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TOP 10 Biggest Online Slot Wins from 16 May to 31 May

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Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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Summer is right here, and many casino streamers are ready to welcome it with insane slot wins they have reached during the previous few weeks. Some steamers are new in our digest as well as video slots they played in, and some players are well-known and do not need any introductions. So, let us start the TOP 10 biggest online slot wins from 16 May to 31 May and check out what reward the players got.

TOP 10 Biggest Online Slot Wins from 16 May to 31 May

    BooomBoyZzZ in Money Train 2 (Relax Gaming)

    BooomBoyZzZ, streamers from Germany with a few followers on Twitch, opens our digest in Money Train 2 developed by Relax Gaming. Many streamers tempt this game and get crazy wins not because of perfectly landed symbols but because of a purchase of its bonus feature. With a one-dollar stake, the guys bought the bonus game for 100 euros and took their reward.

    There was nothing special at the early stage of the bonus rounds – little multipliers and the Collector symbol. It was lasting many rotations until one crucial moment – Persistent Players appeared on the grid. Every single game gave away great multipliers to all of the symbols on the grid.  Then Necromancer came and retriggered valuable symbols. After that, when their total multiplier reached a sizable number, the second Collector and third Collector occurred.

    These two symbols made the streaming session for the players and gave them an insane multiplier of 11,108x, or 11,108.00 euros (16,337.20 CAD). The one-hundred-dollar purchase turned into over 15k dollars of win.    

    Jack’s Gambling Channel in 1 Million Megaways (Iron Dog)

    Jack and Marcus from Jack’s Gambling Channel continue our digest of the craziest video slot wins with 1 Million Megaways BC game by the Iron Dog studio. Paying 2,430 euros for 14 free spins (9-euros bet), they started to pay back this amount of money and get at least something more from this game. What did it turn into for them?

    The start of the bonus game began boring and without super-valuable combinations, big multipliers, and generous rewards. The juicy part came when several reels were frozen (got sticky wild symbols), and the game gave the streamers their first costly prize. Meanwhile, the game’s multiplier was rising.

    By the end of the bonus rounds at 1 Million Megaways BC, Jack and Marcus smashed the game for 46,224.90 euros (67,983.74 CAD) or 5,136x. Anyway, this sum was enough to cover the expenses of the bonus feature.

    LiveCasinoGuy in Madame Destiny Megaways (Pragmatic Play)

    The next place goes to our newcomer from LiveCasinoGuy and Madame Destiny Megaways by Pragmatic Play. The three mystical swirling crystal balls landed on the playground grid while he was playing a 50-dollar bet and launched a bonus game with ten free games and an 8x multiplier.

    It was easy for him to get a valuable prize while having such a generous multiplier and many rotations. The winning combinations started to fall almost instantly, but without 5-figure numbers. The most significant moment came when two symbols of Madame Destiny showed up and credited the streamer’s balance for 80k dollars in one second.

    This highlight brought the streamer to this place and rewarded him with 80,145.00 dollars (96,740.22 CAD), or 1,602x the placed stake.

    ClassyBeef in Joker Troupe (Push Gaming)

    Joe and Nando, team members of ClassyBeef, tempted their fate in the Joker Troupe online slot from the Push Gaming studio. This pick was worthy. After activating Red Joker Free spins, the guys entered into a bonus game with an “infinity” number of rotations, which were only limited by the time (10 seconds frame). And as usual, they were playing with a high-roller bet – 50 euros.

    At the beginning of the bonus game, Joe said that he saw hopes for this bonus. The pace of the rotations took its speed and was increasing each time they filled a special meter. The winning pool was raised significantly following this pace. A few moments almost finished this bonus game, but the Joker symbols appeared rightly on time. After 85 rotations, the most valuable winnings started to credit the streamers’ winning pool. 

    The game was over after 99 free spins, and 70,955.00 euros (104,630.11 CAD) were added to the balance. In simple words, Joe and Nando multiplied their initial bet by 1,419 times.

    Bidule in Razor Shark (Push Gaming)

    Bidule, a well-known French casino streamer, caught his fortune in a famous casino game – Razor Shark be Push Gaming. With a one-hundred-dollar stake, he was spinning the reels and got three bonus symbols. As a consequence, these symbols allowed him to join a bonus game. One of the main tasks of the bonus game is to have a particular coin, whether it is silver or gold and take an insane prize.

    An early stage of the bonus rounds predicted nothing in particular. But when five golden sharks occurred on the grid, the streamer could not hold his emotions because these animals could cover these magnificent coins. And Bidule was right. One of these sharks masked a silver coin with a 50x instant multiplier.

