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TOP 10 Biggest Online Slot Wins from 1 March to 15 March

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Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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The beginning of spring brought its fruit for casino players. Some of them matched luck to a small extent, and some of them got colossal winnings. 

Online slots can change your life significantly. And there is proof that some of their payouts are incredible. Let’s have a close look at who became the luckiest persons at the beginning of spring. The top 10 biggest online slot wins from 1 March to 15 March are right below.

TOP 10 Biggest Online Slot Wins from 1 March to 15 March

    KonnaXtreme in San Quentin

    What can you win from an initial stake of 20 cents? Do you think it is possible to get a fantastic reward from it? KonnaXtreme, a Finnish casino streamer, tempted his luck in the San Quentin online slot by Nolimit City and got rewarded for 12,186.43 euros (18,152.60 Canadian dollars). This win is equivalent to x60,931 from his initial bet.

    San Quentin is a famous video slot because of its great possible winning multiplier, which consists of x150,000. The player decided to buy the most expensive bonus feature for 400 euros after starting streaming this game. In some way, it’s difficult to win back this amount with a relatively small stake (20 cents), but the risk is what an essential gambling idea is.

    In general, he received 13 free spins. The very first rotation brought to him over 3,2k euros, which is eight times more than the invested money in this bonus feature. Every following rotation caused good and generous prizes or insane winnings. Due to well-given symbols and matching winning combinations, KonnaXtreme added to his balance 12,186.43 euros, which is 30 times more from the cost of the bonus and 60,931 more from the initial bet. 

    Kongebonus in Razor Shark

    Marianne, a Norwegian casino streamer from the Kongebonus gang, takes 9th place on the rating list. Playing in the Razor Shark slot developed by Push Gaming, she won over 150,000 Norwegian kroner (22,107.44 Canadian dollars). 

    Simply spinning the reels, she got a match of three bonus symbols, and it allowed her to enter a bonus game with unlimited free spins and increasing multipliers. It is a pretty nice feature because nobody knows how many free spins will you be credited and how massive the multiplier will be. 

    She earned the first good win after getting three golden sharks. It brought to her 9k+ kroner. Three rotations later, she had yet 11 golden sharks and the prize of 23,500 NOK. The most beneficial winning combination landed when almost the whole playground grid was filled with sharks. This combination rewarded the streamer with 89,650 Norwegian kroner. The following spins brought their fruits as well but not so significant. 

    In total, Razor Shark provided Marianne with an epic win of 152,230 kroner. Having 50 NOK as an initial bet, she increased this amount 3,044 times.

    LiveTCK in Fruit Party

    Many gamblers know that the Fruit Party slot is super profitable, especially when it goes to massive wins. LiveTCK/Christian, a casino streamer based in the US, played Fruit Party developed by Pragmatic Play and earned 60,000 dollars (74,892.90 Canadian dollars) unexpectedly. 

    During the stream, he was gambling two casino slots simultaneously. Nothing foreshadowed any winnings, but it happened. The playground grid was partly filled with star symbols (it isn’t the most valuable ones), and some of them had an x2 multiplier (Random Multiplier Feature). Collecting all of these multipliers, Christian got the maximum of x256. After that, the grid was blurred, and a new message appeared – Sensational! The whole screen was full of gold coins, which were falling from the top. And the streamer jumped out from his chair while seeing this amount of money.

    Just one combination rewarded the streamer with a fantastic prize of 60k dollars. The streamers winning pool consisted of x5,000 from the initial stake of 12 dollars. And this video slot has proved one more time again that it is worthy of playing it. 

    AndyPSX in Mystery Museum

    Seventh place goes to a Spanish casino streamer and professional poker player – AndyPSX. The gambler placed a stake of 25 US dollars and multiplied this sum by 2,641 in the Mystery Museum slot developed by Push Gaming. The winning pool composed 66,025 dollars or 82,280 Canadian dollars

    AndyPSX received a match of 4 wild symbols while gambling two online slots at the same time. The four wilds provided him with 10 free spins in a bonus game. The bonus feature aims to get the mystery stacks feature (at least on three reels) and become your rewards. After the first three rotations, the streamer filled four reels with these mystery stacks. Yes, he received something from the winning combinations, but not so much. The sixth spin filled the gap, and the whole grid was completed. The pleasant thing here is that the feature replaces all the symbols, where the mystery stacks are located, to portray and fill the whole grid with them. 

    Each following rotation brought the player thousands of dollars, but the most exciting moment was at the very end of the game. Ninth spin – Gladiator Helm symbols. These portraits are valuable in this game, and AndyPSX earned 50k immediately after landing this symbol. So, this bonus game’s final sum gifted him with 82,280 Canadian dollars, which is 2,641 times more from the placed bet.

    ClassyBeef in The Dog House

    You know these guys for sure. The sixth-place belongs to the ClassyBeef gang and a video slot – The Dog House (Pragmatic Play). Two streamers caught the luck and took a gift – 74,322.50 euros (110,583.33 Canadian dollars) by having an initial bet of $70. They succeeded in multiplying the stake by 1,061 times.

    These guys are high-rollers, and the placed stakes were relatively huge. After spinning the reels many times, the gameplay turned into a landing of three bonus symbols, which led to a bonus game with free spins. The number of free spins consisted of 15. During the free spin bonus rounds, it’s possible to collect wild symbols with a random multiplier (x2 or x3). 

    One of the most beneficial moments came after a landing of five wilds. The instant winning is composed of 30k+. These wilds are permanent during the exclusive bonus feature, and the reward was significant after reaching that moment. Every following rotation rewarded the streamers with a lot of money. The sum total of this bonus game reached 110,583.33 Canadian dollars.

