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TOP 10 Biggest Online Slot Wins from 1 June to 15 June

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Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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Summer came and brought not only sunny days but also hot slot wins. This digest will be a little bit special because you will find famous casino streamers as well as popular YouTube vloggers and podcasters that came to our list not without purpose. Some of the players smashed online slots, having a low-stake bet, and only a few people destroyed casino games and were rewarded to an unbelievable extent.

Let us get started with the top 10 biggest online slot wins that these gamblers earned at the beginning of summer!

TOP 10 Biggest Online Slot Wins from 1 June to 15 June

    FencerGG in Book of Shadows (Nolimit City)

    Our first summer digest opens a newcomer and a full-time gambling streamer from Canada – FencerGG. Many of us know how bountiful can Book of Shadows by Nolimit City be, and Fencer decided to choose exactly this slot to get something from it. He bet 2 Canadian dollars and bought the most expensive bonus feature with active 5 rows for 240 dollars. And what did happen next?

    By default, the Book of Shadows slot gives 10 free rotations and randomly picks a symbol that will be the main one during these bonus rounds. Good luck started following him right away because the Cursed Girl’s most valuable symbol was shuffled. And you probably know what can happen when the entire playground grid is filled with these images.

    The first free plays did not bring him significant fruits, except that he retriggered the bonus game and got ten more free spins. The 12th bonus rotation made his day because the images of the Cursed Girl landed on every single reel and filled the grid. It was difficult for the streamer to believe in such crazy luck. This moment was crucial during this bonus game, and Fencer was pleasantly shocked under such circumstances.

    Book of Shadows and its Cursed Girls gave the casino streamer a fantastic amount of money – 20,378.00 Canadian dollars, which is 10,189 times bigger than the placed bet.

    Steve in Tropicool (ELK Studio)

    One more newcomer joined our list of top 10 biggest slot wins – Steve. The casino streamer from the United States was playing in Tropicool (ELK Studio) in Stake Casino. He decided to use the AutoPlay feature and set it for 100 dollars while having a bet of 20 dollars. After two drops, three bonus symbols showed up on the playground grid and activated the game’s bonus feature with ten free drops and a 1x progressive multiplier.

    The very first drop provided the streamer with additional bonus games (+5) and a small monetary reward. Then, tropical fruits fell down, forming winning combinations, increasing the progressive multiplier and adding extra free drops. When he reached an 18x multiplier, a perfect fruity combination occurred. The combinations rewarded Steve instantly, and he could not believe that it happened to him.

    After 22 free drops, Steve’s casino balance was credited with 35,954.00 dollars (44,166.07 Canadian dollars). In other words, the bonus game brought him 1,797x the placed bet.

    Leyla in Fire in the Hole (Nolimit City)

    The next place goes to a cute girl and casino streamer from the United States. Leyla was steaming her gambling session together with her mom. Her choice came to a Nolimit City game by the name of Fire in the Hole. She put a low stake of 80 cents and went to a bonus feature (Lucky Wagon Spins). The purchase of the bonus cost Leyla 125.60 dollars.

    From the very beginning, she got an excellent symbol as a starting boost – a Dwarf. This character collects all golden coins and consequently increases a total multiplier. After several plays, the first significant multiplier of 100x landed on the grid. After that, each bonus round provided Leyla with at least 100x. Many dynamites and multipliers helped her unlock the final row, which gave the streamer even more generous multipliers because of the Beer Time symbol.

    This bonus game was over but left a lot of positive emotions to Leyla and her mother. The final total multiplier reached the edge of 46,584x the placed stake and was equal to 37,267.20 dollars (45,843.31 Canadian dollars).

    m0E in Sweet Bonanza (Pragmatic Play)

    This Twitch streamer appears in our digest of the greatest casino slot wins often. Mohamad, or simply m0E, takes seventh place in our rating. The former professional CS player tempted his good luck in the Sweet Bonanza casino slot developed by Pragmatic Play. During his live stream, Mohamad bought a bonus feature of the game several times for 3,000 dollars. When his balance was down to 20k, he chose to purchase the bonus feature for 20,000.00 dollars while having a bet of $200.

    Starting the bonus rounds with ten free rotations, the streamer began collecting all the sweet fruits that this game provided. Six rounds later, one fruity combination rewarded him with over $1,3k, and a total multiplier raised this bankroll by 36 times. Instantly, m0E earned about 50,000.00 dollars.

    He finished these bonus rounds with a smile on his face because it added to his casino account 53,090.00 dollars (65,345.83 Canadian Dollar), or 265x the placed stake.

    Mike Majlak in Sweet Bonanza (Pragmatic Play)

    Sweet Bonanza is a popular game developed by Pragmatic Play. This video slot is so well-known that Mike Majlak, a famous YouTube influencer and an author of The Fifth Vital, decided to play it. Having a live broadcast in a company of notable influencers (Faze Banks and Adin Ross), he bought a bonus feature for $20k. The next question – how much could he get from Sweet Bonanza?

    Mike got ten free spins for this bonus game. Unfortunately, the first half of these rotations was not profitable for the streamer: the sweet fruits formed winning combinations and credited his balance slightly. But the highlight of this session came later. Line-up of bananas launched the Cascadian feature that created an environment for winning line-ups of grapes and plums. Moreover, two fruity bombs were exploded and generated over $70k.

