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What Is a High Roller at a Casino?

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Author: Denis Malinka
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The gambling industry reaches millions of players, and each of them can find some suitable entertainment option. Some gamblers prefer to play their favourite slots with a minimum bet and prioritize a pleasant pastime instead of massive wins. Other players cannot imagine their life without poker and are ready to play this game not only in casinos but also in a home environment against their friends. 

Qui est un high roller de casino ?

    But there are also unique gamblers who approach risky games at a completely different, elite level. As a rule, they have incredibly high incomes and can afford the bets that mere mortals can only dream of. Gambling establishments call such players high rollers and create all the conditions for the most comfortable and exclusive gameplay. 

    In this article, we will tell you what separates high rollers from ordinary gamblers, what advantages these players get from casinos and whether you should become one of them to get the ultimate gaming experience or not. 

    What Makes a High Roller? 

    Basically, the central factor that defines high rollers is their massive bets, which can run even into millions of dollars. Land-based casinos and online platforms perceive high rollers differently. For example, many of Las Vegas’ gambling establishments allow players to play at the high roller tables only with $150,000+ bankroll. At the same time, numerous Canadian online casinos believe that even gamblers who make $1,000 deposits regularly have a high roller status. 

    In general, if players do not hesitate to spend substantial amounts of money on their risky hobby, they can consider themselves high rollers. And while this status is unlikely to provide you with any benefits in the real world, the gambling industry treats such players with exceptional care. 

    High Rollers and Special Perks 

    When it comes to land-based casinos, their high roller customers can count on some exclusive gifts, perks and benefits. Since these players can bring substantial profits to the gambling venue in just one evening, it will do its best to appease them and show its respect. Casino managers offer high rollers the most luxurious hotel rooms and often take care of all their minor expenses. In addition, if we are talking about some multi-millionaires or even billionaires, gambling establishments also pay for their flights and even provide them with private jets. 

    As for the basic rules, casinos also often adapt them for high rollers. For example, some well-known European, American and Australian establishments allow elite gamblers to smoke at gambling tables in high-roller halls. At the same time, other regular players can get a lifetime ban for such actions. Besides that, if land-based casinos are confident in the solvency of specific customers, they also offer these high rolling gamblers free crediting.    

    Online casinos also treat high rollers much more exclusively than regular players. But instead of paying off these players’ expenses on luxury apartments, expensive restaurants, beverages and other perks, they offer gamblers with a high bankroll various loyalty and VIP bonuses. For example, Canadian online operators often reward high rollers with additional cashback, provide them with numerous unique gifts and even invite them to private events. 

    This approach to servicing high-rolling clients may seem quite justified to you since casinos can quickly receive colossal sums of money from them. However, this exclusive treatment also has a negative side because experienced high rollers have incredible winning potential. And if some random millionaire is lucky enough to win a few times on a particular day, a casino may lose a substantial part of its budget in a blink of an eye. 

    How to Become a High Roller? 

    Of course, if you want to become a real high roller and get all the benefits mentioned above from gambling establishments, you should always have a solid bankroll. The following steps will help you join this top echelon of gamblers and experience all the advantages of an elite gaming experience. 

    • Start big. Whether you prefer land-based or online casinos, you must show the gambling establishment that you can afford the massive expenses. Casino administrations always monitor high rollers and try to interact with them to encourage such players to spend more money further down the line. So, if you top up your balance for thousands of dollars or even larger amounts regularly, your chosen casino will undoubtedly notice you and offer you some bonus perks.
    • Bet high. Perhaps the primary characteristic of any high roller is the fact that he/she always ignores the lower bets. These players are used to taking enormous risks and getting incredibly high winnings, and you also must follow this approach to become a full-fledged high roller.
    • Speak up. While your enormous deposits and huge bets can say a lot about your status, in some cases, you should contact your casino’s administration directly. You will be able to explain your intentions to the gambling establishment’s representatives. Consequently, they can provide you with some privileges, including cash back, high roller welcome bonuses and even simpler wagering requirements for various promotions.
    • Use the VIP program. The more you play with high bets, the higher you climb the VIP ladder. Each next step will increase your status in the chosen online casino, and you will be able to receive numerous awards automatically, without direct interaction with the platform’s administration or personal customer support. 

    Is Becoming a High Roller Worth It? 

    It is somewhat of a philosophical question since it all depends on how well you can manage your massive bankrolls and emotions. In essence, high-rolling gameplay differs from the usual gaming experience by the risk factor only. On the one hand, high bets open up new horizons for you regarding winnings and gambling experience in general. However, on the other hand, even the wealthiest people in the world can lose control and waste their fortune when it comes to incredibly high bets. 

    Gambling history knows many cases when the money rush turned multi-millionaires into debtors who could not return the promised credits to casinos. And if you do not want to become one of these unfortunate rich people, you should choose games that you can play at the expert level only.


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    • Kevin Parker
      Maybe, will you give a piece of advice on where I should start to make a bankroll to start playing like a high-roller player?

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    Gambling platforms provide these players with exclusive bonus offers, promotions, tournament invitations and additional VIP rewards that regular players do not have access to.

    High rollers always prefer to play with high bets and have enormous bankrolls that allow them to generate the biggest winnings in both slots and various table games.

    As a rule, online casinos provide high roller bonuses for deposits over $1,000. As for the land-based establishments, they believe that players must have at least $50,000 - $100,000 to join the high roller table.

    It depends on where exactly you play, but as a rule, casinos do provide generous credits to the most loyal high rollers.