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GamblerScope: Your Lucky Horoscope from 21st December to 27th December 2020 by GamblerKey

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Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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The astrologers at GamblerKey wish to congratulate everyone on the upcoming Christmas madness. The countdown to the Christmas and New Year events is almost over, and the next week will be the most challenging in the last 12 months. The deadlines are coming closer to the final point, and the need to find and purchase Christmas gifts is in demand more than ever. Anxious anticipation of a magical Christmas event will allow you to forget about any troubles and difficulties… or not.

The astrologer at GamblerKey will tell you how different signs of the Zodiac will overcome these days and how they will prepare for the holidays.

GamblerScope: Your Lucky Horoscope from 21st December to 27th December 2020 by GamblerKey
  • Aries (21 March – 20 April)

Aries doesn’t need any preparations for the holidays. The holidays will prepare the ground for Aries celebration. And what’s the point in planning if everything will go out of plan on Christmas? Aries doesn’t have the patience to hustle in long lines, cut small ingredients for the salad, and cling toys on the thorny artificial Christmas tree. Therefore, he calls for luck and hopes for Gemini, who will undoubtedly organize the perfect Christmas evening, and Aries will have to come to the already prepared dinner and find his luck in online slots.

  • Taurus (21 April – 21 May)

Taurus has been preparing for these events since the leaf on the calendar had slightly turned September. For such a long time, she bought all the touching and breath-taking decorations for the home in IKEA, decorated the Christmas tree, wrapped the furniture, and even the cat with garlands and all possible lighting sources. And the final accord is a Christmas wallpaper on the phone screen and another festive tournament in an online casino as a pre-party bonus.

  • Gemini (22 May – 21 June)

Usually, Gemini thinks about the upcoming Christmas and New Year events at the very last moment. How is it possible? It was on 15 September yesterday! Gemini isn’t Gemini if he cannot organize a holiday party, write a script with vulgar contests, and amateur poker tournament.

  • Cancer (22 June – 22 July)

During the whole of December, Cancer diligently handled the deadlines and projects, met with the customers, and most of the time responded to calls with the words: “Let’s get in touch after Christmas break!” The primary Cancer’s goal is to figure out all the business tasks and spend her time exclusively on food, alcohol, and other entertainment, like gambling in favorite video slots, on December 25. Taurus will take care of everything, especially preparation.

  • Leo (23 July – 23 August)

Leo is so excited to prepare the best Christmas evening for these losers (guests). His celebration will be surely having the best presents, the most delicious food, the sexiest Snow Maiden as well as the best gambling. Therefore, the whole of December, but not only the last days before Christmas, is going in a Christmas rush.

  • Virgo (24 August – 23 September)

Virgo is a master of preparation. The goal is to make everything perfect. Therefore, going back in November, she started extensive repairs so that the apartment would be in perfect condition by Christmas. As a result, the guests have a risk of enjoying poker games and wallpapering in between the rounds. Here is the question – why is it so? Why does every holiday turn into a nervous breakdown for Virgo? Perhaps, perfectionism isn’t so great an idea as self-educated psychologists talk about on Instagram.

  • Libra (24 September – 23 October)

The most challenging moment for Libra in the Christmas Eve preparation is to choose a present. As soon as he figures out this issue, everything goes perfectly and brings enjoyment. He fills the apartment with glittering tinsel, turns on Christmas music, and waits when Leo invites him for the party. Meanwhile, he spins the reels at online slots drinks a Bushwacker cocktail (cacao plus rum) in the light of a flashing garland.

  • Scorpio (24 October – 22 November)

To become the start of the Christmas evening, Scorpio begins her preparation a long time bore the event. But if Gemini and Leo prepare snacks, drinks, and fun contests for the celebration, Scorpio focuses on herself. And at the same time, she doesn’t forget to control everything around: dishes should be well-organized, the Christmas tree should be decorated with exclusive decorations only. Even the planned poker tournament should be hosted by the winner of WSOP. Scorpio will agree on the best options only, and woe to those who dare to contradict her.

  • Sagittarius (23 November – 21 December)

Sagittarius’s preparations for Christmas are intertwined with his own birthday. As an end effect, December merges into a continuous celebration where Sagittarius moves from one party to another. He is prepared for such a marathon in early November: he bought a box of champaign, a bag of fireworks, and collected all the possible online casino bonuses in honor of the birthday, Christmas, and New Year.

  • Capricorn (22 December – 20 January)

Unlike Sagittarius, Capricorn has no excitement about the holidays. Indeed, instead of getting congratulations and wishes for her birthday, everyone around either is preparing for the Christmas event or having a holiday hangover. Most often, she reflects on two crucial questions: will there be enough money, and will the liver overcome this tough time? If only one answer is YES, then Capricorn puts on a show that she has her birthday later in summer and joins the rest at the Gemini Christmas poker tournament. What’s more, Scorpio has already invited a professional poker coach, and Leo has paid for everything.

  • Aquarius (21 January – 18 February)

During the whole year, Aquarius has fought for world peace, covered his colleagues, make a concession to the customers, and shared online casino bonuses with the friends. And now, it’s time for himself only, when he can sleep around the clock and wait for Christmas. But the Christmas mood is already here. And since December 20, he is happily running around the office in the costume of Santa Claus, spreading his mood to others and distributing invitation lists to Leo’s party.

  • Pisces (19 February – 20 March)

Pisces has another way of thinking: “It’s a great idea to visit Gemini’s party, but he has already invited Capricorn, and I cannot stand her. There is one more party at Sagittarius’ place, but the music will be loud for my ears, and there will be this stupid firework. I can stay at home and for sure spend all of my money on online casinos.” In general, Pisces has no clue how everything will be going, and it’s better not to ask him this kind of question.


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