    Thus, the Sweet Bonanza video slot was smashed for 80,087.50 dollars (98,638.57 Canadian Dollar), or 320x the placed bet of $250.  

    xQc in Razor Shark (Push Gaming)

    Let us move forward to more profitable winnings of over $100k. The next popular casino streamer who beat the Razor Shark slot developed by Push Gaming is xQc. Félix had a regular Twitch session switching between video games and online slots. Playing in Stake Casino, he placed a bet ($200) and played this wild slot with incredible winning potential.

    Spinning the reels a few times, the streamer matched the bonus symbols that helped him activate the bonus game with unlimited free rotations and a progressive multiplier. During the bonus game, the alga bushes revealed bountiful combinations. They topped up the streamer’s balance insignificantly and until the golden sharks appeared. One of these sharks surprised Félix with a golden coin with 100x. And it was pretty enough to smash the slot and get an insane monetary prize. Additionally, several valuable line-ups showed up during the bonus round and rewarded the streamer to a reasonable extent.

    This little gambling session charged the streamer’s casino balance for 168,480.00 dollars (207,710.57 Canadian dollars). Thus, Félix’s initial bet has multiplied by 842.

    ClassyBeef in HippoPop (Yggdrasil)

    Exotic adventures always bring fun, and you can get even more pleasure if this fun comes with crazy winnings. Georgi, a member of the ClassyBeef squad, picked exactly this kind of entertainment, namely HippoPop, developed by AvatarUX and Yggdrasil. With a relatively low stake of 30 dollars, he purchased a bonus feature for a relatively huge amount of $2,550.00. And the exotic gambling began with nine free games and an 8x multiplier.

    The beginning of the bonus rounds was boring because no Alebrijes symbols (Mexican-related sculptures of mythical creatures) showed up. But it lasted a few seconds. Then, the winning combinations started to line up, generating a profit and increasing the multiplier. Step by step, Georgi and Jonte raised this multiplier as well as their winning pool. After they reached 17x, the mythical golden creatures did an unbelievable thing for the guys. The winning line-up generated about 10k dollars, and this sum was multiplied by 17.

    This significant match of the symbols allowed the casino streamers to earn 192,306.00 dollars (237,146.95 Canadian dollars), or 6,410x.

    Trainwreckstv in Buffalo King (Pragmatic Play)

    The digest becomes hotter and hotter in the case of winnings. Tyler Niknam, widely known as Trainwreckstv, put an insanely huge bet of 500 dollars in a game developed by Pragmatic Play – Buffalo King. Spinning the reels in a base game, he was lucky enough to get three bonus Buffalo symbols and launch a bonus feature of the game almost at the beginning of his gambling stream. And good luck did not leave him at this point.

    The very first spin. The very first significant win. Buffalo’s symbols landed on the grid together with multiple multiplier symbols. This perfect combination instantly rewarded him with 138k dollars. Do you think it was the final? No! A few rotations later, another winning combination sent a gift to the streamer.

    These two winning line-ups of animals and multipliers generated a winning pool equal to 397x the initial bet and composed 198,625.00 dollars (244,796.37 Canadian dollars).

    Xposed in Fruit Party (Pragmatic Play)

    The second place is well-deserved by Cody (Xposed) and Fruit Party by Pragmatic Play. The famous Canadian casino streamer set an AutoPlay feature for 100 free rotations with the initial bet of 100 dollars. But do not think that he got an insane win so simple. It took him almost one hundred plays to harvest the fruits.

    Most of you know that the Fruit Party casino slot is famous for its instant and sudden winnings. The same situation did happen to Cody. The game was played, and he was doing his things, like spending time on his phone or something like this. Twelve auto spins left, and valuable stars with multiple multipliers came out on the playground grid. The next what his follower seen during this gambling session was his surprised face.

    And it is not wondering because he smashed this slot and received 500,000.00 dollars (616,775.00 Canadian dollars) as a reward. And this winning showed that you could get 5,000x the placed bet in this Pragmatic Play’s slot.

    LooPoo in Buffalo King Megaways (Pragmatic Play)

    It is always a pleasure to get a 5,000x reward in Pragmatic Play’s casino games. The absolute leader of the digest did the same thing as Xposed had done. But all the actions happened in another game – Buffalo King Megaways. A popular Malta-based casino streamer, LooPoo, temped his luck in this game, but his initial bet was two times bigger than Cody’s stake. Moreover, LooPoo purchased a bonus feature for $20k.

    The bonus game came to finish exceptionally quickly. He made only one rotation, but this rotation instantly provided the streamer with a maximum possible payout of 5,000x. And as you may know, Pragmatic Play has a rule – when you reach the highest winning pool during the bonus game, it will be finished. So, it happened to LooPoo.

    With a high-stake bet of 200 dollars, he earned 1,000,000.00 dollars (1,233,815.00 Canadian dollars). It was not good luck; it was extremely good luck.


    Our digest of the top 10 biggest online slot wins came to its end. We hope you have enjoyed the reading as well as the incredibly massive winnings that casino streamers, YouTube influencers and podcasters received from the casino slots.


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