    ClassyBeef in Cubes 2

    The middle position of the rating list came to ClassyBeef again, but this time in another video slot, namely Cubes 2 by Hacksaw Gaming. Joe, a team-member of the ClassyBeef family, grabbed a good win of 84,357.50 euros (125,459.28 Canadian dollars), which is 3,374 times more in comparison with a placed bet of 25 euros. 

    Joe decided to buy a bonus feature, which costed him 3,225 euros, rather than playing and waiting for the needed match. Before the game started, he participated in a mini-game within this game to collect free spins. In general, he won 12 free spins and yellow colour as the valuable colour of the cubes. Starting playing these bonus rounds, Joe began to gather yellow cubes to receive the main advantage of the slot – an insane multiplier of up to x10,500.

    After getting 50 yellow cubes, the player activated x500 (Color Blast feature) and instantly earned €12,500. A few rotations later, he reached the edge of 70 cubes, and this moment led him to the activation of x2,500. It caused an epic win – €62,500. The insane multiplicator of x7,500 was super close, but the lack of three yellow cubes didn’t allow him to reach this edge. But it’s still a pleasure to have on the casino account additional 125,459.28 Canadian dollars, and he regained the bonus feature’s cost.

    Xposed in Mysterious Egypt

    It’s getting hotter and hotter. The fourth place is well-deserved by Cody (Xposed) and the Mystery Egypt online slot operating on the Pragmatic Play’s software. The gambler was rewarded with $101,700 (126,847.36 Canadian dollars) from the initial stake of 100 bucks. That is x1,017 from the placed bet.

    Would you spend $ 10,000 for a bonus feature? Xposed did it and didn’t regret the taken decision. He received 10 free spins, and special expanding symbols were chosen. One out of two was the most beneficial one. The essential idea of the expanding symbols is to replace the symbols on the reels and reward a player. 

    So, it was the very first rotation, and the valuable expanding symbols landed on the 1, 3, 4, and 5 reels. Instantly, Cody got rewarded for 100,000 US dollars. Just in one rotation, he won back the purchase of the bonus 10 times. If this symbol filled the second reels as well during the first round, he could win $ 500,000. The spins after were nothing in comparison with such an insane trophy. In total, the streamer earned 126,847.36 Canadian dollars.

    Xposed in Madame Destiny Megaways

    Everyone knows the Madame Destiny Megaways slot developed by Pragmatic Play. The bronze comes to Cody, which has already taken the fourth position of the rating. He did it again! He bought a game bonus feature and got a prize – $ 174,560 (217,720.83 Canadian dollars) with a placed bet of 80 bucks. 

    The Madame Destiny Megaways game’s bonus feature is a chance to grab a good multiplier and enough free spins. But what happened to Cody? He received an x10 multiplier and 5 free spins only. Xposed literally was upset because of such a small number of spins. He couldn’t believe that he received 5 free spins just after spending the bonus feature 8,000 dollars. 

    The first two rotations brought almost nothing in comparison with the sum he spent on the feature. But online slots are games of chance and luck. Everything can happen in the next moment. The Madame Destiny symbol appeared on the playground field with an x2 multiplier and gave Xposed a prize of 30k dollars. The following rotation was even more beneficial – a lot of black cats and two Madame Destiny symbols. The winning pool was 217,720.83 Canadian dollars.

    ClassyBeef in Reactoonz

    The silver belongs to ClassyBeef again and a relatively brand-new video game – Reactoonz by Play’N GO. In its turn, the game gifted ClassyBeef with 150,615 euros (223,666.29 Canadian dollars) by having a high bet of 100 euros. 

    The members of the squad don’t play low and don’t buy bonus features often. They gamble and feel its real taste by staking such considerable money. The mechanic of the slot itself is unusual – it’s a grid slot, which means no spinning reels. The symbols just fall down from the top, and five or more matching symbols form a winning combination.  And the pleasant thing here is that you can win a generous prize in rotation. So, that happened to ClassyBeef. 

    The matching symbols charged the Quantum, and it activated two features of the game: Alteration and Denotation. As a consequence, the unnecessary symbols were replaced by the most valuable ones. Thus, the streamers got a winning match of 15+ of these portrayals.  This combination equates to 150,000 euros in a paytable, and the players received such a tremendous amount of money instantly.

    The winning trophy consisted of 223,666.29 Canadian dollars by the end of the spin. That is x1,506 from the initial bet of 100 euros.

     ClassyBeef in Fruit Party

    And the first place, the gold of the rating comes to ClassyBeef again and to the Fruit Party casino slot developed by Pragmatic Play. This time, the grand prize wasn’t unbelievably massive, but still. The guys from the ClassyBeef team got an epic jackpot - €288,325 (426,957.43 Canadian dollars). An initial placed bet was the maximum one - 100 euros. 

    It was a regular stream, and the guys set up the Auto Play feature for 100 spins. After the fifth game, green apples showed up on the playground grid and created the winning combination. But these apples aren’t so simple; these symbols are represented as one of the high-paid symbols. And the match of 15 of them with an x32 general multiplier brought the players a massive reward instantly. It was super difficult for them to cover emotions because of the winning sum. To get almost half of a million dollars in a moment, it’s something unbelievable.

    It was a good starting boost for gamblers at the beginning of spring. The weather wasn’t so warm and sunny, but all of these and other winnings heated the players’ hearts. The previous TOP 10 Biggest Online Slot Wins, you can read by following this link. Follow the latest big online slot wins and much more together with GamblerKey.


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