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15 Best Christmas Gifts For Gamblers In 2022 - GamblerKey

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Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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Considering that gambling has become quite a ubiquitous thing in recent years, you probably have a friend or relative who is into this entertaining hobby. Many of us struggle to find and select a Christmas present that will show our loved ones that we truly appreciate them. But if you gave such a person a gift that reflects one of his favourite activities, he/she would surely remember this pleasant gesture.

15 Best Christmas Gifts For Gamblers In 2022 - GamblerKey

    Our review covers gambling gifts that can surprise your friends, siblings or other relatives and make your Christmas party even more fun. And even if you rely on a modest budget after a tough quarantine period, you can certainly find something suitable. 

    1. Stylized Watch 

    A wristwatch stylized with ​​a casino in mind will emphasize your friend’s gambling hobby and help him in real-life situations. The luxury accessories often have dials designed as a poker table or a roulette wheel. Besides that, brands tend to use precious materials to craft them. 

    On the other hand, if you are looking for a more affordable solution, you will also have a lot to choose from. Even though the companies make these watches from cheaper materials, they look great and will not disappoint your friends or relatives. For example, here is a themed wristwatch that would cost you less than $50. 

    2. Unusual Gambling Games 

    Many people tend to ignore the entertainment side of gambling, although this aspect plays a significant role, and we can use it to make our life a little more exciting. Modern gambling games can energize any party and turn it into a friendly competition with non-monetary consequences. 

    For example, this popular game is called Shot Roulette, and it replaced the numbers from the traditional game with alcoholic shots. The better you predict the pointer’s final position, the more sober you will return home. The main rule is the same as in real roulette - you must know your limits :) 

    3. An Unexpected Gambling Experience 

    A truly impressive experience will remain in our memory forever, so you can organize a gambling adventure for your loved one instead of the usual gift. The industry continues to grow at an incredible pace, with land-based gambling venues reaching numerous cities around the globe. Wherever you are, you can try to find some kind of gambling-related activity to entertain your friend. It could be a visit to a famous poker tournament, a lesson from a professional blackjack dealer, or some tickets to horse racing facilities, where you can place your bets and play some slot machines. 

    4. Ticket to the Famous Gambling City 

    It is unlikely that you will ever meet a gambling lover who would refuse a trip to the incredible Sin City. Whether you are dealing with a newbie or an experienced player, buy him/her a ticket to the global gambling capital, and you will undoubtedly not disappoint that person. 

    Such a trip will be quite expensive, but you do not need to buy tickets to Vegas. Atlantic City, Reno, Paris or Macau - these cities have stepped into the gambling scene confidently and also attract thousands of risky tourists every year. 

    5. Stylized Cufflinks 

    If you want to add something themed to your loved one’s clothing style, there is a great solution - stylized cufflinks. This accessory will help your friend express himself, and at the same time, he/she will not draw too much attention. Of course, there are numerous variations of these cufflinks, and they can range significantly from the design or price perspective. For example, these cufflinks look amazing but cost about $10 only. 

    Also, keep in mind that more sophisticated items made from quality materials can cost even more than $300. And if you have a solid Christmas budget, you can surprise your loved one with some truly exclusive gambling cufflinks.  

    6. Casino-themed Accessories 

    Clothes can tell a lot about a person, especially if you dilute them with some fun and good-looking themed accessory. It can be party socks, a comic bow tie or any other item that would emphasize the person’s overall style and express his/her personality. 

    A gift like this will show your friend that you appreciate their adventurous nature and competitive spirit. And at the same time, you do not have to spend a fortune on a thing that will put a smile on your loved one’s face. 

    7. Slot Machine or At Least Its Mini-replica 

    At first glance, a home slot machine may seem like an expensive gift to you but you have options in this regard. Nobody forces you to spend all your savings to buy a giant slot that would duplicate the casino’s “one-armed bandits” to the full extent. Instead, you can get a more affordable mini slot machine that also looks pretty impressive. 

    Another alternative to a real gaming terminal is an ordinary moneybox designed as a slot. This thing will easily fit into your friend or relative’s interior and will remind him/her of you every time he/she will save a coin. 

    8. Gambling Bathroom Upgrade 

    Gifts like a stylized towel, shower curtain or even toothbrush holders can make everyday things much more engaging. Such gambling attributes will not require significant investments from you and will delight gambling lovers with an unobtrusive reminder of their favourite game or card combination. 

    9. Home Casino 

    Who said that you need to visit a real establishment to feel a casino atmosphere? Instead, you can create it at home thanks to special mini-sets with games, fake chips and other must-have gambling attributes. 

    What makes this gift even more attractive is the fact that you can use it not only on Christmas Eve but also for any other party. In addition, if you are not a savvy gambler, an experienced friend or relative can rely on these mini-kits to explain to you the rules of the most famous classic casino games like blackjack or poker. And you will surely be able to visit any land-based establishment after such homeschooling. 

    10. Las Vegas Сasino Сard Deck 

    Ask any card games enthusiast of if they would like to get a deck from a real Las Vegas casino or not, and he/she will certainly give you a positive answer. There is something captivating and almost mysterious about Sin City, and if the gambler gets even a tiny piece of this mesmerizing place, his/her emotions will go through the roof. 

    A regular deck of cards can cost you $3-5, but if it’s authentic and professional dealers from some recognizable establishment do use the same cards, it can become somewhat of a lucky charm for your friend. In addition, he/she will be able to use this deck for its intended purpose and surprise his/her gambling friends with cards from a real casino. 

    11. Gambling Painting 

    Even if your loved one has not bought a single painting in his/her entire life, it does not mean that he/she does not like painting at all. Reflect the gambling theme on the gift canvas, and the player will undoubtedly appreciate this move. And given that you know what colours prevail in his/her interior, you can choose a painting that fits perfectly into this person’s room, apartment or house. 

    12. Poker Glasses 

    Everyone knows that poker sessions require a lot of concentration and the ability to hide your emotions, but when it comes to friendly card gatherings, this is not the case. Poker enthusiasts often bring beer for these hangouts, and you can delight them with a selection of stylized beer glasses. On the one hand, this gambling purchase will suit you if you are on a tight budget. And on the other hand, such a thing is useful for a player not only for poker evenings. 

    13. Casino Earrings 

    If you are dealing with a female gambler, there are thousands of different options for you in terms of stylized earrings. It can be either simple but creative jewellery or an expensive item made of rare materials. Miniature casino chips, cards-related designs or dice earrings - think which game your gambling-lover admires the most and buy her a product reflecting this theme. 

    14. Fun Gambling Clothes 

    Why would not you add something fun but not overly intrusive to your friend’s wardrobe? A quality T-shirt with a relevant gambling joke will surely put a smile on his/her face and will surely become one of his/her favourite outfits for any gambling-related activity. 

    15. Automatic Card Shuffler 

    This cool and convenient device is also an integral part of the gambling world. It will remind you of the real casinos’ magical atmosphere and level up your late card parties from a technological perspective. 

    As you can see, you can combine the gambling theme with other everyday life aspects pretty much flawlessly. Whatever budget you plan to spend, we hope that our list will help you find at least a few worthwhile ideas for your dear gamblers.


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    • Kiel Clifford
      I liked that stylized watch. It will be an excellent present for my brother who is into poker.

    • Ryan Chesterton
      Definitely, I should buy this roulette wheel and play shot roulette with my homies) I think that nobody will get bored afterwards.

    • maks
      Ahahah, the party socks are awesome! Should ask my gf to buy me this gift by Christmas.

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