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xBomb Game Mechanic

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All of the most trusted and respectable casino games and software providers strive to provide gamblers with the constantly developing variety of gambling options. The xBomb gaming mechanic is another invention to fascinate the seasoned casino players and to attract the newbies.

xBomb Game Mechanic

    This is a complete guide on all the particularities, perks, strategies and history of the xBomb slot games. We have accomplished it for your convenience to implement it into your gambling strategy. 

    Do not hesitate to look through the text on this page to ferret out all the details that would intromit you to the world of never-ending winnings and excitement at any online casino!    

    A Complete Guide to xBomb Slots

    xBomb Slots History

    The history of xBomb traces back to the year 2021. The main — and the first — event that made a contribution to the mechanic’s creation was the release of an epic slot, Fire In The Hole. The slot game was manufactured by the triumph software developer Nolimit City.  

    The developer named the mechanic as xBomb due to the explosion on the slot reels that happens when a particular combination of slot symbols beholds the game.

    It sounds pretty appealing, doesn’t it? So, let us go deeper into xBomb mechanic-based slot machines, and you will see how they can advance your winnings and add up to your gambling experiences at any online casino where these slots are available.

    xBomb Slots Explained

    The logic of xBomb is easy enough. All the mechanic is based on the Wild symbol that, figuratively speaking, explodes. Nevertheless, it would not be sufficient: the Wild symbol at the xBomb games removes the successive symbols leading a gambler to a winning.

    As a rule, each of the explosions removes up to 9 symbols, a Wild symbol included.

    After such an explosion, a bunch of new symbols fill the gaming field. It leads to multiplier’s increasing by plus one.

    To cut a long story short, this mechanic, that may seem antics from the first glance, results in great winnings by removing the symbols and adjusting the new ones and augmenting the multiplier.

    This approach is used not only at Fire In The Hole but also at some other alternatives like Evil Goblins xBomb.

    Isn’t that what the gamblers have dreamed of all the time? 

    Just for your information, regardless of its quite a short history, the maximum win at this kind of games was 50,416x the initial stake. It happened because the initial set of 6 x 3 reels gradually turned into 6 x 6 reels.

    So, it would be appropriate to consider some of the slot games featuring this very mechanic, right?

    Power-up Slot Sessions with xBomb Games

    To show you a practical approach to the xBomb slot mechanics, we are presenting some descriptions of the games like Evil Goblins xBomb and Fire In The Hole. 

    These are the most popular alternatives. And before some of the newer options are published, you may always enjoy playing these games for real money to assess all the perks!

    Evil Goblins xBomb

    Evil Goblins xBomb exclusively designed by No Limit City is known to comprise  

    • 6 reel;
    • 3 row; 
    • 729 paylines. 

    When playing the game, be sure to stick to the following rules. As mentioned above, when an xBomb Wild symbole emerges somewhere, it explodes. After having exploded, it removes adjacent symbols. The only exception that can never be erased is a scatter symbol. 

    By exploding, there is an augmentation of the multiplier up a notch. 

    Each xBomb symbol also adds a line to the area, up to a maximum of seven lines.

    As soon as you start in playing the Evil Goblins xBomb game, you should be aware that it incorporates the cascade (aka avalanche / tumbling) mechanics in its gameplay. In other words, the winning symbols disappear to make room for other symbols which can in turn create gains. This mechanic is active on all spins.

    Evil Goblins xBomb offers several types of wilds, namely normal wilds and Resurrection Wilds. 

    A wild has the ability to replace any other symbol (except a scatter). With Resurrection Wilds, you can benefit from a win multiplier of up to x55.

    Now let us consider the scatter symbols of the game. They are as usual vital because they serve as the key to launch the free spins of the game. As a result, you have access to two different free spins modes:

    • Fresh Meat Spins: You win eight free spins with guaranteed wild symbols every spin and more chances of getting Goblin Sacrifice and xBombs.
    • Goblins Feats Spins: Four free spins are awarded. This mode comes from the first free spins mode, when you manage to trigger the Evil 4 bonus. By counting the multipliers and the wilds, these free spins can be extremely profitable.

