come back here again. Thus, the funds won by one visitor consists entirely of money invested in the slot by another user.

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Slot Machine Types

All slot machines differ in game mechanics, rules, themes, bonuses, etc. The most popular today are slots with 3-5 reels and 3-9 active win lines. Almost every machine has bonus symbols (Wild and Scatter), bonus game and automatic game mode. At the moment, these entertainments can be conditionally divided into 4 categories:

  • Classic Machines. This type is a return to the ascendancy of slots at the dawn of their development. Many fans of conservatism liked games in which players just had to press the button and wait for the cherished combination. That is why modern providers and now continue to release such slots in online format. Of course, depending on the entertainment can change the number of game lines, reels and other features, but the general theme remains unchanged.

  • Video Slots. For the last couple of years, video slots are the most widely played form of entertainment at online casinos. They often include 5 reels and more than a hundred paylines. The game is accompanied by excellent graphics and different soundtracks make the game moderate and exciting. The peculiarity of video slots is interesting plots and characters, which often personify real celebrities or made-up superheroes from movies and cartoons.

  • Mega Spin Slots. Slots with multiplayer features, where users can enjoy several games (from 2 to 9) at the same time. After selecting the desired entertainments gambler puts a certain amount of money and presses a button, then his journey begins. The advantage of this slot type is an increased chance of winning prizes, as the game can participate in up to 50 reels at the same time.

  • Progressive Slots. Progressive slots are a type of slot machines in which the jackpot (winning amount) accumulates as players participate. Here, a certain percentage of each gambler's bet is added to the amount of the potential prize. One player, who has a winning combination, takes the entire amount, after which the jackpot again becomes minimal and is formed anew.

Also, some tend to sort slots by volatility. There are high volatility, medium volatility and low volatility machines. If a slot is low-volatility, then this means that its winnings are likely to be small. In case the game is high volatility, then there will be large rewards, but gamblers will have to wait much longer for them.

This article was prepared by Olena Bilicia – editor of ProInternet website.


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