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TOP 10 Biggest Online Slot Wins From 16 March to 31 March

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Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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The first month of spring is over, and there are new and insane online casino slot winnings by well-known casino streamers. This edition will be a little bit special because not only casino streamers are got rewarded but also influential people from other niches.

Keep reading the TOP 10 insane wins from online slots and find out who caught good luck and outplayed video slots to the greatest extent.

TOP 10 Biggest Online Slot Wins From 16 March to 31 March

    mOE_tv in Sweet Bonanza

    Mohamad “mOE” Assad, a well-known person but in the cybersport industry, opens the top list. With a huge audience of over 850k followers on Twitch, a retired professional player in Counter-Strike Source and Counter-Strike Global Offensive streams his gambling experience. The good luck turned to his face in a video slot Sweet Bonanza developed by Pragmatic Play. The streamer outplayed this slot and got $46,336.25 (C$58,297.95), which was equal to x1,853 from his initial stake.

    Sweet Bonanza is a slot with a huge potential of winning and an excellent opportunity to buy a bonus feature. Therefore, the streamer took a decision not to spend time and money for nothing and bought this feature. Usually, the bonus-buy option’s cost is equal to 100 times from your placed bet, and in his case, it was 25 dollars. He paid $2,500 for 10 free spins with the hope to win back the money and go to a profit.

    The first two plays brought him a little and added extra five bonus spins. One step forward, and the first one thousand dollars appeared in his balance because the scatter symbol with an x15 multiplier was landed on the grid. Having 9 free spins, the luck came to him. Because of a Tumble Feature (when winning combinations disappear and new symbols come), Mohamad collected 400 dollars, and a few Scatters multiplied this amount by 108. He knew that there was a probability of winning back the bonus price, but not so much. The rest of the free spins added something to this crazy win, but there were no significant sums.

    Sweet Bonanza rewarded the player with 58,297.95 Canadian dollars. Even though he bought the bonus feature for 2,5k dollars, one should be said the risk was paid to the greatest extent.

    ClassyBeef in Mystery Museum

    The next place goes to the ClassyBeef squad, namely to Jonte and Georgi. This time, the guys were lucky in a Mystery Museum slot by Push Gaming. With an initial bet of 14 euros, the game left them a prize of 45,096.80 euros, or 66,617.58 Canadian dollars, which equated to 3,221 times the stake.

    What happens when a bonus feature comes without any purchases? Of course, it leads to free spin rounds without minimal money loss (there is no need to buy the feature). It happened to Jonte and Georgi when a match of four bonus symbols appeared on the playground grid. The game offered 10 Free Spins after getting a combination of four wilds. And they started to gather mystery stacks. o

    After five rotations, the playground grid was filled entirely with them. So, it meant that every following single spin would bring significant prizes. The first play delivered a full mystery stack of shields with an image of Gorgon (one of the high-paid symbols). This combination was equal to 14,000 euros. During the rest of the free spin rounds, the streamers caught the combo three times. As an end effect, the winning pool consisted of 66,617.58 CAD.

    LiveTCK in Land of Zenith

    Cristian, an owner of the LiveTCK channel on Twitch/YouTube, continues this top. But this time, the luck came to him in a Land of Zenith casino game developed by Push Gaming. The streamer won $60,266 (76,051.77 Canadian dollars), and it was done mega quickly because of the unique feature of the slot. Having an initial stake of 20 bucks, Christian multiplied this sum by 3,013 times.

    Land of Zenith is a relatively new game on the market but can boast extraordinary bonus features, namely bouncing mystery and infinity free spins (cannot be bought). It is necessary to fill a particular line and activate the Disk Trigger Mechanism to take one of the bonuses. The needed combination of symbols was landed on the playground grid and launched the trigger. And this mechanism decided to reward the player with Hypermode Free Spins (infinity number of rotations within a limited time – can be re-triggered).

    Cristian started to collect wild symbols to re-trigger the timer and increase the rotation speed. Some time later, it was difficult to follow the combinations and even winnings because of the insane pace. The Win field was changing fast and significantly. When the timer reached zero seconds, the winning pool was 76,051.77 Canadian dollars.

    ProdigyDDK in Deadwood

    The eighth position is well-given to Joshua, a streamer from Denmark who just spends most of the time gambling and streaming (Counter-Strike as well). He reached the winning pool of $65,430.20 or 82,651.76 in Canadian dollars, which consisted of x2,044 from his initial bet, in Deadwood by Nolimit City.

    During his live streams, he was spinning the reels and had ups and downs in case of winnings. Then he came up with an idea to buy a bonus feature, which costed him 2,272 dollars. Pretty reasonable price for the bonus game, isn’t it? Deadwood gives a shot to pick the bonus game mode – Hunter or Gunslinger. Joshua chose the last one as the riskiest but valuable option with huge winning potential.

    The game was started, and the streamer stood up from his chair to do something for himself. It had lasted for a short time until three wild symbols filled the middle reels. It meant that the combination could be quite enormous. The combination rewarder the gambler with a crazy casino slot win of over 60k dollars. The rest rotations provided him with little prizes but not so huge. By the end of the bonus rounds, the streamer’s balance was credited with 82,651.76 CAD.

    LOOPOO in Cherry Pop

    A French casino streamer and one of the new members of this top, LOOPOO, takes seventh place in Cherry Pop’s game (Yggdrasil). Starting the game with a placed stake of 40 euros, the casino streamer got an insane win – 65,976 EUR, or C$97,646.97. The winning pool consisted of 1,649 times from the initial bet.

