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TOP 10 Biggest Online Slot Wins from 16 February to 28 February

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Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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The last two weeks of winter showed up their potential power in the form of big wins in online casinos. Many people got their reward and insane prizes while betting relatively small bets. This time, we have arranged a list of the most significant winnings in online slots from 16 February to 28 February. Take a look at who became the luckiest persons and what kind of profit online slots gave to players. Let’s get started!

TOP 10 Biggest Online Slot Wins from 16 February to 28 February

    David Labowsky in Chaos Crew

    David Labowsky, a player and casino streamer from the Netherlands, opens this list. His choice fell to the slot by the name of Chaos Crew by Hacksaw Gaming. Consequently, this decision brought him 21,100.00 euros or 32,270.43 Canadian dollars from the initial bet of 5 euros. That means that he multiplied the bet by 4,420 times.

    At the very beginning of the gameplay, he decided to buy a bonus feature for 675 euros with an initial stake of 5 euros. The first spins started to increase multipliers step-by-step. A few spins later, he already had x462, and every next spin was significant and increased multipliers to a great extent. He could not even expect such huge multipliers, especially when he multiplied x751 by 5. This moment was the most crucial during this game. The following moves gave him a little, but the final result was fantastic. Even though he bought the bonus feature for 675 euros, he received a lot more, namely – 32,270.43 Canadian dollars.

    JamieDrakeHD in San Quentin

    A famous Portuguese casino streamer with over 400k subscribers on YouTube, JamieDrakeHD continues this top. The San Quentin slot, which was developed by Nolimit City, benefited the streamer with a fantastic sum of 32,649.75 Canadian dollars. The initial bet was 4 euros only.

    He received 10 free spins before a bonus game started. The first two spins rewarded him with over 300 euros, but it is nothing compared to what happened next. The third spin created a winning combination which was insane even for the streamer – 13,488 euros in one shot. He expressed his emotions in the form of laughing because he could not believe that it would be possible. The rest of the game remained calm and without huge wins despite the last spin. During the reels’ last rotation, the symbols took a great position and matched the winning combination. The last move benefited the player 8,571.10 Canadian dollars. Altogether, the gambler got rewarded for 32,649.75 CAD, or x5,337 from the placed stake.

    Aussieslots in Jammin’ Jars

    You probably heard about this casino streamer. He won over 400k in Book of Shadows a few weeks ago. But this time, he is placed in 8th place of this top. Jammin’ Jar, a well-known and relatively popular fruit video slot by Push Gaming, paid the streamer 34,315.17 Canadian dollars with an initial bet of 24 Australian dollars.

    The adventures began when the player entered into a bonus game with 6 free spins in his arsenal. Miss Fortune started to follow him immediately and created a thriving environment for gambling. The bonus jars were stacked close to each other, which means that the multipliers would do their best.  The first rotation gave the player 500+ AUD; the following was even more significant – around 5k Australian dollars.

    Each spin increased the multipliers, so the winnings increased following the same pattern. By the fifth free spin, he already had over 13k dollars. But the sweetest part came to the last move. Two fruit jars with multipliers x14 and x16 were close together and brought enormous prizes for every move during the last spin. The last rotation rewarded Aussieslots with 20,665.20 dollars. So, the complete winning pool was 34,315.17 Canadian dollars or x1,455 from the bet.

    Casino Daddy in San Quentin

    And there is again – the San Quentin slot. But the 7th place goes to Casino Daddy and his crazy win of 37,445.75 EUR or 57,068.45 CAD. Many players know that this slot gives a shot to multiply a placed stake of up to 150,000 times. In February, the streamer was not even close to this number.

    With the initial bet of 1 euro, the gambler bought the most expensive bonus feature for 2,000 euros. He mentioned that the chance to get an advantage was 63%, in his opinion. For the bonus game, the streamer earned 17 free spins.

    The first ten spins gave him almost nothing, and he even lost hope to make a profit. But we all know that video slots can surprise in the most unexpected moment. The Jumping Wilds jumped into the right cells and started to do their best – to create valuable combinations. But that was not enough to pay off the sum of bonus feature spent.  

    4 spins remained, and these spins brought their fruits. In one single rotation, the streamer got a prize of 18k dollars. The last rotation rewarded the player with over 35k Canadian dollars. The streamer could not even sit on his chair, and he was jumping and dancing from happiness seen this figure. He was able to multiply his initial bet by 37,445 times. 17 free spins, many emotions, and a massive win of 57K+ dollars were what the streamer lived through during this fantastic game.

    Classy Beef in Raiders of the Storm

    The whole gang of Classy Beef team temped its luck in the Raiders of the Storm slot developed by Thunderkick. These guys prefer to gamble like high-rollers, and they won 61,653.71 Canadian dollars from a placed bet of 50 euros. They increased this stake by 808 times.

    Spinning the reels, they got a match of 3 bonus symbols, which turned them into a bonus game. They were asked to pick a bonus game first. They selected the most adventurous game option with a random stacked symbol and received an x5 Wild Multiplier and 10 Free Spins as risky gamblers.

