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TOP 10 Biggest Online Slot Wins from 16 April to 30 April

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Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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You will see who smashed casino slots and got super successful winning combination that turned into crazy prizes in this digest. New streamers, new games, new rewards are waiting for you.

TOP 10 Biggest Online Slot Wins from 16 April to 30 April

    AndyPSX in Mystery Museum

    AndyPSX, a popular casino streamer from Spain, opens a top list of the biggest slot wins. Playing in the Mystery Museum slot (Push Gaming) with a stake of 20 dollars, he reached a line-up of four Scatter symbols. The game redirected the streamer to a new window with a bonus game and ten free rotations.

    The primary purpose of the bonus game is to get as many sticky wild symbols as possible and, ideally, to fill the playground grid with them. The success started following the streamer not immediately. But three out of five reels were completed with these magical symbols in the middle of the bonus rounds. On the seventh round, sticky wilds occupied all the position, and the time for real rewards began. One rotation after, the Gladiator Helms were landed and gifted the player with 200x the initial bet instantly. It was a huge success.

    By the end of the game, AndyPSX earned 42,332.00 dollars (52,008.46 CAD), or 2,116 times the placed bet.

    Drew_Bills in Wild West Gold

    Every purchase of a bonus game follows two sides – negative and positive. Drew_Bills, a new member of our top and casino streamer with an audience of over 20k followers on Twitch, continues the digest. The player was playing Wild West Gold (Pragmatic Play) and decided to buy a bonus feature for 4,000 dollars with a bet of $40.  And he was right by making such an expensive choice.

    The bonus game gave the streamer 8 free spins, and it had to be enough to get back spent money. But luck was somewhere else during the first eight plays in case of winning. The player could get 16 hundred dollars from these rounds and 8 free spins additionally. The sticky multipliers stayed for the additional rotations and earned the maximum profit. Every play brought over a thousand dollars, but the crucial moment came a bit later. Many multiplier symbols and a match of high-paid images generated 44k dollars of pure income.

    As a result, the Wild West Gold slot rewarded the player with $62,280.00 (76,421.61 CAD), which is equal to 1,557x the initial bet.

    ProdigyDDK in Chaos Crew

    ProdigyDDK, a casino and Counter-Strike streamer, decided to purchase a bonus as well, but in Chaos Crew developed by Hacksaw Gaming. With an initial stake of 15 dollars, the player bought the bonus feature for $1,935. By the end of the bonus game, he was surprised by the outcome.

    His initial aim was to beat the slot and take back what he invested by collecting multipliers. Having a 5x multiplier in total at the beginning of the bonus, he started to raise this number step-by-step. A few plays after, ProdigyDDK multiplied a multiplier on the second reel by 10 and 20, respectively. So, he got 2,400x on this reel instantly. But it was not an end of surprises. A 2x multiplier landed on the same reel and doubled the number.

    Consequentially, the Chaos Crew casino game gave the player a winning pool of $72,735.00 (89,284.76 CAD). He multiplied his placed bet by 4,849 times the initial stake.

    ClassyBeef in Bushido Ways

    The well-known guys and high rollers from the ClassyBeef squad take the seventh position on this list. And they did the same thing that the previous two streamers had done. They purchased a bonus game in the Nolimit City’s game – Bushido Ways. The purchase was kind of expensive because they spent about 10 thousand euros on it with a bet of 14 euros only.

    The purchase surprised players with 11 free spins and a sticky wild symbol, obtaining an x3 multiplier. It is easy to get a hundred dollars reward after every spin having such an expensive deal. Therefore, the question is – will they get 10k+ of profit or not?  The first two plays gave over 3k euros. But the best combination came to the seventh rotation when high-paid symbols appeared. Instantly, the streamers generated over 70k euros.

    So, the Bushido Ways slot provided the players with a pure income of €76,566.00 (112,915.71 CAD) or 5,469 times more of the stake.

    ClassyBeef in Razor Shark

    The high rollers from ClassyBeef with an insane win in the Razor Shark slot get the next place in the list. The previous streamers relied on games’ bonus features, but these gamblers reached an unbelievable result while just spinning the reels with a high 100-dollar stake.

    Setting up an Autoplay feature at Razor Shark, the players were not expected to line up such a brilliant combination. Five golden sharks appeared on the playground grid, forming success. Typically, these images can transform into multipliers or scatter symbols. In this case, one of the sharks turned into a crazy multiplier of 1,000x. And it was an instant payout.

