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What Casino Game Has the Best Odds?

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Author: Denis Malinka
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We are used to referring to slots, card games and other casino entertainment as “games of chance.” However, few gamblers understand what actual winning chances a certain game can provide. On the one hand, this information may seem insignificant to some players who visit casinos just to have fun. But if you prefer to combine a pleasant gaming experience with some cash winnings, you should choose the games that give you the highest winning chances. 

Even though no gambling game will allow you to have the edge over casinos, you can focus on the most player-friendly titles and minimize your financial risks. In our review, you will learn basic information about such promising games, which will allow you to approach your next gambling session much more prepared.

What casino game has the best odds?

    Casino Games with the Greatest Winning Potential 

    While table games can guarantee players the best winning chances, many gamblers tend to ignore them due to seemingly complex rules or their preferences. This approach is pretty dubious since your risky hobby can cost you much less if you devote at least a little time to classic casino games. 

    Roulette’s Winning Chances: Almost 50% 

    Each of you has seen this essential attribute of the gambling world many times, and nevertheless, many novice players do not understand how this mysterious wheel works. The irony is that roulette’s classic version is a fairly simple game that does not require any ingenious decisions from you.

    Roulette’s wheel has 37 or 38 sectors depending on where you play. The American version of the game has two green sectors with numbers 0 and 00. Therefore, you will be dealing with 38 sectors here. In other cases, the wheel has one 0 sector only and 37 sectors in total. Whereas the basic 36 numbers are uniformly coloured in two colours - red and black - zeros are always green. 

    If you bet on a specific colour or an even/odd number, your chances will indeed reach almost 50%. In such a case, zero or zeros will decrease the winning probability by 0,37% or 0,74%, respectively. When it comes to more specific bets like predicting the range of numbers that the ball will land on, your odds are greatly reduced. However, if you manage to win such a bet, you will receive a lot more money than by guessing the right colour. 

    The least likely bet to win at roulette is to predict a specific number. So, if you want to multiply your bankroll in this way, you better do it on some incredibly lucky day.  

    Blackjack’s Winning Chances: 49% 

    This engaging card game has fairly simple rules, and the rounds’ results depend on your skills pretty often. Playing against the dealer in a 1v1 battle or with other players, your goal is to collect a card combination that would give you up to 21 points. If you manage to get the most points without exceeding the 21-point limit, you win. 

    Although all players, including the dealer, rely heavily on luck here, blackjack has a few basic strategies that can boost your winnings significantly. The thing is that Canadian gambling establishments require their dealers to always behave in a specific way when they receive a certain number of points.  

    If you want to base your game decisions on these behavioural patterns and the basic blackjack strategy better, take a few minutes to read our brief guide to this legendary game. This information will help you get your winning odds closer to the best possible percentage. 

    Craps’ Winning Chances: Almost 50% 

    Craps is a definition of an excellent dice game that began to attract casino enthusiasts in the early 19th century. Although the game’s history began around 1788, its early version gained incredible popularity during World War II. John H. Winn added some rules to the craps in 1907, and they remain valid for most casinos to this day. 

    You will generate your winnings using two dice. Basically, you need to predict how many points each roll will show. The game has several types of bets, and the crucial aspect is that you can bet not only on wins but also on losses. If you bet on a loss, the “shooter” (this is how the player throwing the dice in each round called) should get 2, 3 or 12 points on the first roll. 

    Perhaps the most common craps’ bet is a “pass line” where players bet that a “shooter” will roll a winning combination. This bet brings your winning odds closer to 50% more efficiently. As for the more specific predictions, they give players a much lower winning probability and higher payouts. 

    What Chances Can Popular Slots Provide You with?

    Of course, slot machines cannot guarantee you high winning odds in every game round, but at the same time, they do generate massive payouts. The key criterion reflecting the slots’ winning potential is the RTP index. And if your preferred game has a high RTP, it will give you back a solid chunk of your deposits in the long run. 

    This list includes several slots from our catalogue that can offer you the most favourable gameplay conditions from the payouts perspective: 

    • Treasures of Troy with a 97,71% RTP;
    • Monopoly Megaways with a 97% RTP;
    • Floating Dragon Hold & Spin a with 96,71% RTP;
    • Raging Rhino Rampage with a 96,7% RTP;
    • Cash Elevator with a 96,64% RTP. 

    Which Casinos Can Offer You Games with the Best Winning Chances? 

    The Canadian gambling market is full of promising online operators. And while many of them provide customers with the games offering excellent winning odds mentioned above, there is more than that to consider. 

    The quality of your gaming experience will depend on numerous factors. You want your chosen gambling site to emphasize timely payments and not practice any shady schemes to delay your withdrawals. Apart from this, you should also choose online casinos that interact with their customers actively and always assist them even on some small issues. Besides that, do not forget that reputation among experienced gamblers also plays a significant role for casino operators. 

    With these and some other significant nuances in mind, our team recommends you to take your gaming talents to BetBoys Casino, 888 Casino or Betway Casino. Of course, our ranking system covers a lot more decent sites. However, if you do not want to spend any time searching, these three mentioned platforms will undoubtedly not disappoint you.


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      Looking at the stats about the chances of casino slots, it’s impressive from first sight. But in reality, you can place ten or twenty dollars and lose everything till the last cent. And sometimes, you need one spin only to multiply your initial bankroll by many and many times.

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