    The first half of the spins could not satisfy their needs, but the appearance of 5 wild symbols changed everything. This rotation added over 37K dollars to the balance, then brought about 13K and – 7,6K. One single spin provided them with an enormous win of 57,6k Canadian dollars. In total, they were rewarded with 61,653.71, or x808 from the initial bet.

    Bidule in Chaos Crew

    In the middle of the top biggest wins, there is a famous French casino streamer – Bidule. The last time he took 6th place in the ranking with a colossal success in Fruit Party. This time, he got more luck and played in the slot – Chaos Crew. His winning consisted of 45,875 euros or 69,840.56 Canadian dollars. The initial bet – 25 euros.

    Bidule decided to temp his luck in a bonus game, which he bought for 3,225 euros, and would see what this bonus feature could bring to him. Step-by-step, he started to collect multipliers. And a few rotations later, he won back what he staked. Two symbols appeared with x10 and x2 multipliers while having x90 on the last reel. He turned x90 into x1800 just in one moment. Unfortunately, the luck came to an end, and he finished up with a sum of 69,840.56 dollars or x1,835 from the placed stake.

    Andypsy in Dead or Alive 2

    The fourth-place goes to Andypsy, a Spanish casino streamer with 85k subscriptions on YouTube, in the Dead or Alive 2 slot. This game gave him a booming shot to earn 50,533 euros or 76,917.36 Canadian dollars. With an initial stake of 9 euros, he multiplied this bet by 5,614 times.

    He had good luck from the very beginning because the game had turned into a bonus game with 10 free spins. The streamer started to collect stacked wild symbols to get a generous reward. Three wild symbols showed up after the first two rotations. A few rotations later, he already had 5 of them, but the winning pool was not significant that much. Each next spin added to the playground more wilds.

    Spinning the reel for the last time, a successful match of the symbols gifted him with 5 more free spins. These spins were the most beneficial to the player because the playground field was almost filled with wild symbols. Every single rotation was equal to a huge win. The culmination of the game was during these last additional rotations when Andypsy gained enough wild symbols. He topped up the balance for 76,917.36 Canadian dollars for the reason of this luck.

    Classy Beef in Vikings

    It is time to see the most significant winning during the last two weeks of winter. The third-place belongs to Classy Beef by right in the game – Vikings. As you already know, these guys do not play low, and the initial bet was 40 euros. So, Vikings helped them achieve a great prize, consisting of 80,396 euros (122,354.78 CAD) or x2,009 from the stake.

    Classy Beef caught Miss Fortune from the very beginning when needed symbols appeared. This moment led to a bonus game with 7 free spins. During the first few rotations, the guys were sitting boring and emotionless. Three rapid spins left, and there were no actual winnings. They started to blame this video slot because a bonus game had to bring something at least.

    Many of Ragnar’s symbols showed up during the penultimate rotation, but there were no wins as well. All the hope for the last spin! Floki appeared on the playground field and launched the Scatter Pay feature. Guys from Classy Beef began to calculate how much money they would win: “This could be 30k or more… 10,000x – no way!” The predictions were wrong, and they earned 80,396 euros from 40 euros.

    Classy Beef in Chaos Crew

    The silver comes to Classy Beef. But this time, Nando, one of the squad members, played alone in Chaos Crew. He added to the Classy Beef balance 129,285 euros (196,726.52 CAD), starting gambling with 15 euros bet. The winning pool was 8,619 from the initial stake.

    Chaos Crew is famous for its payouts, especially when the game turns into bonus rounds. Nando decided to buy the feature of a bonus game for 1,935 euros. Starting the bonus game, he began to gather multipliers. Every rotation gave him relatively good ones but not so significant. Until the 18th rotation, he got little, but one x10 changed the rules of the game. It increased a multiplier to x342 on the fourth reel. Nando said that it would be great to have some cats or fat cats on the playground grid, and it finally happened. The Cranky Cat symbol with a multiplier of x20 appeared on the fourth reel. Instantly this reel became the most valuable and profitable one. His emotions were beyond the control. But afterwards, he got another Cranky Cat (x5) on the second reel, which obtained x316. In general, the streamer was rewarded with an x8,619 multiplier, and his winning pool was 196,726.52 CAD.

    Classy Beef and Fruit Party

    And the first place belongs to the Classy Beef gang in the Fruit Party slot this time. The second-place presented a tremendous win, but what do you think about the most outstanding success by the end of winter? This team achieved insane success – 500k euros which is equal to 761,339.92 Canadian dollars. The initial bet of the high-rollers was 100 euros.

    Espen, another member of the team, set up the Auto Play feature and started spinning. He was with another team member and discussed something while gambling. Three spins later, they got a sensational combination of fruits that led to a tremendous winning instantly. Just in a few spins, they became owners of half of million euros. Espen could only scream and nothing more. And it is not wondering. It is a regular order of things when you have no words but emotions while having such a fantastic prize.

    The winter presented many positive and negative emotions, ups and downs, but these fascinating winnings are unbelievable. If you are unsure whether to play video slots or not, read a GamblerScope for this week. Maybe it is your turn to take your advantage from online casinos.


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