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Popular YouTuber “FaZe Banks” Goes Wild in Online Casino

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Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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Richard Bengston, widely known as FaZe Banks, is a famous Youtuber from Massachusetts and one of the co-founders of FaZe Clan. On 10 June 2021, he made his very first casino live stream on Twitch together with his good friend Rice, better known as RiceGum, after a long-time break. The broadcast got success from the very first seconds.

Banks charged his casino account for 100,000.00 dollars and started gambling. What is more, he did crazy things during his live session and had a lot of fun. As a pleasant bonus, some people got a significant money tip from him.

Popular YouTuber “FaZe Banks” Goes Wild in Online Casino

    First-Ever Twitch Stream, Technical Issue and the First Slot

    Banks announced in his IG account that he was going to be live on Twitch in a few minutes. At the very beginning of the Twitch stream in Roobet Casino, the total number of viewers reached 46,583 people. But the broadcast was crushed after a few minutes of being live. It was a technical issue that was fixed relatively quickly.

    The audience shifted to around 30k viewers after this crush. Banks appreciated the remaining viewers and commented this moment:

    “The people who are still here, you, guys, are the real ones.”

    Streaming together with Rice, Banks launched the first casino slot by the name of Sweet Bonanza by Pragmatic Play. He purchased a bonus feature for 10k dollars, but this attempt did not follow any success. After this loss, he temped get his money back and bought the bonus one more time. The second try followed the same negative result, but with a few hundred dollars of loss only.

    The Risky Game

    After these unsuccessful tries, he went to Mines, a mini-game, placed several times a considerable stake, and won a tremendous amount of money. The essential idea of this mini-game lies in assumption. He needed to guess which spot was free from a mine. The more spots you unfold successfully, the better the winning coefficient and winning pool you get. For sure, he had bad luck as well during these risky rounds. But, by the end of this game, the Youtuber’s balance was 17k more than the initial deposit.

    Love For Dogs and The Dog House

    He made an additional bankroll because of this risky mini-game and lucky assumptions. The next move went to The Dog House slot developed by Pragmatic Play. Banks sincerely shared that his love for dogs was incredibly huge. Therefore, he decided to pick this game.

    With a high-stake bet of 100 dollars, Banks and Rice began spinning the reels of The Dog House in the hope of getting the bonus. After dozens of plays, good luck came to them when three dog houses appeared on the grid and rewarded the streamers with $7,050.00.

    After this substantial instant win, Banks raised the bet to 200 and 250 dollars, respectively. Losing around 10k bucks, a desired match of the bonus symbols finally showed up and gave the streamers 13 free rotations. This bonus game helped them to earn $8,350.00. After finishing the bonus rounds, he made a little break and just communicated with the audience.

    Ups and Downs During the Gambling Session

    Mike Majlak, a famous American YouTube vlogger, came over and joined the broadcast during this small break. They continued to play casino slots. This time, the choice laid to Sweet Bonanza again. The gameplay was more successful and even profitable, but Banks chose to play Mines again.  

    With a stake of $10,000, which he raised later to $20,000, he started to temp his luck, but the fortune was far away from him. He almost lost all of his money within a few minutes. During these risky rounds, he even claimed Mike in his unsuccess. But everything is turned over for him great.

    A few moments later, the streamer was spinning the reel of the Floating Dragon slot by Pragmatic Play and got some winning there. This part of the stream, he spent with a well-known Twitch streamer, Adin Ross.

    In general, his gambling session was followed by many ups and downs. But by the end of the stream, he still had a plus on his casino account.

    Crazy Highlights

    This gambling session was full not only of gambling content but also crazy things and cheering vibes. The popular YouTube blogger and his close friends were drinking shots, had funny conversations, and, what is more, Banks made a tattoo. It was not a simple tattoo but a thematical one. A tattoo master drew a logo of Roobet Casino on the streamer’s left leg.

    The very first Twitch gambling session of FaZe Banks met success for sure. According to the provided stats, he had 34,616 viewers on average and total live views – 475,365.

    He promised that he would be back on Twitch tomorrow. And by the way, he appreciated people who watched the stream and supported him. To show his gratitude, he gave ten $1,000-give-away tips to ten random people.


    9.83 (Votes: 3)


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      I will never understand how he can make such crazy bets.

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      I would find much more exciting ways to spend this money! 😁

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      Watched this stream live and will never forget it.

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      I guess the more you play, the more chances you get to land some comparable wins.

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