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What Is Bitcoin Casino & Bitcoin Casino Sites?

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Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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Gambling operators have long begun to conquer the online environment and constantly monitor popular trends to engage existing customers and attract new players to the industry. Cryptocurrencies, which are slowly but surely covering more and more virtual markets, have been one of the most fascinating trends in recent years. Many online casinos have already realized this and have implemented cryptocurrency payment services on their sites, and if you want to know more about these gambling platforms, keep reading.

In this article, we will share with you useful information about operators who rely on Bitcoin - the first and most widespread cryptocurrency in the world. You will get a basic understanding of Bitcoin casinos and learn what benefits such gambling establishments provide to their clients.

What Is Bitcoin Casino & Bitcoin Casino Sites?

    What is a Bitcoin? 

    In essence, Bitcoin laid the foundation for the birth of a whole new financial niche based on cryptocurrency payments. It is the first cryptocurrency that has the best exchange rate among over 20 million similar currencies. Bitcoin’s creator is a pretty mystical person as no one from the crypto community even knows his/her real name. Most of the people involved in the industry used to call him/her “Satoshi Nakamoto”. 

    The key Bitcoin’s benefit is that it allows web users to make secure payments without relying on any additional services. Even though this cryptocurrency has a fairly high volatility (it means that its rate can have some sharp fluctuations), its value has reached incredible heights over the past couple of years. One Bitcoin can bring you over $41,000 at the time of writing in 2021, which is why many entrepreneurs who joined the cryptocurrency hype-train at the very beginning have already become millionaires and even billionaires.  

    What is a Bitcoin Casino? 

    A Bitcoin casino is a gambling establishment that relies on cryptocurrency money transactions solely or partially. It allows all registered players to use Bitcoin to make top-ups and withdraw winning funds. Typically, Bitcoin casinos follow the same standards as regular online operators. They must comply with all the rules of their regulatory jurisdiction and provide gamblers with a safe and convenient gaming experience. Compared to the common online casinos, the only difference is that players must use Bitcoin for all of their payment transactions. 

    How does a Bitcoin Casino work? 

    You can find several main types of online cryptocurrency casinos on the web. Some of them allow customers to use Bitcoin exclusively, while others conduct all payment transactions through both Bitcoin and traditional currencies. Besides that, some Bitcoin casinos specialize in different digital currencies to give gamblers more opportunities to use the cryptocurrency market’s fluctuations to their advantage. 

    If you have already created your cryptocurrency e-wallet, consider that the gambling establishment may already cooperate with your payment provider. Consequently, you only need to link your wallet to the game account, and you will be able to make any transactions right away. If you do not have a wallet yet, you can create one in the appropriate section of your Bitcoin casino and start your journey to new crypto winnings. 

    Perhaps the key advantage of any cryptocurrency gambling site is anonymity, which plays a significant role for millions of gamblers. The thing is that Bitcoin payments do not require any personal data from you. Therefore, your risky hobby will not leave any marks on your credit history. In addition, a critical positive factor is that Bitcoin transactions take much less time than standard payments. Crypto establishments’ customers can receive their winnings faster, and this plus is decisive for many players. 

    How Do Crypto Casinos Encourage Their Clients? 

    • As a rule, cryptocurrency casinos can provide gamblers separate bonus packages with offers that may be even better than their regular promotions. Hybrid casinos using multiple digital and standard currencies tend to provide new crypto players with separate welcome bonuses and additional rewards not available to regular gamblers. Moreover, some platforms create entire loyalty programs for crypto clients to encourage Bitcoin payments.
    • Another notable plus is that cryptocurrency payments are cheaper for both online casinos and gambling enthusiasts. While typical payment providers may charge you a fairly large fixed amount for each transaction, cryptocurrency payments have a conversion fee that does not exceed 1-2% in most cases.
    • You also get more opportunities to have some winning gaming sessions thanks to more frequent tournaments for cryptocurrency players. Gambling operators actively promoting digital currencies encourage customers to switch to Bitcoin or other crypto options through tournaments revolving around particular game titles or even software providers. 

    Are Bitcoin Casinos legal in Canada? 

    Since Canadian provinces do not regulate the gambling sector on the regional or state level, this country has a completely legal “grey area” for offshore gambling establishments. It means that any Canadian can register at an overseas online casino using cryptocurrencies and make payments via Bitcoin or other available digital currency. 

    Are Bitcoin Casinos Legal in the US? 

    The US government also does not prohibit its residents from using Bitcoin, however, it approaches the gambling industry’s regulation pretty tough. So, if you want to create an account in some popular online casino, you should check how your state manages online gambling to avoid potential negative consequences. 

    Are Bitcoin Casinos Legal in India? 

    This country also provides gambling operators from all over the world with quite a lot of freedom. As long as your preferred Bitcoin casino has a legit license from a reputable organization, you can register and play at it. The Indian government has not banned cryptocurrency services so far, however, you should follow the news regarding this issue to dodge unexpected problems if the country will ban digital currencies. 

    Are Bitcoin Casinos legal in Australia? 

    Like previous countries, Australia does not take any legislative measures against cryptocurrencies, therefore, Australian gamblers can also feel all the benefits of this innovative payment method.


    10 (Votes: 1)


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