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Blueprint Has Released the Eye of Horus Game Adding the Power 4 Slots Mechanics

06:40 January 20, 2021 1 2113
Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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Blueprint, a leading software provider, has released the latest edition of the well-known video slot by the headline of Eye of Horus. It is the 5th edition of the slot, and the developer has decided to surprise players with an addition of a unique mechanics – Power 4 Slots.

Blueprint Has Released the Eye of Horus Game Adding the Power 4 Slots Mechanics

    The Unique Mechanics of Power 4 Slots

    The mechanics are based on the classical solution advanced by Reel Time Gaming. The concept of the mechanics allows players to receive higher chances of winning. There is a shot to enter in a special mode with up to four separated playground fields during gambling of the Eye of Horus. Thus, the probability to become a winner increases four times. Furthermore, a player has x4 more chances to initiate a special bonus proposition.

    It requires to launch a new Bonus round with an additional Super Game feature to enter in this mode. After launching this mini-game, a player needs to launch the reels and wait for the result. It can be free spins or additional four-reel windows (up to 4).

    The Great Solution for Gamblers

    For sure, this solution will increase the engagement of the slot among players and give them not one but four more opportunities to gain the winning probabilities and multiply the winning pool.  This brand holds the place as one of the most thriving developer’s creations, and this release has already shown how prosperous this edition of the slot is.

    Jo Purvis, Blueprint Gaming’s Head of Marketing and Relationships, made an accent on this feature in the hope to reach new players. He also stated:

    “Players have really resonated with our Power 4 slots™ concept, and introducing four-reel windows to the Eye of Horus family of titles will help drive even more interest in this hugely popular brand.”

    Furthermore, Mr. Purvis added in his statement that the company wasn’t going to step back from this path and would continue to amaze the customers with even more attractive and entertaining solutions during this 2021 year.

    The Eye of Horus playing slot with the implementation of the unique mechanics of Power 4 Slots is an amazing beginning of the 2021 year for Blueprint. Absolutely, it’s great to have more chances to win, but to have x4 chances is something unbelievable. The software developer takes care of its players and tries to keep them engaging by applying fascinating and attractive solutions to its game options.


    9.5 (Votes: 5)


    • Gipsy
      One victory is no longer interesting. But immediately 4 is something. No time to think - you have to go and play.

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