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TOP 10 Biggest Online Slot Wins from 1 May to 15 May

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Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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The beginning of May provided casino streamers with mega rewards. And it is not wondering because many streamers got a clear understanding of how to smash online slots and take maximum benefits from them. The strategy is simple – place a high stake and get an insane win in the best online slots.

In this digest of TOP 10 craziest casino slot wins, you will meet new streamers, new games and new victories. Some players decided to purchase bonus features, while others temped their luck, avoiding this easy way. Let us see what the results of the streamers’ actions are.

TOP 10 Biggest Online Slot Wins from 1 May to 15 May

    Kandis in Juicy Fruits (Pragmatic Play)

    A new member of our top list opens the digest. Kandis, an obese Swedish man, purchased a bonus feature in Juicy Fruits for 2,000 US dollars while having a placed stake of 20 bucks. And he was damn right about this decision.

    Juicy Fruits rewards all players who purchase the bonus rounds or launch the bonus game with a fixed number of free games at the first stage. Thus, the streamer began to collect diamonds (Scatter symbols), having only six free games. The collection of diamonds helped him raise the free rotations’ number and expand the Wild Symbol.

    Good luck came to him from the first move. Step by step, the scatter symbols were landing on the grid, expanding the Wild Symbol and giving more free rounds. The most significant line-ups started when he expanded the wild symbol to the size of 5x5. Every single play added to his balance over 2k dollars.

    During all 13 free rotations that he had, the streamer smashed the video slot and earned $25,112.00 (30,432.86 CAD), or 1,255x the placed stake.

    AndyPSX in Mystery Museum (Push Gaming)

    AndyPSX likes to play Push Gaming’s slots, especially Mystery Museum. He had already shown an excellent result at this game. This time, his winning pool was not that huge, but it took him to ninth place in the top list.

    Usually, the streamer reached massive wins because of the bonus rounds, but not that day. Having a regular live broadcast on Twitch, he was spinning the reels with a bet of 50 American dollars. He hoped about a successful match of wild symbols to enter the bonus game again, but another thing happened to him.

    Four revealing mystery symbols landed on the playground grid and gave AndyPSX almost the most valuable image of the game – Spartan’s Helmet. At that moment, he was screaming from positive emotions because the combination brought him 1,100 times more than he placed, namely 55,000.00 US dollars (66,615.72 CAD).

    ClassyBeef in Katmandu Gold (ELK Studios)

    Georgi and Jonte, the guys from the ClassyBeef squad, know how to attract good luck. Playing the ELK’s game Katmandu Gold, the guys chose to shorten a way to a big win and bought a bonus, paying 10,000 euros for this pleasure. This sum was calculated following their current stake of 20 euros. Good luck, attracted from their colossal investment, came to them immediately.

    The purchase gave the casino streamers 15 free drops and a small starting winning pool of 26 euros. Additionally, the bonus game began with a 10x multiplier.

    The first drops were not so profitable and rewarded the streamers a little bit. By the end of the 8th round, the gamblers slightly won back the bonus’ cost. But the first significant moment came to the ninth drop when a vast Wild Symbol occurred on the grid. Instantly, a formed combination provided the guys with over 30k euros. But it was not over. The next move benefited them with a good money prize as well.

    The gambling adventure was ended up for players with a massive winning pool of 65,296.00 euros (96,204.65 CAD), which exceeded the placed bet 3,264 times. So, it was good luck for them.

    Bidule in Buffalo King Megaways (Pragmatic Play)

    Bidule, a streamer who prefers to play high and, usually, gamble in a few casino games simultaneously, won over 100k Canadian dollars by spinning the reels in a relatively new Pragmatic Play’s video slot – Buffalo King Megaways. With a high-placed bet of 40 euros, he got a match of four bonus symbols and entered into a bonus game.

    The game gave him 12 bonus plays with a starting monetary prize of 200 euros. Good luck started following the streamer almost from the very beginning of the bonus rounds. After four rotations, his balance was credited with over 77,000.00 euros. The rest of the bonus rounds gave Bidule a few hundreds of bucks.

    But it was enough for the streamer to get a fantastic prize of 78,628.00 euros (115,736.56 CAD) or 1,971x the initial stake.

    m0E_tv in Honey Rush (Play’N Go)

    The last time, Mohamad Assad, widely known as m0E, took second place with a crazy win of over 200k. The beginning of May rewarded a former professional CS player with a fantastic prize in the Honey Rush slot developed by Play’N Go. But this prize was achieved due to a high stake of 50 dollars.

    It was a regular base game during the stream, and nothing special could not be expected. But the game decided to bring a lot of flowers to him and fill the playground grid with honey. During one game, many winning combinations constantly appeared and filled the Rush Meter. It last till the moment when the streamer reached the maximum level and summoned the Queen. What happened next? The Queen filled out the grid with honey and revealed the most valuable diamond symbol.

