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Play’n Go Takes Players to Wonderland Again

08:29 August 26, 2021 0 1687
Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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It is the right time to go down to the rabbit hole and visit Wonderland one more time. Play’n Go released a sequel to Rabbit Hole Riches with the name of Agent of Hearts. The release date was planned for 19 August 2021. Wonderland is in danger, and this world needs your help.

Play’n Go Takes Players to Wonderland Again

    We already know from the previous part of the game that the Queen’s heart is a secret element to the riches of Wonderland. So, the special protectors had guarded the keys, which nobody could use for an evil purpose, but these keys were meanly stolen. And who can do this job better? Of course, the special Agent of Hearts. His aim is to retrieve the keys and return them to the actual owner. In return, the Agent will be generously rewarded.

    Do Not Lose Your Head and Find the Keys

    The dangerous hunt in fairly Wonderland begins on the playground grid of the squad size of 7x7. The slot features a traditional number of paying lines, which consists of 20. Because of the Cluster feature, your chances to form additional winning combinations are relatively higher. It also makes you one step closer to the keys and your reward.

    During this intriguing adventure, you will have four assistants (four bonus features): Mad Hatter, Grinning Cat, Smoking Caterpillar, and little Dormouse. With their help, it will be much easier to reach the primary goal.

    These characters will definitely assist you through the journey. Each of them obtains a unique ability to create more space and opportunities to get these three keys to open the Queen’s heart and get your free spins. Moreover, the White Rabbit will come over randomly from time to time and trigger one randomly chosen bonus feature.

    Fascinating Visuals in the Tim Burton’s Manner

    For sure, the developers of Play’n Go were inspired by Luis Caroll’s novel, but the design and all visuals seem to be familiar with the movie directed by Tim Burton. Eye-catching animation, dark theme, and adventurous music make the gameplay incredibly attractive. All of these elements will help you immerse in Wonderland to the greatest extent. And Charlotte Miliziano, Head of Games at Play’n Go, mentioned in her latest statement about the slot:

    “Our designers do an amazing job of radiating the personalities of the characters in the Rabbit Hole Riches narratives, which I think is why this game is so compelling – it looks great!”

    Of course, the software developer did a great job in this regard. And you definitely should try this game at least one time.

    As stated on the company’s website, the Agent of Hearts casino slot features an RTP index of 96.25% and a high level of volatility. Thus, now it is your turn to help the Agent retrieve the keys and grab your well-deserved, generous reward.


    10 (Votes: 1)



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