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TOP 10 Biggest Online Slot Wins from 16 June to 30 June

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Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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The size always matters! And casino streamers had proved this fact when they were placing low-stake bets as well as high stakes. Some players set a 5-dollar bet and got over 10k Canadian dollars in return, while others were playing big and got rewarded to an unbelievable extent. In our regular digest of the TOP 10 greatest online slot wins, you will see the results of gambling with low stakes and playing big.

TOP 10 des plus gros gains aux machines à sous en ligne du 16 juin au 30 juin

    Jack’s Gambling Channel in Chaos Crew (Hacksaw Gaming)

    Marcus, a member of Jack’s Gambling Channel, opens our latest digest together with the online slot Chaos Crew, released by Hacksaw Gaming in 2020. This video slot is famous among casino streamers because of the great total multipliers that players can reach during the bonus game. So, Marcus took this nuance into account and bought the bonus feature for $645 while having a placed stake of $5 only.

    Three bonus symbols appeared on the grid, and the streamer was transferred to the bonus game with the “infinity” number of rotations.

    The beginning of the bonus game was ordinary, and no valuable symbols were showed up. The great moment here that low-paid symbols landed on the grid and retriggered the number of free spins. The boring gameplay had lasted until Cranky Cat with x20 occurred on the reel with the multiplier of 21. In a moment, the 21x transformed into the 420x. From this point, this reel started to play a crucial role in obtaining even a bigger prize. Few more Cranky Cats multiplied the reel’s total multiplier to the craziest extent.

    The result of the bonus game was phenomenal for Marcus. The total multiplier consisted of 2,049x and generated the winning pool of $10,245.00 (12,707.33 Canadian dollars). But can you win even more with a lower bet?

    AndyPSX in San Quentin (Nolimit City)

    The next candidate of our digest is a well-known casino streamer who multiple times got different places in our lists of top 10 biggest casino slot wins, specifically in Mystery Museum. This time will be slightly different because Andy was playing in the super-profitable San Quentin slot developed by Nolimit City. Instead of trying to get a match of the bonus symbols, the casino streamer used a shortcut and purchased the feature for $2,400 ($1,20-dollar bet).

    This purchase gave him 12 chances to play in the bonus game. And at the very beginning of this gangster business, he was full of hope in getting a life-changing multiplier, but the first free drops were thinking in the opposite direction.

    After eight free drops with a little income, the breathtaking moment came, and the winning line-up allowed the steamer to receive $1,622.40. The following combination of symbols was even more profitable and credited the streamers’ balance for $1,999.20.

    Every next rotation of the reels brought its fruits and generated an insane winning pool. Having a tiny bet of $1.20, he multiplied this sum by 11,674 and earned $14,009.46 (17,387.77 Canadian dollars). Of course, it is not the most outstanding result in the San Quentin casino slot, but the prize was worthy of considering it.

    CasinoFamily in Cubes 2 (Hacksaw Gaming)

    The guy from the CasinoFamily channel continues to surprise us with a more extensive slot win. The streamer launched the Cubes 2 game developed by Hacksaw Gaming and decided to use a purchase of the bonus feature by the name of Multi-Colour Free Spins. It cost him €1,090.00, and the placed bet was €10.

    Before the bonus game started, he revealed sticky colours and the number of spins. The Cubes 2 slot provided him with five free plays only. Would it be enough to have a profit?

    The beginning of the game was great. The second bonus round gave the streamer a cube with 20x and an epic win, which guaranteed a profit instantly. At this moment, the Total Win indicates the sum of €6,445.00. The next round rewarded the streamer with another cube, which contained a 21x multiplier, so the round’s prize was even more beneficial. Then, the third and fourth ones added to the streamer’s wallet over $13k.

    All these five rounds generated a winning pool of $27,270.00 (33,793.12 Canadian dollars) or 2,727x. So even considering the fact that the casino streamer bought the bonus, it gave him a significant additional income. But let us move forward to high-rollers stakes and crazier wins.

    Xposed in Gems Bonanza (Pragmatic Play)

    Some casino games cause addiction, and some - gold fever. The last one happened to a famous casino streamer, Xposed (Cody). He came to the Gems Bonanza video slot, which offers a buy-in bonus by the name of Gold Fever, and invested $20,000.00 to this Pragmatic Play’s feature. At that moment, his total bet value was $200.

    The gold fever’s adventure began, and Cody started to collect symbols to fill the Gold Fever meter. Excellent line-ups and additional game’s bonus features created a perfect environment to get a big prize. Filling this meter and levelling it up, the streamer increased the winning potential of the slot. Each level provided him with a better multiplier. Substantial cash prizes instantly credited his casino balance. It was super complicated for him to restrain his feelings and emotions. He even jumped from happiness.

    This Gold Fever made a wonderful present for him. Cody multiplied the initial bet 326 times during the bonus game, and his casino balance was credited by $65,360.00 (81,244.11 Canadian dollars).

    FaZe Banks in The Dog House (Pragmatic Play)

    Around one month ago, Richard Bengston or Faze Banks started his gambling path by partnering with the Roobet casino. Over 45k viewers were watching his debut, but he did not reach any significant winnings that time. This time is a bit different, and the famous YouTube influencer met his good luck in The Dog House Megaways slot (Pragmatic Play).

    Spinning the reels of one of the cutest video slots developed by Pragmatic Play, Banks switched the total bet value from $75 to $150 with the hope of getting a line-up of bonus symbols. When his casino balance was close to zero, the well-desired bonus symbols showed up at least.