    At this moment, Mohamad was pleasantly shocked because this race got him $129,927.00 (156,324.27 CAD). And this sum was equal to 2,598x the placed bet.

    Roshtein in El Paso Gunfight xNudge (Nolimit City)

    Nolimit City is a famous game developer that creates high volatility casino slots offering insane winnings. Roshtein took this moment into account and decided to temp his fortune in a brand-new El Paso Gunfight game with a maximum possible payout of over 44,000x. Where did this decision take the player to?

    He put a bet of 3 euros and purchased the most expensive bonus feature Drunken Gundfiguth for 2,400 euros. Hoping that this investment would be useless, he started the bonus game provided with 10 free rotations. Five Wild Symbols jumped from one position on the reels to another, forming winning combinations. A few plays later, Roshtein had over 20k. But it was not a finish point. During the first few bonus games, he gained sticky xNudge Wilds, and they rewarded him to the greatest extent.

    The bonus game was finished with an insane amount of money, namely 106,744.32 euros (156,472.76 CAD), and he beat the slot reaching the sum that consisted 35,584 times the placed stake. This result was close to the slot’s maximum. And if he put a higher bet, what would happen?

    ClassyBeef in Gates of Olympus (Pragmatic Play)

    Gates of Olympus, a new game development by Pragmatic Play, has already shown up a brilliant result in the case of winnings. Joe, Georgi, and Nando from the ClassyBeef team would like to smash this casino slot and see what the game can offer them.

    Playing with a relatively high stake of 36 euros, the guys caught good luck in the form of four Scatter symbols. This moment turned the base game into a bonus mode with 15 free plays. The very first rotation brought its fruits. A special portray with a 250x multiplier appeared on the grid, and winning combinations formed a money pool of 167.40 euros. As an end effect, this rotation gifted the streamers with an instant sum of 42k euros. The greatest thing about Gates of Olympus is that the multiplier remains sticky. Every following spin rewarded the streamers massively.

    Thus, the cash pool of ClassyBeef’s guys consisted of €155,667.60 (228,480.34 CAD), and equal to 4,324x of the placed bet.

    Loopooyt in Da Vinci Treasure (Pragmatic Play)

    And it is the right time to go forward to the most incredible online slot wins from 1 May to 15 May. The third position goes to the Da Vinci Treasure slot developed by Pragmatic Play and LooPoo. The casino streamer had a line-up of bonus symbols and triggered a bonus feature with free spins (12) and a progressive multiplier.

    This feature provides players with a progressive multiplier, which is increased by one after every rotation. Having a high bet of 200 euros, he started to increase the multiplier and make a profit. For sure, the low multipliers could not bring something valuable to the player. But the further he was moving, the more beneficial rewards he was gained. Three bonus symbols occurred during the tenth bonus round and gave him 12 more free spins. And the winning pool was consistently growing up.

    The game was over after 24 free rotations. LooPoo multiplied his bet by 859 times and earned €171,800.00 (252,269.65 CAD).

    ClassyBeef in Land of Zenith (Push Gaming)

    Joe, Georgi, and Nando, the trio from the ClassyBeef squad, take the silver of the top list gambling in the Land of Zenith slot. With a high bet of 100 US dollars, the streamers got a disc mechanism that transferred them into a bonus game.

    The bonus feature of the casino slot differentiates from others because of its unusual mechanic. Instead of having a fixed number of free rounds, players have a timer – 20 seconds. It is necessary to collect a particular symbol to increase the rotating speed to its maximum during this limited time. So, the streamers began this process of collecting the symbols.

    It was not that easy to follow the flow of the winning sum properly after updating the speed to its limit. And finally, when the timer was over, a fantastic prize of $278,700.00 (335,035.02 CAD) was added to the casino balance. In simple words, the guys received a sum, which exceeded the placed bet 2,877 times.

    ClassyBeef in Mystery Museum (Push Gaming)

    The digest comes to its end, and the final point or the most significant win comes to ClassyBeef as well. This time, Joe was playing alone in a Push Gaming game – Mystery Museum. AndyPSX showed a good result, but this win was way valuable.

    Spinning the reels with a stake of 200 dollars, Joe met luck and got a match of five revealing mystery symbols. It meant that the playground grid would be filled with a randomly chosen portray. This symbol was Gorgon Shield (one of the high-paid images of the game). Consequently, this match gave him an instant epic win of $200,000.00. As you may know, the game has a risk game to double the winning pool, and Joe did not miss this chance. And what happened after this decision?

    The streamer entered into a bonus game with eight free rotations. Having the last bonus round, Joe got the exact match of symbols. This moment brought the same amount of money. Thus, the winning pool of the streamer reached over $360k, to be precise – 365,400.00 US dollars (439,338.69 CAD), or 1,827 times bigger compared to the stake.

    You see that this strategy works flawlessly, and if you put a high stake on the play, you can get a fantastic prize in return. These casino streamers showed excellent results of what you can earn while gambling high.


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