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GK Talks: The Path from Online RPG to Gambling

07:21 October 20, 2021 0 1258
Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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A new interview with a Canadian casino streamer is already waiting for you on our YouTube channel to watch it! This time, GamblerKey Inspector conducted an online talk with SupItsJ, who shared with us an exciting story about the shift from his passion for an online RPG game RuneScape and high stakes to online gambling.

GK Talks: The Path from Online RPG to Gambling

Who Is SupItsJ?

SupItsJ is a casino streamer who fell in love with an online RPG game by the name of RuneScape many years ago. His passion for making high wagers within this game brought him to the point of switching his interest in favour of online gambling. And now, from time to time, he makes live streams on Twitch, paying most of his attention to casino games at the Stake casino but sometimes switching to other online games.

With a motto of “If it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense,” the casino streamer is trying to turn this exciting hobby into a primary source of income. And he has step-by-step progress. Starting his part-time streaming career in January 2021, he has got his audience on Twitch and YouTube and constantly expands his community. What is more – his winning strategy is working, and it helps him to make a good profit.

What Was the Interview All About?

During the online interview, SupItsJ talked about how his passion for a simple online game and high stakes turned into something more valuable. Additionally, he touched on the following topics that might be interesting to you:

  • His first investment into the Stake casino and his personal experience with this gambling platform;
  • A winning strategy that has helped him to keep a positive casino balance;
  • Further promotion of his channels (Twitch and YouTube);
  • His plans for the future.

Share your story with us in the comments below about your personal trigger that motivated you to join the gambling community and be interested in this exciting and unpredictably surprising industry. And if you want to watch more exciting interviews with casino streamers, do not forget to subscribe to our channel and click on the Bell icon in order not to miss anything interesting.

Enjoy responsible gambling and play smarter!


10 (Votes: 2)



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