    The Razor Shark game gifted the streamers with a total multiplier of 1,004x or €100,400.00 (147,844.02 CAD).

    Drew_Bills in San Quentin

    Drew_Bills, our newcomer, Drew_Bills, takes one more position on the list of the biggest online slot wins this time. You know that the San Quentin game (Nolimit City) can offer the highest payout of up to 150,000 times the initial bet, and we have already mentioned a good example of it in our digest. The streamer placed a bet of 3 dollars on this game and bought the most expensive bonus feature for 6,000 dollars.

    The player received 14 rotations for free in the first place, and the main game had begun. Rotation after rotation, the casino streamer increased his winning pool. The primary fruit came to the penultimate round, which rewarded Drew_Bills with many thousands of dollars.

    The gamer multiplied this sum by 41,123 times, and the generated prize reached $123,369.00 (151,354.64 CAD), having a relatively small value of the bet. So, you see that even a small bet can benefit you to the greatest extent.

    ClassyBeef in Honey Rush

    ClassyBeef did not want to stop the winning streak and got the fourth position as well. What happened to guys who were playing at Honey Rush (a Play’N Go’s game) with a placed bet of 100 euros?

    It is not a casino game that offers a buy-in feature, so the only way to get something is actually to play it. Spinning the reels and charging the Rush Meter, the streamers met success by reaching the fourth level of the Meter. Many symbols on the grid were replaced by diamonds (the most valuable image), and additional multipliers made the match even more beneficial.

    After this play, the winning pool of the streamers composed €113,840.00 (167,767.15 CAD). In other words, this rotation multiplied the initial bet by 1,138.

    ClassyBeef in Frutz

    As usual, one of the top places is taken by the guys from the ClassyBeef gang. Frutz, a brand-new casino slot developed by Hacksaw Gaming, allowed the casino streamers to get an insane win. Using the easiest way to get a bonus (a buy-in option), they tried to smash the game. But what did it turn into?

    As you can notice from the screenshot, they took the bonus of 10,000 euros. The purchase gave 12 free rotations, and the streamers started to collect multipliers of different values. The first big win came to the third play when the multiplier was 15x and composed 15k euros. The next round brought the same amount of money. Just two rotations won back all the money they spent on the bonus game. When many plums landed on the grid, the players could not hold their emotions because it was an instant win of 130k euros.

    In total, the investment into the bonus turned into a massive winning pool of €164,520.00 (242,486.60 CAD). The placed bet of 50 euros was multiplied by 3,290 times.

    m0E_TV in Gates of Olympus

    The silver of the top goes to a former Counter-Strike player and actual casino streamer – m0E_TV. Recently, he had a big success in Sweet Bonanza. But this time, good luck returned to him in another game, namely in Gates of Olympus by Pragmatic Play.

    He placed a stake of 100 dollars and decided to buy a bonus of 10 grams (10,000 dollars). This purchase came with 15 free spins and an instant win of 300 bucks. During these spins, there was nothing special, except for the penultimate and last ones. The penultimate game brought him a 273x multiplier to $195, and the final one made his day. Symbols formed a winning combination with a revenue of $765, having a vast total multiplier of 283.

    These two rotations rewarded the streamer with an unbelievable amount of money. He won $280,580.00 (344,491.92 CAD) or 2,805 times more of the placed stake.

    ProdigyDDK in Book of Shadows

    The last time, Book of Shadows helped the streamer from Trainwreckstv win over half a million Canadian dollars. This time, this game rewarded another casino streamer (ProdigyDDK) but with a more pleasant prize.

    The player met luck, and the necessary symbols lined up on the needed positions. These symbols launched a bonus game with 10 free spins and the main image of a Cursed Girl. The second rotation during the bonus game turned into insanity because all the lines were filled with the image of the Cursed Girl. In simple words, this moment means the most remarkable win that this game can offer. A bet of 60 dollars was turned into a grand prize.

    The Book of Shadows slot provided the streamer with $607,476.00 (745,613.01 CAD). It is 10,124 times more than the initial stake.

    You see that many lucky streamers have reached great results with crazy wins. Some of them bought bonus features and took a risk to come to these outcomes, and some of them spanned the reels and lined up the necessary combinations.


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