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GK Talks: Streaming Before and After the New Twitch Policy

09:35 September 3, 2021 0 1782
Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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Our GamblerKey Inspector is trying to provide you with the latest and actual news from the world of gambling. On 11 August, Twitch announced its new rules that would influence gambling streaming and restrict this activity. Many casino streamers were forced to remove all referral links and codes from their previous streaming sessions until a determined date. Starting from 17 August, they are not allowed to do this, and, in case of disobedience, they will face serious consequences.

GK Talks: Streaming Before and After the New Twitch Policy

After this shocking announcement, GamblerKey Inspector had a chance to talk with one of the streamers’ representatives – a gambling girl Dice Girl – about his issue and how to handle this problem.

Who Is Dice Girl?

Dice Girl is a Lithuanian girl of the age of 25 who has a strong passion for gambling. Working in the office and having a boring routine, she finds a spark of entertainment in casino games. She is relatively young in this field but already has over 2,000 followers on Twitch. Her streams are entirely in English.

At the moment, she cannot devote a lot of time to making broadcasts but is thinking about a significant life change – to be a full-time casino streamer and enjoy her cup of tea to the greatest extent.

The Highlights of the Interview with Dice Girl

Under the new digest of GK Talks, Viktoriia Harus, a hostess of GamblerKey Inspector, mostly focuses her attention on the new Twitch policy that calls for the reduction of gambling promotion. She asks Dice Girl about her next steps and how she will deal with those restricted rules. Besides this issue, they touch on the following topics you may be interested in:

  • How to make a gambling session for 16 or 18 hours and not get tired?
  • Responsible gambling and loss-limit set-up.
  • The perspectives of being a girl in such a competitive gambling environment.
  • And advice for people who want to start streaming casino games.

Watch the interview, like the video, and write comments below of what you think about this new Twitch policy and the future perspectives of gambling on Twitch.


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