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Relax Apex – The Next-Generation Aggregation Tool

09:05 June 25, 2021 0 2030
Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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Relax Gaming always seeks a way to help its partners simplify the content delivery for a faster rout-to-market. Therefore, the company launches a revolutionary solution that will bring a lot of benefits to its partners, and the name of the solution is Relax Apex.

Recently, Relax Gaming has announced a launch of the Relax Apex tool, which aims to level up the delivery of the gaming content for the company’s partners. This next-generation aggregation tool ensures a radical reduction of countless verification procedures down to the only one.

The essential idea of this technology lies in automated custom integrations and vast simplicity that allow the partners to reduce expenses and time. Moreover, Relax Apex can boast unapproachable speed-to-market.

Simon Hammon, Chief Procurement Officer at Relax Gaming, highlighted on the launch that Relax Apex was, indeed, a game-changing tool. 

The core goal of Relax Gaming was a mitigation of the fragmented challenges that the gambling industry and regulatory environment face on an everyday basis. So, this tool will assist in overcoming these challenges and cut through these complexities. Besides, Relax Apex is ready to face any changes and shifts in the fast-growing gambling industry in the future because it is a living product.

Relax Gaming provides access to over 2,000 of its gaming projects to its partners. Thus, the Relax Apex solution allows the operators to pay more attention to their businesses rather than to the integration issues.


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