    The game provided the popular YouTuber with 15 free rotations and sticky multipliers. The multipliers began to land, initiating the rise of the slot’s winning potential. When almost all the middle reels were filled with multipliers of 2x, and 3x, every successful line-up charged Banks’ account insanely.

    The almost empty casino balance turned into a full wallet with $78,210.00 (97,216.99 Canadian dollars), or 521x the placed stake. And this highlight from the long-time gambling session shows that if you have a dream, never give up and chase it.

    ClassyBeef in Jammin’ Jars 2 (Push Gaming)

    The first month of summer was significant for many casino admirers as well as casino streamers because of the long-awaited release of Jammin’ Jars 2 by Push Gaming. The first part of the casino game became popular instantly for the reason of the mega payouts, and the sequel is not an exception. Georgi and Jonte, casino streamers from the ClassyBeef squad, wanted to tempt their luck in this game.

    As usual, these guys were playing high with a set bet of $100, chasing the dream to collect enough vinyl symbols and activate the Giga Jar feature. Finally, the moment arrived, and the real game began.

    The essential idea of the Giga Jar is to provide players with a random multiplier, which can reach a high horizon (up to 500x). During this bonus mini-game, the streamers received only 5x or 10x. Every single drop, they hoped to get at least something more valuable. And the dream came true! The Giga Jar gifted Georgi and Jonte with a golden coin of 50x, and their faces were amazed by what they saw. Instantly, over $100,000.00 appeared on the casino balance.

    In general, the winning pool of the casino streamers reached $134,000.00 (165,833.71 Canadian dollars) from the placed bet of 100 bucks. The guys were able to multiply this small bet by 1,340 times.

    ClassyBeef in Madame Destiny Megaways (Pragmatic Play)

    The next place goes to Joe from the same squad of ClassyBeef. Instead of patiently spin the reels and hope for the land of bonus symbols, he decided to shorten the way. Playing in the Madame Destiny slot by Pragmatic Play, it is possible to buy the bonus feature. Thus, Joe purchased it for $15,000 while having a bet of $150. The bonus wheel rewarded the casino streamer with a 5x multiplier and 12 free rounds.

     In the beginning, he was upset with such a bad result, relatively the multiplier. But it is gambling, and nobody can predict what to expect. After several free rounds, three magical balls landed on the playground grid and gave Joe one more chance to spin the bonus wheel.

    The result was the same, but the number of extra spins was 10. The streamer started even thinking that bad luck was following him.

    This feeling disappeared when the lucky combinations started to occur. Several bonus rounds and over $60k on the account changed his gloomy face and made him smile. After an instant win of $90,000.00, he was shining from happiness.

    Joe smashed this slot and got his reward of $198,675.00 (245,823.56 Canadian dollars). This prize was 1,324 times bigger rather than the placed bet.

    Igamingwin in The Dog House Megaways (Pragmatic Play)

    The winnings in online gambling establishments become hotter and hotter. The third place is well-deserved by our newcomer - Alejandro Olivares (the igamingwin channel on Twitch). This streamer from Chile tempted his luck in The Dog House Megaways video slot. Just spinning the reels with a stake of $200, Alejandro got three bonus symbols and triggered the bonus game.

    A new window with two offers appeared in front of him – to pick seven free spins with sticky wilds or to grab 15 free rounds with raining wild symbols. He took the second offer.

    The very first bonus game, and he received an instant sensational win of $274,200.00. What could be better? The rest of the bonus rounds were not significant and credited his casino account for a few thousand dollars.

    By the end of the bonus rounds, the streamer received his trophy, which consisted of $280,880.00 (349,146.48 Canadian dollars). Generally speaking, Alejandro earned the sum, which is 1,404 times bigger than the initial bet.

    Bidule in Fruit Party (Pragmatic Play)

    Another significant online slot win and the second place goes to – Fruit Party and Bidule. The French-speaking streamer, who had a great result previously in May, shown even better achievement. The Fruit Party real casino game by Pragmatic Play allowed him to take almost the crown of this rating. With a stake of €100, Bidule purchased a bonus feature for €10,000. And let us see what this purchase gave him in return.

    First of all, the game guaranteed ten free drops. Secondly, the bonus game was over after a few bonus rounds. 

    There is only one condition when the bonus game can be interrupted – the maximum possible payout of 5,000x. And it happened to him. The winning combination created an environment where the winning multiplier reached its limit. 

    Thus, Bidule completely smashed this video slot and won €500,000.00 (734,695.00 Canadian dollars) immediately. And you can see where can lead a placed bet of €100.

    TrainwrecksTV in Juicy Fruits (Pragmatic Play)

    One more game developed by Pragmatic Play came to our digest – Juicy Fruits and TrainwrecksTV. Tyler, the owner of the TrainwrecksTV channel on Twitch and one of the most successful casino streamers, chose this game for fun and was unbelievably surprised.

    Playing like a real high roller, he placed a bet of $600 and triggered the game’s bonus feature. The number of free rotations was six at the beginning of the bonus rounds. After several plays and three collected diamond symbols, this number was increased (+3). As a result, it initiated the expansion of the wild symbol.

    The next three diamonds gave Tyler two more additional rounds for free. Meanwhile, the total win increased at the same pace. A few rounds after, he reached the next edge of the wild symbol’s expansion and three more bonus games. Every play brought to the streamer epic wins.

    The juicy end of the game allowed Tyler to multiply the placed bet by 1,147 times, and the reward was $688,380.00 (851,680.95 Canadian dollars).

    And now, you can see how the winning pool can vary, depending on the chosen size of the initial bet. But bear in mind that the casino streamers who were playing big also lost a lot of money to achieve such victorious rewards.


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