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TOP 5 Online Halloween Slot Machines for 2021

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Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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Rising skeletons, spooky ghosts, deadly zombies, bloodthirsty vampires are waiting for the perfect time to appear and scare you. And this time is around the corner because the Halloween event will take place already this week. Many game developers prepared themselves for the celebration and released Halloween-themed casino slots. Some slots may scare you, while others can bring a lot of fun to your crazy gambling adventures.

TOP 5 Online Halloween Slot Machines for 2021

    In this article, we will get to know you with the TOP 5 online Halloween slot machines that frighten you out of existence… or not. So, let us begin your trick-or-treat adventure!

    Day of Dead by Pragmatic Play

    Your first scary point will be a relatively new development, presented by Pragmatic Play in October 2021. The Day of Dead casino slot will be a place where you can ask for a sweety reward or get scared by dead persons. Just kidding. This video slot will not frighten you at all because it is more dedicated to a Mexican holiday with almost the same name. So, you will get a lot of fun definitely.

    Besides this thematical design, the Day of Dead video slot is ready to give you a chance to pay respect for all the dead and, of course, receive your “candies.” The celebration takes place on a playground grid of 5x4 and with a standard number of pay lines (20). Thanks to a bonus feature with free respins and a Walking Wild, the event will be literally filled with many undead and corpses. But these dead creatures will not harm you. Indeed, they bring your sweetness and candies directly to your hands.

    The Day of Dead slot provides its players with a high level of volatility and the winning potential of 4,500x the initial bet. An RTP value is also deadly generous and consists of 96.50%. And if you want to try more casino slots developed with a strong focus on the Mexican holiday, you can check out a few more exciting thematical games.

    Muerto en Mictlan by Play’n Go

    Following the topic of the Mexican holiday – Day of the Dead – Play’n Go prepared for you one more casino slot dedicated to the same topic. So, your next Halloween checkpoint will be together with a casino slot with the intimidating name of Muerto en Mictlan. The game developer made everything sure that the slot could deliver a true environment of the Aztec’s underworld with all nine levels. But do not be so scared about this realm. Everything will be fine.

    Launching the slot for the first time, you will be transferred into a simple province town with no single person. Above this deadly and peaceful background, you will notice a playground grid featuring five reels and three rows. The actual number of pay lines is ten. But that pleasant environment will not be last for a long time, and the underworld will replace it after you have a match of Scatter symbols. In the underworld, you meet different spirits that bring different sweetness.

    Besides sweet candies and lollypops, you can count on an insane prize of 10,000x the placed bet. But it will be a challenging task to receive such a generous reward because of the high level of volatility. And a Return-to-Player index of this Halloween slot machine belongs to the real world and equals 96.20%.

    Cabin Crashers by Quickspin

    Ok, it is enough of good and funny monsters, and you probably need action with shooting and many zombies. The Cabin Crasher slot developed by Quickspin is precisely the online Halloween slot machine that combines both of these elements – shooting and zombies.

    The game developer designed the game in a manner of a B-grade American horror. For example, the playground grid is located in a forest lightened with a moonshine. And all action takes place on this grid that has three rows, five reels and 20 lines for payout.

    After you place your first bet and start spinning the reel, the zombie hunt will begin. From time to time, you will see that some zombies want to crash your cabin and eat your brain, but thanks God, you have a shotgun that smashes the zombies’ heads immediately. You get a random multiplier as a reward for every kill, which applies to a received win. Of course, you can go on and find three Grave symbols that trigger a bonus game with up to 20 free rounds.

    During both base and bonus games, you have high chances to reach the highest payout of 22,144x while killing these “doomy” monsters. But the high level of volatility will not allow you to get such a crazy reward without any effort. Talking about an RTP value, it is 96.18%.

    The Mummy: Books of Amun Ra by Playtech

    What kind of celebration can Halloween be without mummies? Playtech took this matter into its hands and released the online Halloween slot machine by the name of The Mummy: Books of Amun Ra.

    The casino game is based on the top-rated franchise The Mummy with all its main characters, including O'Connell, Evelyn, Imhotep, Anck Su Namun and Scorpion King. All the main protagonists and antagonists present unique bonus features (from 4 to 12 free plays), which can be selected on your own after finding three books of Amun Ra. The adventure is held on a standard-size playground grid of 5x3 and ten pay lines.

    Thanks to the high volatility of this casino slot and an RTP value of 95.97%, the adventures through the dark corridors of the pyramid will be challenging, and you will need to play exceptionally carefully to get the most fabulous secret treasure of the King of the Egyptian Gods – 10,000x the placed bet. And not to get scared! And if this game will not be scary enough, you can go even deeper and discover the Book of Dead.

    Fat Drac by Push Gaming

    Your trick-or-treat adventure is not an adventure without Graf Dracula. But instead of terrifying thousands of people bloodsucker, you will meet a modified version of Dracula after a one-year break. Let us introduce to you the Fat Drac slot. Obviously, the father of all vampires had a great time that he changed his image so bad. But the fatty bloodsucker and Push Gaming have left many trick-or-treat presents.

    Coming in on the gloomy playground grid of 5x5 and 40 lines for payout, the Fat Drac will not introduce himself immediately. First of all, you need to come through skeletons, meet dark creatures and all the dark matters. Then, the Fat Drac will feel the taste of your blood and come to you in the shape of a tiny bat. When you put Goblets of Blood on the grid, the Lord Vampire reveals its true form and rewards you with many juicy multipliers.

    The maximum possible multiplier that can land on the grid is 50,000x, but do not think that this high-volatility Halloween online slot will get you such a generous present with ease. Bear in mind that the RTP index of the game is unstable and varies from 95.04% to 96.57%.

    So, your trick-or-treat journey comes to an end here, but there are many more scary and spooky casino games related to the topic of Halloween that you can try. Trick or treat – and everything is up to you!


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