    So, it was a quick session that brought to him fantastic financial aid to his casino balance, namely 102,020.00 euros (150,507.63 CAD), or 1,020x the placed bet.

    ClassyBeef in Razor Shark (Push Gaming)

    As you may already know, the easiest way to smash the Razor Shark slot is to get a silver or gold coin. And it happened again. Joe from ClassyBeef was playing this slot with a massive bet of 200 dollars alone, and a few golden sharks swam to him.

    These sharks were hidden under bushes of alga, and when the time came, they emerged. One of the sharks gave Joe a bronze coin with a 2x multiplier, but the second one was generous. The second shark gifted the casino streamer with a golden coin and 1000x. He could not even believe that such good luck would come to him.

    After a few seconds of pleasant shock, he instantly realized that this game brought him 200,400.00 dollars (242,212.46 CAD). In comparison with his placed bet, this sum was 1,002 times bigger.

    ClassyBeef in Cubes 2 (Hacksaw Gaming)

    Joe could not stop that gambling session so easily and decided to continue it but in another game. His choice came to a well-known Hacksaw Gaming’s development – Cubes 2. He decided to take a shortcut this time and bought a bonus feature with multi-colour free spins for 10,900 dollars while having a stake of 100 bucks.

    The video slot provided him with six free bonus games. The first two plays were relatively good and credited the player with 2,000 dollars. But it was nothing compared to the next step. A 19x multiplier showed up on the playground grid and made the winnings more significant. Each play granted him an insane amount of money. It was difficult for Joe to believe in such good luck.

    These six multi-colour free spins thanked the casino player with 2,439x the initial bet, or 243,980.00 dollars (294,597.31 CAD).

    Wingz in Book of Shadows (Nolimit City)

    The easiest way to come to our digest is to place a high-stake bet of 100 dollars in Book of Shadows developed by Nolimit City. Our newcomer, Wingz, followed this advice and tried to reach success. Playing a regular base game, he started with prosperity when three books of shadows occurred on the grid.

    These books decided that the streamer would play ten free rounds with a chosen symbol of Cat with devil wings, which is one of the most valuable symbols of the slot. Almost all free rotations brought nothing to him – only little rewards. When the last bonus round came to the game, the three books of shadows retriggered the bonus again with the same number of matches and the same symbol. A few rounds later, and wingz was screaming because of unexpected luck. The entire grid was filled with the chosen symbols.

    It was enough for him to get in general 314,010.00 dollars (379,250.29 CAD), or 3,140 times more compared to the initial stake.

    ClassyBeef in Cubes 2 (Push Gaming)

    After smashing winning in Cubes 2 by Joe, Georgi and Jonte decided to pick this casino game as well. Following the same strategy (to buy a bonus feature), the guys spent 10,900 dollars on it, having the same bet of 100 bucks.

    The start of the bonus game was not so pleasant because Cubes provided them with five free plays only. In comparison to Joe’s won game, good luck came to the guys from the very first shot. With a fantastic initial multiplier of 15x, the first round rewarded the streamers with over 35k. The following bonus rounds were, in a way, generous and profitable for them. It was difficult for them to hold their feelings and emotions.

    By the end of these five rounds, the winning pool of the streamers consisted of 402,840,00 dollars (486,636.76 CAD). Even though Georgi and Jonte put over 10k dollars into this bonus purchase, they were still in plus 4,028x the placed stake.

    xQc in Book of Shadows (Nolimit City)

    Not only casino streamers make insane or crazy winnings in online casino slots. This time, the first place is well-deserved by a famous Canadian streamer from Laval, Quebec – xQc. Felix started to broadcast his gambling sessions relatively recently, and he found additional followers (casino fans) in this niche. He understood that there was a way to get a massive win in Book of Shadows, and he used it.

    There were no ways that he could use to buy a bonus feature. But the game features one helpful peculiarity that increases the chances of obtaining the bonus quickly.  Three books of shadows were collected, and Felix entered the bonus game with ten free rounds and a Cursed Girl as a randomly chosen symbol. Knowing this, he saw the winning potential of the slot, and the game had begun. Rotation after rotation brought minor cash prizes, but the Cursed Girl did not appear. The most insane moment came to the very last spin when five symbols of this girl suddenly showed up and cursed the player with a divine reward.

    The match of these symbols allowed Felix to hit this game to the greatest extent. While having a huge bet of 40 dollars, he earned a prize that was bigger than his initial bet (10,290x), namely 411,604.00 dollars (496,968.61 CAD).

    This digest of TOP 10 Biggest online slot wins came to its end. You see that casino games can be mega generous and reward everyone with heart-breaking cash prizes within a few minutes or seconds.


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