    Similarly to any other No Limit City slots, Evil Goblins xBomb also offers an impressive maximum payout since it is possible to win 31.969 times your bet amount. 

    However, let us qualify because if this bet is possible, it only happens once in 55 million spins on average.

    Evil Goblins xBomb offers extreme volatility and is available on all PC and mobile devices with its HTML5 technology.

    Fire In The Hole

    Released in March 2021, the Fire In The Hole game is structured including 

    • 3 rows; 
    • 6 reels; 
    • 46,656 paylines

    It possesses an RTP of 96.06%.

    The game invites you to take advantage of a range of bets varying from $0.20 to $50 per spin to try to win a wonderful jackpot of 60,000 times your stake. 

    In addition to Fire In The Hole’s active area, another more discreet grid is accessible with its 3 payment lines. 

    In terms of graphics, the interface takes us to the bottom of a mine decorated by a wooden frame. 

    The surrounding area is quite dark with some lighting illuminating the place. These are lanterns that provide light to the ancient well. 

    When it comes to the game’s soundtrack, the music turns out to be rather heavy and energizes the spins. 

    As for the symbols, the selection contains wing symbols placed from left to right on the grid:

    • Five card icons; 
    • Pickaxes;
    • Rope;
    • Boots;
    • Satchel; 
    • Lantern. 

    The latter report winnings between 1.75 to 7.5 times the stake.

    The game Fire in the Hole xBomb is available from $0.20 to $50 per spin. 

    With a volatility rated as high, it is extremely high compared to the No Limit publisher’s other slots. 

    As for the redistribution rate, the percentage is variable and may change depending on the version. 

    On the odds side, players achieve a 1 in 4 success rate.

    Players who want to do without the base game can opt to purchase features. The process is broken down into three distinct options that cost 60x, 157x or 500x a stake. 

    Nolimit City’s Fire in the Hole xBomb is packed with features that lead players to a gold mine. The maximum jackpot reaches 60,000x the bet via the collapses, the different symbols and the xBomb function.

    xBomb Mechanics: How to Play in Four Steps

    Playing casino slots is always easy — as well as the winnings per se — when sticking to the super simple steps. xBomb one-armed bandits are no exception, and you will see it right away! 

    To play the games based on this type of mechanic, be advised to follow the steps listed below to simplify the very process of gaming and advance your winning capacities:

    1. Select a casino you would love to play the game based on xBomb.
    2. Sign up (if you are not registered) or sign in and make a deposit.
    3. Choose the game (one of the listed above).
    4. Make a bet and spin the slot.

    By the way, if you are not sure whether you like the game, feel free to test it utilizing a demo mode. It is always available at any reliable online casino.

    In any case, by following these easy stages, you will approach the most brilliant gambling experiences you might have ever fancied!

    Nonetheless, do not forget that whenever you are into casino activities, be sure to keep in mind the strategy.  

    xBomb Strategy?

    When it comes to xBomb slots, the strategy is not much different from any other slots. And yet, you are supposed to implement some steps into your strategy if you are eager to grab the biggest winnings.

    The strategy may comprise some of the ordinary points like:

    • Set a budget and do not go off-scale.
    • Try to learn all the bonuses of the game to use them.
    • Go into big stakes to have bigger winnings.

    If you want to know some more, just scroll down to read about advantages and disadvantages of the slots under consideration.

    The Advantages & Disadvantages of xBomb Slots

    When it comes to the comparison of the xBomb slot machines’ pros and cons, you should always keep in mind that the advantages and benefits are numerous:

    • Augmented probability to win;
    • Brand-new experiences;
    • Incredible music effects;
    • Low- and big-stake gambling is possible;
    • More diverse bonus offers.

    As for the cons, honestly, it is quite complicated to single out some. So, you may enjoy the games and obtain the top-rated winnings!

    The Evolution of xBomb Games

    Like any other unique mechanic, xBomb’s future is based on the development of the new games. Also, the new bonus offers may be implemented.

    In any case, gamblers would witness brilliant game variety, so follow the news and keep posted not to miss any opportunity to play a new game based on this very mechanic! 


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