    He started the game by buying a bonus feature, which costed him 3,000 euros and granted bonus spins. Cherry Pop obtains an interesting system of gaining these spins. At the very beginning, LOOPOO had 8 bonus rotations and decided to increase this number by choosing a risk game. He had reached 12 free spins, and the main adventure started.

    He needed to gather a multiplier to multiply winnings. After five rotations, the streamer won back the cost of the bonus. But the most exciting moment came a little bit later. Three spins left. A match of 8 Diamond symbols appeared on the playground grid, and it brought the player an insane winning of 30K+. It happened because of the x16 multiplier. The last rotation rewarded him with 20,000 euros. So, the sum total of the winning pool was C$97,646.97.

    Bidule in The Dog House

    Another French streamer by the name of Bidule is in the middle of this list, having a bigger winning pool in comparison with the previous streamer. The streamer temped his luck in The Dog House video slot and got €68,237.50 (C$100,904.16). The placed stake was 50 euros. He outplayed the video slot by 1,364 times from this bet.

    Having a regular live stream playing two video slots simultaneously, Bidule received a match of three bonus symbols in The Dog House, which led to a bonus game. The game gave him 16 chances (free spins) to get something from the slot.

    Almost every single rotation of the reels delivered wild symbols to the streamer. The winnings were increasing after every spin. The player gathered nearly the full house of the wild symbols. As a result, the game gifted Bidule with over 100K of Canadian dollars.

    WatchGamesTV in Fruit Party

    A streamer from WatchGamesTV goes on the list of the biggest online slot wins. The last time, Fruit Party (Pragmatic Play) rewarded ClassyBeef with the mega crazy prize. But this time, the casino streamer placed a bet of 20 bucks and received $100,000 or 126,004.00 Canadian dollars in one click. The winning sum is equal to 5,000 times the initial stake.

    This game is super straightforward in case of instant winnings, and it happened to the streamer. He was just playing the video slot with some sort of expectations, and then 15+ plums landed on the playground field. Moreover, some of them had multipliers. Because of these multipliers, he reached the maximum total multiplier of x256. This successful combination led the player to an instant prize of 100,000 dollars. He knew that the game could surprise him with a crazy winning but could not even expect such a huge amount of money. And let’s move forward to the most incredible online casino slot wins!

    ClassyBeef in Madame Destiny

    ClassyBeef opens third place along with the Madame Destiny slot by Pragmatic Play. We all know how lucky the members of this squad are. But what a huge win did they get this time? Jonte and Georgi received from the game €113,608 (168,162.47 Canadian dollars) while having a 40 euro bet. So, they multiplied the stake by 2,840 times.

    Of course, the prize was delivered to the streamers from the bonus game. Three magical spheres landed on the playground grid and launched the mini-game. Before the game had started, they rotated the magic wheel, which decided to provide them with an x8 multiplier and 12 free spins.

    The bonus game started with low-paid combinations, and what they got during the first six spins was almost nothing. The breathtaking moment came to the seventh rotation. Three symbols with an image of Madame Destiny with an x2 multipliers appeared on the table. Those images created an exceptional environment to win over 100,000 euros instantly. The rest of the bonus rounds added a little bit of value, but that moment was crucial. By the end of the bonus game, the balance of the streamers was credited with 113,608 euros.

    ClassyBeef in Juicy Fruits

    The second place goes to the ClassyBeef team as well, but together with the latest slot developed by Pragmatic Play – Juicy Fruits. The prize was fruity as well prize, which composed €130,000, or 192,328.13 CAD. It is required to place a high stake to get such an insane amount of money. So, they did. The initial bet was 100 euros, as a standard sum for high-rollers. As you can see, the guys were able to multiply the bet by 1,300 times.

    The live stream was broadcasting with Joe and three more members of the ClassyBeef team. This moment was like a master-class on how to buy bonuses and be in a profit. Joe purchased a Free Spins bonus feature for an enormous amount of money, namely – 10K euros. Unbelievably, isn’t it? Four Scatter Symbols landed and gave the streamers 6 free rotations.

    In this bonus game, it is necessary to collect diamonds (max. 12) and expand the Wild Symbol to get the reward. The first significant prize came to the players after obtaining 9 of the diamonds – 20,000 euros. Three diamonds separated them from the insane win. The emotions were beyond control when diamonds were almost collected to the greatest extent. One diamond was needed to fill the gap. Despite this tiny gap, every round rewarded the streamers greatly. Joe showed the guys how to buy bonus features properly and outplay slots. The final sum was 192,328.13 Canadian dollars.

    Bidule in The Dog House Megaways

    Bidule and The Dog House Megaways end this list of TOP 10 biggest online slot wins from 16 March to 31 March. The casino slot gave him 198,720 euros (C$293,812.28), which was x1,987 from the initial bet. And the placed bet was his standard sum – 100 euros.

    The streamer received bonus symbols and launched a bonus game with 7 free spins. Crazy winnings came to Bidule immediately. The second rotation – 9,6k euros, the third one – 13,920 euros, the fourth – 2,880 euros. And the fifth round brought its fruits in the form of a successful combination and 145,920 euros. The last two plays were also significant but not that much. Finally, the balance of the streamer was credited with 293,812.28 Canadian dollars.

    You see that not only casino streamers have fun with online slots but gamers as well. It was the top 10 craziest online slot wins from 16 March to 31 March.


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