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A New Pool Play Feature – A New Way to Reach A Jackpot

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Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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Videoslots, a leading casino operator, is going to enhance its popular Battle of Slots universe with an innovative approach – Pool Play in May 2021. This brand-new feature will allow players to unite and start fighting for a fantastic jackpot side by side. Thus, a new way to reach the jackpot is the Pool Play feature that will add to your gambling adventure more fun, more social activities and higher winning potential.

A New Pool Play Feature – A New Way to Reach A Jackpot

    Everyone wants to get a jackpot or huge win at least one time in life. Such companies like NetEnt and Microgaming have already launched lucrative video slots with progressive jackpots. And Videoslots has decided to modify this system a little bit. Starting from the first week of May, players will be able to test this mode for themselves.

    The Essential Idea of Pool Play

    The Pool Play feature will allow users to create better opportunities for jackpots and reach winnings as a team. It seems familiar to the way of conducting jackpots by Microgaming and NetEnt, but the essential difference lies in the gameplay. The users will purchase a Buy-In Ticket and make a shared monetary fund. The winning pool will be divided equally among all team members so that nobody will remain with an empty wallet.

    This unique feature will be available in such slots as Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah, and this list will be expanded later on.

    Alexander Stevendahl, Chief Executive Officer at Videoslots, shared the post on LinkedIn:

    “After 12 months hard work we are ready to launch our new feature in our own Battle of Slots universe. - Pool Play - Play slots together like never before - one balance - thousands of players!”

    His words show that players will be able to experience something new and work together as a team to get well-desired rewards with the Pool Play feature in Battle of Slots.

    What is Battle of Slots?

    The Battle of Slots feature is an innovative game solution developed by Videoslots to give gamblers a shot in participating multiplayer mode. If you are playing alone, it can be tedious, but when you have a party of two, three, or four players – there will be a lot of fun. For sure, you can use the chat bar to communicate with other players as well.

    Many people have already tested this feature, and thousands of people compete against each other daily. But what are the benefits?

    Different gambling modes (like tournaments) with their unique vital advantages are presented there. You can choose either a mode that allows you to compete against one person or a mode that provides an opportunity to play together versus the casino itself. Choose the game mode that fits you best and enjoy your gambling with a lot of fun and generous rewards.

    The new approach makes gambling even more attractive and allows players to keep this engagement for a long time. If you don’t want to fight for the jackpot alone, you can try this brand-new gambling mode and enjoy gambling with other players together. What do you think about this innovation?


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